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If you like this set, please note that the belt - Grievous Gladiator's Cord of Meditation - no longer matches this set. This is now the prideful set for the horde and as previous comments mentioned the belt no longer matches the set.
If you need a robe or cloak faster than that, please let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen. For some reason they changed the graphic to red which matches the Prideful set, not the Grievous (blue) set. The Alliance set was initially sold by Lucan Malory and the Horde set by Doris Chiltonius for Conquest Points.
However, I found a belt, Willow Belt, that almost exactly matches the set as if it were made to be a part of it.

An ideal costume for those people who want to stay comfortable while dressing up, these robes offer a look that pulls together easily while not requiring large amounts of makeup or accessories.
Other clients may be ahead (or behind you) in the production line, and we want to be fair to everyone! The typical brown robe for monks resembles those worn by actual medieval monks, who generally wore the same robes throughout their monasteries. Most robes are similar to ancient and modern-day Franciscan friars, who wear brown or gray robes daily.
I recommend using the suggestion button in WOW to let the developers of the game know that you feel this item does not match the rest of the set and should be changed. In addition to a robe, you can make your monk costume more authentic with a rosary, crucifix, and Bible.

If enough people request the same thing or the devs really like your idea, we might see a change happen in the future. Many also see the iconic addition of a wig that looks like the shaven head of a monk as an important part of a costume.
I'm sorry that we here at support are unable to go in and make these changes to the game for you my friend.So please use the suggestion button in WoW to get this piece back to blue since they are apparently too lazy to fix the mistake they made.

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