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Die Meditation ist eine Methode um das Bewusstsein zu erweitern, den Geist zu beruhigen und sich zu sammeln.
Bei der gefuhrten Meditation werden Sie mittels vorgelesenem Text in den meditativen Zustand der Entspannung gefuhrt.
Diese Texte, eine Fantasiereise oder Geschichte verschiedener moglicher Themen, soll Sie so entspannen, dass Sie sich in diese Reise hinein versetzen konnen und Ihre eigenen Bilder entstehen lassen. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt, deshalb bitte ich Sie um eine telefonische Anmeldung bis spatestens Donnerstagmittag 12.00 Uhr.
Meditation is… contemplation, reflection, a prayer, internal peace, a connection to the truth, being still, being quiet, just being. Meditation is… an inspired grace, freedom, guidance, contentment, awareness, concentration, restful alertness.
Meditation is… something that goes beyond the intellect and brings the mind into its natural state.
With meditation… we can create a gap in the incessant stream of thought, we can change the inner flow of our energy and release our emotions. The Tibetan Buddhist prayer mala, or beaded rosary, aids the practitioner in counting mantras while helping one to focus concentration and awareness. If you are new to meditation, it is important to seek a teacher or join a meditation class. Close your eyes and whatever view is there, whatever vision is there in your mind, just be aware. Introduce the mantra, repeat the mantra silently to yourself, with each repitition feel the beads, feel your body, mind & spirit open.
Dedicate the positive energy & merit generated by your meditation to the benefit of all beings.
The Big Book of ACT Metaphors is an essential A-Z resource guide that includes new metaphors and experiential exercises to help promote client acceptance, diffusion from troubling thoughts, and values-based action. An important addition to any ACT professionals library, The ACT Practitioners Guide to the Science of Compassion explores the emotionally healing benefits of compassion-based practices when applied to traditional acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Therapist burnout is a pressing issue, and self-care is possible only when therapists actively help themselves. This engaging book offers a wide and enticing range of gorgeous designs for you to color in and make your own.
This collection includes 7 bird figures: a Woodpecker, Indigo Bunting, Robin, Oriole, Warbler, Cardinal and Blue Jay. Judith Rubin provides an interactive drawing book to help children ages 5-10, express and sort out their feelings after parents separate or get divorced.

From the author of Wreck This Journal, a collaborative creative journey where you complete the book. Alpha theta meditation uses modern technologies to help you achieve a higher level of meditation, even if you are just a beginner. Are you interested in or are using brain training software to increase your brain power and looking for more? Would you like to do this in the comfort and privacy of your own home with expert guidance? If you answered yes to any of these questions then alpha theta brain wave meditation training is for you! Well, now you can with our cutting edge brainwave technology which monitors your brainwaves in real-time!
The Dalai Lama has said he would be the first to use technology to help him shorten his meditation practice. Now you will know exactly when you are producing alpha and theta meditation brainwave states that mimic the masters when you hear the audio tone. Your brain knows that it is producing the right brainwaves so it locks onto that and begins to produce more.
Bill Harris, the guy who made a fortune with the slogan “Mediate like a Zen Monk” to sell his Holosynch brainwave entrainment CDs did Alpha brainwave training and was so impressed, he wrote to all his customers raving about it and encouraging them to go and do it! Research has shown that the key to the Master’s success is producing synchronised brainwaves in the Alpha and Theta range. With eyes closed and laying back with one or two tiny sensors placed on your head, you are receiving immediate continuous and accurate feedback when you produce synchronous Alpha or Theta. By focusing on the tones that sound when you produce the synchronous brainwaves, you rapidly learn to produce longer larger bursts. We have a phone consultation once per week and I guide your training based on your feedback and the progress graph. I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee as I am totally confident you will be incredibly impressed, but if not, you can have your money back.
If you’re still uncertain of the power of the Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Music or are just not quite ready to purchase, then put your details in the box below and I’ll personally send you a free sample to try before you buy.
Die eigenen Bilder konnen neben der Entspannung auch behilflich sein Blockaden zu losen oder an Erkenntnisse zu gelangen. Be aware of your breath, breath slowly and deeply, with each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed. You know when you're having a bad day, you have that wobbly feeling inside and nothing seems to go right? In this remarkable book, author and spiritual guide Michael Singer explores this fundamental question, seeking the very root of consciousness in order to help readers learn how to dwell in the present moment.

The authors examine the literature from neurobiology, social psychology, and folk psychology in order to explain how therapists suffer from an excess of empathy for their clients, and then they present strategies for dealing with burnout and stress.
The mandalas and other abstract images will help to free your imagination and bring out your inner artist. Written in language anyone can understand, Malchiodi makes art therapy accessible to everyone. He believes neuroscience will help improve Buddhist techniques and has set up research with neuro-scientists to accelerate development. You feel yourself slipping deeper into profound states of meditation, deeper and faster than you have ever experienced.
Research also shows that the brain learns the best when it gets immediate and accurate feedback. And all the time experiencing the great benefits of high quality profound alpha theta meditation.
Be prepared to change your life forever and learn to meditate in the comfort and privacy of your own home with my expert guidance. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! By following your creative instincts, you will de-stress your mind and body and be rewarded with a portfolio of beautiful finished artwork.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Yogamatters Yoga And Meditation Shop interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. I have 25 years experience helping people access profound states of meditation that changed their lives… I can help you too. When distracted by noises or sensations in the body, gently bring yourself back to the breath. In this daily companion, kids of any age will learn simple exercises to help manage stress and emotions, find focus, and face challenges.
They'll discover how to feel safe when scared, relax when anxious, spread kindness, and calm anger when frustrated.
Simple, secular, and mainstream, this mindfulness book is an excellent tool for helping kids deal with the stresses of everyday life.

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