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January 1 By Fine Craft Guild 20 Comments Want to meditate and do more yoga in the new year?
A zafu meditation pillow is a firm, high cushion that is specially designed for seated meditation and certain types of yoga.
One fabric Length of 59 inches, 6 inches to 9 inches wide (depending on how high you would like your cushion to be). You’ll need Kapok fiber for your pillow filling (or buckwheat hulls for a firmer seat. Three inches after the first set of pleat markings, make the second set, as indicated above. Hi, I want to make a zafu for my husband – does anyone know roughly how much kapok I will need (by weight) to fill it if I’m using this pattern? I don’t know, but I am asking around for you and will let you know when a smart person answers me with what you need to know.
I had to enlarge pleats, not ease the fabric, in order to fit the pleated strip to an 11” circle.
In step one, marking out the pleats, im having trouble ending up with 14 pleats and with 3 imces on the right side. I have featured this on my blog post, 7 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home, and have linked back to your page. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The Live Longer Pillow is the elixir of life disguised as a comfortable, luxurious cylindrical pillow made of 100% pure cotton of the finest quality and filled entirely with 600 grams (approximately 21 oz.) of pure Alpine Pinus Cembra wood curls. What makes this pillow unique are the life-changing—almost magical—effects which the astounding properties of Pinus Cembra wood have on you and on the environment you are living in.
You are about to discover how the Live Longer Pillow lengthens your life, lifts your mood, and improves dramatically your mental, physical performance and overall well-being by shielding your health, hacking your psychophysical recovery processes, and healing your surroundings.
The Live Longer Pillow creates an invisible, protective bubble which guards you and your loved ones from external and internal negativities for decades, wherever you might be. The Pillow design has been studied in detail to better facilitate the transmission of the wood’s properties to you, while remaining a luxurious, exclusive modern object which is certainly not just for sleeping as you are about to discover. The thin wood curls contained in the internal sack made of 100% thick cotton wadding give the pillow ergonomic qualities, making it able to mold to body shape and correct your posture while being as soft as a feather pillow. The wood curls used as sole filling for the pillows come from four-year naturally seasoned Alpine Pinus Cembra trunks.
The wood beams are carefully selected to verify that they contain the right amount of resin in order to ensure the highest concentration of beneficial active principles in the pillows, which then remain active for more than fifteen years.
In order to guarantee you the freshest and most durable product and preserve even the first smells of that celestial scent which will accompany you for decades, we have decided not to stock any pillow but instead to make them with love upon your order. The availability of the special wood beams of Alpine Pinus Cembra needed for the pillows is limited. Although it is not considered an endangered species, its logging is luckily closely supervised by forestry authorities in order to preserve the precious balance of the biological processes and to ensure adequate re-population. These trees, along with those fallen due to natural causes (avalanches, lightning, and bad weather), are then allotted among authorized suppliers. The primary effect which the proximity to Pinus Cembra wood has on the human organism is lowering the heart rate. The heart rate is the most important control variable in a complex system where heart, blood circulation, body temperature, breathing, metabolism, and psychosomatic influences are involved.
These variables give the heart rate its typical temporal structure, which becomes measurable as heart rate variability.
Thus, by monitoring the heart rate variation, it has been possible to measure scientifically all the influences which the vicinity to Pinus Cembra has on it. The lowering of the heart rate is what causes practically all of the other almost magical effects which this precious wood has on you.
Scientists of the Human Research Institute powered by Joanneum Research conducted various scientific analysis on 30 healthy adult subjects by following experimental procedures. The purpose of the research was to confirm and quantify the beneficial effects of Pinus Cembra on humans and evaluate its benign consequences on stress and psychophysical recovery.
During both short-term and long-term investigations, scientists observed the autonomic nervous system and the brain stem functions using non-invasive methodologies. Heart rate and its variability, vegetative parameters, and the biological rhythms characteristic of the recovery phases were all observed with the help of high-resolution ECG recorders. Throughout the first battery of tests, volunteers were examined over 24 hours under psychological and physical stress typical of their everyday life situations. In the second investigation, the subjects were constantly monitored over a period of three weeks.
First they spent the nights exposed to Pinus Cembra wood in the form of objects and furniture, and then the experiment was repeated in the same environment, but this time all the Cembra wood was replaced with a wood imitation material. What emerged by comparing the data of the two experiments was that by spending the entire night in the proximity of Pinus Cembra wood (thus, an average exposure of eight hours per day minimum) the subjects experienced a lowering of the heart rate and an increased activity of the organism during the course of the entire day.
The average “saving” recorded was 3500 heartbeats per day which corresponds to one hour of spared heart-work for every 24-hour cycle.
A surprising data which came to light during the research was that the heart rate of the test subjects exposed to Pinus Cembra seemed to be independent of the atmospheric pressure. This property together with its amazing circadian rhythm regulatory effects and its unique air purification powers are probably the reasons why the Live Longer Pillow is highly appreciated by pilots and earned its place as must-have furniture in private jets’ interiors.
People from the Alps have known about the amazing, relaxing, calming properties of Pinus Cembra wood for centuries, way before science would actually confirm and quantify it. That is why Cembra wood has been always used for the construction of cradles, beds, and bedroom furnitures of the finest quality. Research has confirmed that you can reap more benefits from being close to a single Live Longer Pillow than living in a big room fully covered and furnished with Pinus Cembra. This thanks to the high concentration of resin found in the selected four-year-old naturally seasoned wood employed in the pillow and due to the fine size of the wood curls used for the filling which lets the air breathing through and transferring profusely its properties into the surrounding environment. Sleeping close to a Live Longer Pillow is like spending all nightsin the uncontaminated purity of a high mountain forest. The unmistakable pleasing freshness of Pinus Cembra’s perfume with its balsamic qualities—which causes a deeper and more relaxed breathing—makes you feel immersed in nature as if you were protected by a green bubble saturated with oxygen. Besides all the direct beneficial effects which the proximity to a Live Longer Pillow involves, this nocturnal experience satisfies an ancient primordial need of being in constant contact with nature.
This brings you a deep sense of security and makes you feel at home and in peace no matter where you are, inducing that deeper level of mental and physical abandonment necessary to fall asleep faster and to a truly rejuvenating deep sleep. The heart rate-lowering effect of Pinus Cembra is the primary source of all its sleeping aid powers as emerged during the scientific research.
A Live Longer Pillow Takes You From Exhausted, Overworked, BurnoutTo Invincible, Indomitable, Indefatigable Superhuman. Here’s how the Live Longer Pillow prodigious powers boost your physical recovery capacities up to 100%. Scientific tests recently proved how the heart rate-lowering effects caused by the exposure to Pinus Cembra halves the time needed for physical recovery and raises your stress and pain threshold up to 63%. The Live Longer Pillow dissolves any frustration, lethargy, and apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, intense activity, and fatigue, making you virtually tireless. Live Longer Pillow is the new secret weapon of many professional athletes who seek the edge helping them in both their pre- and post- trainings and competitions. The amazing properties of Pinus Cembra which: prevent overtraining, improve and deepen your breathing, lower the heart rate, double your recovery capacities, promote concentration and increase your stretching abilities, allow you to reach faster and sustain that ultimate fine tuning which makes the difference between victory and defeat. The lowered levels of cortisol increase the release of Norepinephrine and Dopamine in the frontal cortex.
Under stressful conditions, cortisol provides the body with glucose by tapping into protein stores via Gluconeogenesis in the liver.
Over time, the pancreas struggles to keep up with the high demand for insulin, glucose levels in the blood remain high, the cells cannot get the sugar they need, and the cycle continues. Elevated cortisol relating to prolonged stress can lend itself to erectile dysfunction or the disruption of normal ovulation and menstrual cycles.
The natural antidepressant properties of Pinus Cembra emerged during the course of scientific tests conducted on thirty healthy adult subjects to assess the positive influences of the wood on humans.

After weeks of nocturnal exposure to Pinus Cembra, the volunteers were asked to take some psychometric tests to quantify the improvement of their overall well-being.
The results were amazing, the subjects reported feeling happier, more optimistic, socially more extroverted, secure, and confident, and to benefit from a prolonged state of mental clarity during the course of the entire day. Further investigations proved the specific calming effects of the Live Longer Pillow which stops anxiety, reduces panic attacks, and lets you live in a zen-like state of mind as if you were in a constant state of meditation which enlightens all of your life’s choices.
Thanks to its powers to induce that mental abandonment necessary to achieve the deepest state of relaxation, its air purification effects which keeps the environment fresher, bacteria-free, and more oxygenated, and its capacities to improve breathing, many luxury spas and meditation centers are employing Live Longer Pillows as part of their innovation process in order to offer their guests a renewed and more intense experience. All these benefits are made possible by Terpenoids which is a Pinus Cembra active principle that stimulates the release of Serotonin. The human brain has an emotional response to every fragrance, thus when a scent is inhaled the aroma activates olfactory nerve cells which results in the brain’s limbic system stimulation. This area is closely related to other systems that control memory, excitement, emotions, behaviors, olfaction, and hormones, and it is responsible for the release of different neurotransmitters such as encephalin, endorphins, noradrenaline, and serotonin. Inhaling Cembra scent decreases the secretion of Cortisol from the adrenal gland and increases the release of serotonin from hypothalamus, thus reducing anxiety dramatically.
Recent studies showed that aromatherapy inhalation also causes reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Have you ever experienced the strong impulse of taking a deep breath when standing in the middle of a forest, surrounded by oxygen-blowing trees? The source of Live Longer Pillow unique fragrance and its powerful balsamic expectorant effects is Turpentine, the active principle found in the oleoresin which is present in all Pinus Cembra tissues. The most volatile components of turpentine are two Terpenes: alpha (?) and beta (?) pinenes. Volatile pinenes of Turpentine enter the body through inhalation but also through the skin. The Terpenes: alpha (?) and beta (?) pinenes are the dominant odorous components which give to Pinus Cembra and consequently to the Live Longer Pillow its balsamic celestial fragrance that remains active for decades. These components induce a deeper and more oxygenating breathing by increasing blood circulation in the lungs and consequently causing a greater blood oxygenation. Scientific research demonstrated the antiseptic qualities of the Terpenic Oxides (derivatives of Turpentine) and its beneficial effects on the respiratory system (particularly the upper tract) which fluidify phlegm, inhibits secretions accumulation, facilitates expectoration, and frees air passages. A Live Longer Pillow helps you suppress coughing (especially nocturnal cough) and prevents and cures bronchitis and colds. The Live Longer Pillow keeps your home, office, studio, gym, meditation room, and spa antiseptic, clean, and oxygenated. A Live Longer Pillow purifies the polluted indoor air from the smell of food, smoke, and the chemicals used in the manufacture of wall paneling, furniture, upholstery, and clothing, and keeps it fresh, oxygenated, and bacteria-free for a long time.
The eminent doctors of antiquity, Hippocrates, Dioscoride, or Galien, used the Terpenic Oil for its properties against lung diseases and biliary lithiasis. In 1939 it was discovered that the Terpenic Oxides (derivatives of Turpentine), besides their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, influence the saturation rate of oxide hemoglobin. The Live Longer Pillow acts as a strong disinfectant and germicide thanks to the high concentration of Polyphenols, Flavonoids, and Proanthocyanidins found in the Alpine Pinus Cembra wood curls which fill the pillow.
Because of its powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, people from the Alps have often adopted Pinus Cembra wood furnitures in waiting and therapy rooms of clinics and medical centers.
This combined with its relaxation-inducing qualities and its air purifying powers make the Live Longer Pillow the perfect furnishing for those special environments. The Pinus Cembra essential oil is even used by some therapists to protect themselves against all flu and diseases they come in contact with. Scientists have conducted laboratory experiments using the agar diffusion method and assessed the antimicrobial effects of Pinus Cembra against: Staphylococcus Aureus, Sarcina Lutea, Bacilluss Cereus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and Candida Albicans.
Thus, proving the prevention qualities and beneficial action of the pillow on all the related diseases caused by those bacteria, among which: Flu, Headache, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Skin Infections (Impetigo), Folliculities, Atopic Dermatitis, Osteomyelitis, Pneumonia, Gastroenteritis, Food poisoning, Septic shock, Foodborne illness, Inflammation, Respiratory tract infection.
Polyphenols act as antimicrobial agents mainly due to their ability to complex with proteins leading to a loss of protein functions.
The active principles which gives to Pinus Cembra its anti-microbial, germicide properties are two Terpenes: alpha (?) and beta (?) pinenes, the most volatile components of Turpentine found in its oleoresin. The mechanism through which ?- and ?-pinenes are active against yeast or bacteria lies mainly in their capacity to induce toxic effects on the membrane structure and functions. We know that the cytoplasmic membranes of bacteria and the mitochondrial membranes of yeast provide a barrier to the passage of small ions such as H+, K+, Na+ and Ca2+, and allow the cells and organelles to control the entry and exit of different compounds. This role of the cell membranes as a permeability barrier is integral to many cellular functions, including the maintenance of the energy status of the cell, other membrane coupled energy-transducing processes, solute transport, regulation of metabolism, and control of turgor pressure.
Due to their lipophilic character, cyclic monoterpenes will preferentially partition from an aqueous phase into membrane structures. In yeast cells and isolated mitochondria, ?-pinenes and ?-pinenes destroy cellular integrity, inhibit respiration and ion transport processes, and increase membrane permeability. Thus, Terpenes, containing the first or the second largest part of ?-pinenes, fight against pathogenic bacteria and all kinds of fungi. Alpha pinenes constitute a large part of the active solutions used against the Gram-negative bacteria, particularly on the strains responsible for jaw infections, parodontitis or periodontitis (Actinobacillus actinomycetem comitans, Prevotella intermedia, Porphylomonas gingivalis, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Yersinia enterocolitica, Salmonella typhi, Proteus vulgaris, and Acetobacter). The Polyphenolic compounds found in Pinus Cembra wood are rich with antioxidants which act as Antimutagenic and Anticarcinogenic. These compounds prevent the oxidative stress which damage lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and DNA-causing degenerative diseases such as: atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, muscular dystrophy, cataracts, and cancer.
Scientific studies proved the effectiveness of Antioxidants to counter-react the negative action of free radicals. The particular type of Pinus Cembra employed in the Live Longer Pillow grows in the Alps at high altitudes (from 5000Ft up to 10000Ft) thus being permanently exposed to stressors such as extremely low temperatures, elevated ozone levels, and irradiance. Both ozone exposure and irradiance are known to cause an increase of reactive oxygen species (ROS) resulting in tissues damage and cell death. As a defense against oxidative stress, the plant increases its production of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants. This is why the concentration of Antioxidant Polyphenolic Compounds found in Pinus Cembra is way higher than that of all the other trees. Polyphenols are able to reduce ROS by donating hydrogen atoms of phenolic hydroxyls and by transferring electrons from phenolic hydroxyls or phenoxide anions.
The high concentration of Flavonoids and Polyphenols in the abundant resin of Pinus Cembra is what gives this magic wood its amazing bio-inhibitory powers. Tests revealed that the quantity of Pinus Cembra wood contained in one single Live Longer Pillow is able to drive away insects and parasites of a medium-sized room, protecting you, your loved ones, and your belongings 24 hours a day for more than a decade.
The Live Longer Pillow is for you also a powerful natural remedy which protects your furniture and carpets while making sure the clothes in your wardrobe are always completely safe so you will never need to use unhealthy poisonous products like naphthalenes anymore.
The bio-inhibitory qualities of Pinus Cembra wood prevent any insect to buzz around your head while you are sleeping. The Live Longer Pillow is completely mite-free, and it eradicates any trace of them from your bed and room along with parasites and insects. This pillow is a clean, antiseptic, invisible shield which guards you even while you are napping outside the comfort and security of your bed.
Scientists of the Human Research Institute powered by Joanneum Research completed a research project with the scope of confirming and quantifying the bio-inhibitory effects of Pinus Cembra. They decided to use clothing moths as test subjects for the experiments, since they are the most common parasites people are likely to encounter. As a comparison against Pinus Cembra wood, at the same time the tests were also carried out on birch and spruce wood, chipboard, and on plastic and synthetic materials.
For the experiments groups of thirty-five larvae (which quickly became chrysalis) were put inside small boxes, one for each material tested.
From the data and statistics recorded during the experiments emerged some variations (ANOVA) and the formation of homogeneous groups to which the final tests were applied – LSD (lowest significant differences). Results showed how in comparison with other woods and materials the Pinus Cembro inhibits considerably the larval development of clothing moths. After a period of ten weeks the tests carried out in the Pinus Cembra wood boxes recorded a 21% decrease of the total number of larvae as compared to the 9% decrease in the spruce wood boxes and to the 4% in birch wood and chipboard. After an additional five weeks (the third inspection term) the decrease of the total number of larvae was up to 48% in spite of the fact that the scientist made their best efforts to re-create the optimal environment and conditions for the development of the larvae. Similar tests were also executed on mosquitoes (particularly on Culex pipiens which causes Paludism and on Nile Fever and Aedes aegypti vectors), flour moth, woodworm, mites, cockroaches, Pediculus humanis capitisand, and Pityogenes bidentatus, by different research institutes.

The results were all consistent with those on the clothing moth, thus proving the superiority of Pinus Cembra and its unique bio-inhibitory powers.
The Live Longer Pillow Switches OffLower Back And Neck Pain, Contracture, Muscle Fatigue,Tension, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Migraine.
The exclusive round shape design and its filling of 100% fine wood curls contained by the internal sack made of 100% pure thick cotton pressed wadding enable the pillow to mold to body shape and properly support your head, back, legs, or knees by redistributing the weight evenly, relieving pressure, and delivering a soothing comfort. Improve your posture wherever you are whether driving, flying, at the office, or in the comfort of your home. We often forget to remember that the body is a unity and what we call parts are, in reality, deeply connected together, forming a whole where no natural separation exists. The myofascial release decreases the pressure on the fibrous fascia of the connective tissue which covers all muscles of the body. The sheaths of this dense and elastic connective tissue interweaves vessels, bones, and nerves, forming a complex three-dimensional web which supports organs and articulations from head to toe while absorbing all the shocks undergone by the body. The Fascia contracts and expands in response to any kind of physical, emotional, and environmental stress.
For example, the chronic tension that many people experience on their shoulders is often a byproduct of the fascia sticking to the shoulder’s muscles.
Since the Fascia connects the entire body, these adherences can cause tension in areas of the body apparently disconnected to each other. The myofascial release is based on the fact that fascial restrictions misalign the body and produce pain by placing anomalous pressure and tension on the tissues.
Since the Fascia envelops the whole organism, a myofascial release treatment is always beneficial to the entire body. The Live Longer pillow is intended for static uses only, and it was not designed to be used for active rolling exercises, but instead for holding precise positions which passively promote myofascial release and help you improve your posture wherever you are.
By passively holding the correct positions indicated here below, you are able to apply an even amount of pressure on the Fascia using only your body weight. This induces a number of mechanical, biochemical, and neurological reactions that soften and release the Myofacia. Holding these positions for ten-minute sessions twice a day has been shown to increase neural drive by up to 2% in 21 days. The spine actually lengthens and decompresses when you lie on the pillow, creating more space between the vertebrae, thus giving the nerves more room. This phenomenon consequently improves the speed which the neurological messages can travel from the brain to the body.
The direct outcome of all the physiological and psychophysical extraordinary effects which the Live Longer Pillow has on you and on your surroundings is a stream of benefits which will literally transform your life and give you the super powers to push any dream faster towards reality. This meditation cushion was crafted by skilled artisans in India using the popular Kantha embroidery. These Turkish pillows are hand woven and printed by Turkish artisans using natural silk and linen. Because these pillows are completely handcrafted including hand-painted and woven, slight imperfections are expected.
During the Inga Empire only royalty was allowed to wear alpaca due to its prestigious, well-known soft fiber. Turn inside out and stuff with kapok or buckwheat hulls (through opening in the side that the zafu will have) It’s best to use a lot of stuffing material. Out of all the ones floating around online I ended up following this one and my meditation pillow came out awesome, thank you!
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. I am the founder of Live Longer Pillow, and I am about to reveal to you 10 reasons why this ambrosial object is literally the force of nature in your hands and how it will instantly enliven your being and that of those around you, whether infants, children, adults, or elderly people. A Live Longer Pillow lets you fully recover from an entire day of work in half of the time so that you can dedicate more of your life to the activities you love. These molecules are Catecholamines, also known as neuromodulators, which are chemicals in the brain that induce a more relaxed state. In fact, for those people affected, it is next to impossible to lose abdominal fat without addressing stress. Cortisol is a corticosteroid, and like prednisone, cortisone, and beclomethasone, it inhibits the actions of white blood cells.
Since a principal function of cortisol is to thwart the effect of insulin, the body remains in a general insulin-resistant state when cortisol levels are chronically elevated. Furthermore, the androgenic sex hormones are produced in the same glands as cortisol and epinephrine, so excess cortisol production may hamper optimal production of these sex hormones.
In France, Thillenius, Pitcairn, Recamier, and Martinet recommended it against the blennorrhoea and cystitis. Therefore they are able to normalize SaO2 rates (saturation level of oxygen in hemoglobin, as measured by samples obtained from arterial puncture) during respiratory failure states. Thus, Polyphenols inactivate surface, exposed adhesins, cell envelope transport proteins, membrane bound enzymes, and intracellular enzymes, causing alterations in both membrane permeability and in metabolic pathways. This results in membrane expansion, increased membrane fluidity, and inhibition of a membrane-embedded enzyme. They are able to eliminate the micro organisms or inhibit their growth as well as intervene on their metabolism (for example, by preventing methane oxidation in the bacterium Methylobacter luteus). They are able to scavenge ROS which are produced in the plant cells as a consequence to UV light and ozone exposure. Each time scientists recorded their length, the biological masses of the older ones, and the damage decrease. The patterns are also one of a kind as these are printed from wood craftsmen using linden tree with a unique design. It looks easy very easy, i wonder if it’s really easy to make when in real situation.
Consequentially, they improve your cognitive performance, decision making, and working memory.
Cortisol promotes the breakdown of muscle, bone, and connective tissue in order to increase blood sugar for the brain. However, elevated cortisol over the long term consistently produces glucose, leading to increased blood sugar levels. This throw is made from 100% baby Alpaca wool, hand picked before the processing of the fiber. The artisans from the communities of Otavalo and Peguche in the northern province of Imbabura, constitute the backbone of the Awana hand woven programme. One of the few images in West Africa of a female face, It is a representation of men’s adoration of beauty. T4 is carried in the bloodstream and eventually hits a receptor on or in a cell and becomes activated to T3. It was also used in the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, nephritis, drop, constipation, and mercury salivation. The cushion raises the hips, making it much easier to cross your legs and gain stability and comfort.
Hypo allergenic, no chemicals, dyes, or bleaches are used during the processing of the wool. This initiative provides low income families with a self-sustaining economic activity, while producing unique export quality pieces. Thus, making me concentrate with my meditation and achieve mindfullness and enlightenment at the end of the day.
The filling on this cushion is extremely tight which helps to provide a very solid cushion but still soft enough for you to be comfortable.

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