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Contrary to what many believe, people living in the US do not have to go to India or a similar country in order to enjoy wonderful meditation opportunities. Once you step outside, you can high over 100 acres and you can swim in a pond that is spring-fed. Besides the wonderful spa treatments you will receive, many appreciate the outdoor treatment rooms that are quite enjoyable. You can discover Alaska’s softer side in a lodge that is secluded and that offers a completely remote meditation space that is available for you at any part of the day or night. It should be said that Halibut Cove will be found right next to Kachemak Bay State Park, which is the only wilderness park in Alaska. A meetup for people interested in Buddhist meditation practice who desire more intensive training in the form of day-long or weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. While you surely want to visit the top meditation retreats from all around the world, it is also a great idea to start with what is available locally.

This Red Feather Lakes Rocky Mountain retreat covers 600 acres and it guarantees that you are about to find a place to meditate and love absolutely everything. The retreat only offers accommodations for 11 people at a time and distractions will never appear because of the social silence policy that is used. Miraval will offer what can only be described as being an oasis for the body, soul and mind. Guests are welcomed for special group retreats and a cabin will be available for a private stay if this is what you want. Many of us have our individual daily practices but know that longer retreats can add a transformative dimension to practice with incalculable benefits for ourselves as well as our communities. It is a guarantee that you will not be disturbed as cell phone signal does not exist and the people that run the retreat will tailor your stay based on what you want to experience. Life is automatically simplified at the retreat and many guided activities are available for those that want to visit and stay there, ranging from yoga to healthy eating courses.

The retreats offered will normally last between 2 and 6 nights, with a starting price tag of around $600 per person. You have access to various meditation classes ranging from those for beginners to those designed for the advanced practitioners.
Retreats are in the Classical, Theravadan or Secular Buddhist tradition but we're open to other meditation traditions. There are even special experiences like mindful stress mastery and floating meditation that are available for you. Beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious are all welcome to the meet-up but practitioners are advised to consider whether their practice can sustain the rigors of the individual retreats.

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