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Maull is founder of the Prison Mindfulness Institute, a mindfulness-based organization bringing Buddhist practices inside prison walls.
Just finished watching The Dhamma Brothers, a documentary about Vipasana meditation inside an Alabama prison. For anyone, man or woman, who has faith in me, I, the Lotus Born, have never departed — I sleep on their threshold. Padmasambhava "Lotus-Born" also known as the Second Buddha, was a sage guru from Oddiyana, northwestern Classical India (in the modern-day Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan). If you choose to use your credit card all information will be sent using the latest technology to ensure your safety.
When I first moved to San Diego I began playing with sounds to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and deepen the meditation experience. Now this is encouraging news: A new study finds that just seven minutes of meditation can reduce racial prejudice.
In the study, a sample of 71 white, non-meditating adults were each given a photo of a gender-matched black person and either received taped LKM instructions, or instructions to look at the photos and notice certain features of the face. The researchers found that just seven minutes of loving-kindness meditation directed to a member of a specific racial group (in this case, a black person) was sufficient to reduce racial bias towards that group. This entry was posted in Health and Wellbeing, Psychological health in today's world and tagged common good, empathy, inner life, interconnection, psychological health on November 24, 2015 by Douglas LaBier.

Feeling Emotionally Connected To Work Is Linked With Greater Psychological Wellbeing…But Why? Moran Prison and Fleet Maull, a former inmate who served 14 year sentence for drug trafficking and who is now making trips back to prison, not for crimes, but to help current inmates learn about mindfulness and meditation to lead better lives, even if they’re to be lived in jail. Maull credits meditation for helping him survive in prison and come out 14 years later with a renewed sense of self. This has an impact on their lives inside prison and, maybe more importantly, gives them a better chance of not returning, if and when, they’re released, therefore making their sentence a chance for enlightenment not just imprisonment.
I know that prisons are a weird combination of big business and part of the underpinnings of an unequal society (so many, many vested interests in keeping things as they are or making them ever more punitive), and yet I have hope that they CAN become places that rehabilitate, that CAN create a positive change in prisoners and the communities they’re released back into. Padmasambhava is said to have transmitted Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, Bhutan and neighboring countries in the 8th century AD.
I resisted the idea for a long time, but I finally listened and trusted the process This CD is a result of that trust.
I knew if I wrote the meditations and simply read them the magic and power of the group experience would be missing. About two months ago I began using the meditation cd from Centerpointe and I LOVE the results. The study, from the University of Sussex, was published in the journal Motivation and Emotion. It used the Buddhist mediation technique of loving-kindness meditation, which promotes unconditional kindness towards oneself and others.

And it seems his work is having a profound effect on the entire prison system and lifestyle, where inmates learn they have a choice and the control to own their actions and reactions. I especially want to thank my students and all the people who have touched my life over the years.
I thank Bea, Karen, Kathy, and Patti for sitting there as I recorded these journeys for you.
What a wonderful way to learn how to change your state of mind and tap into other levels of consciousness. If I am out of stock your credit card will not be charged until we are ready to ship the item.
The biofeedback combined with adventures in a mythical world filled with sacred temples, lush gardens, and mentors challenges you to deepen your self awareness and the best part it is fun!
They found that people doing loving-kindness meditation showed large increases in other-regarding emotions. It is one of the best investments I've made - I've shared it with friends and they are amazed at how fast they can learn to shift their awareness and the biofeedback lets you know you've succeeded.

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