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A gathering of those interested in expanding their intuitive abilites, learning the art of meditation and learning how to turn negative patterns into positive aspects.
Please reserve this weekend and plan on joining us as we rejuvenate our hearts, minds and souls.
This was a one-day silent retreat at our church which included group practice of the energization exercises, periods of meditation, inspirational readings, chanting and kirtan. Here is the group picture from a previous retreat at the Villa Retreat Center which was also led by monks from Self-Realization Fellowship. Bodhisattva Course at the Heartland Retreat Center - Diamond Way Buddhism You are using an outdated browser.
Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom by Joseph Goldstein is a collection of teachings, dharma stories and answers to questions that are commonly asked by students at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. Goldstein has a superb talent for being able to get right to the point and convey even potentially tricky ideas in a way that makes them instantly relevant to the reader.

Goldsmith co-founded the IMS in 1975, and has over thirty years’ experience leading Buddhist meditation retreats. The section titles are fairly self-explanatory (What Is the Path?, How to Practice, Freeing the Mind, Psychology and Dharma, Selflessness, Karma and Practice in the World) but each mini-chapter has its own title which enables you to find exactly the topic you are looking for via the page of Contents. You can either read through the sections and mini-chapters in the order that they are presented (and if you take this approach we suggest that you proceed slowly so that you can fully digest the content rather than rushing headlong from beginning to end) or you can dip into whatever part you like as and when you wish. This is fantastic as far as ease of reading is concerned, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because Insight Meditation is easy to read means that it is also light on content, because it isn’t. This is a fact that shines through on every page of this book, and whether you are merely curious about vipassana, have attended a retreat or two or have been practicing extensively for years, you will find it very useful to have a copy of Insight Meditation by your side. We here at Buddhist Book Reviews think that both approaches can be employed quite effectively, with the reader progressing through the title as it is presented the first time and then dipping into sections for second (and third, and fourth) readings in the future. There is plenty of solid material here that could be of great use to your practice for years, so be mindful of that whilst reading if you want to reap the full benefit of this book.

Please join if you always wanted to try yoga learn the benefits of meditation and pranayama!
A bodhisattva is one who has the enlightened attitude, the determination to get enlightened for the benefit of all beings.A guest article by the Munich Buddhist sanghaIdealists mainly from the four local US Buddhist groups helped to prepare the place in the weeks before the course.
Even the tics paid their respect to their hard work by withdrawing from around the meditation hall, the main house on the hill and the dozens of tents arrayed in all the wisdom colors in the valley.The atmosphere of the lectures was extremely intense and joyful. Many new friendships appeared and existing bonds deepened over the excellent meals served in the dining tent in between, only to support the great feeling from the course. The jet lag lost its grip on the Europeans soon, when Lama Ole Nydahl answered the very well prepared questions of the hosting sangha.
Fifty thousand dollars were raised for the future retreat land property in Colorado, a project cherished by many.

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