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Unlock the power of your mind with a mind machine, also known as brain machine, dream machine or psychowalkman. Expand your natural alpha brainwaves and theta brainwaves using light sound AVS brainwave entrainment therapy and binaural beats stimulation for creative imagery and meditation. Easily download our specially designed brainwave entraining MP3 audio frequency sessions with music and environmental sounds into your smartphone, iPod or MP3 player.
Mind Machines specializes in providing theraputic tools for relaxation, enhanced learning, mind power, biofeedback, neurofeedback, high tech meditation and personal achievement. We have the lowest prices in the industry on the best in mind technology. From light sound mind machines to internet software based brainwave entrainment programs and binaural beats mind power entrainment MP3 audio files we have it all.
Mind machines are not shamanic devices but produce visuals often compared to a psychedelic drug.
If you have any questions about our mind machines, light sound devices or brainwave entrainment technology please contact us! We sell brainwave entrainment devices, If you are looking for a radionics machine use this link. Visualizing and meditating with color are powerful healing tools if used regularly, healing this way can be very potent because as we experience different color vibrations they in turn affect our energy bodies.
To an observer, it can appear that a person deep in primordial sound meditation is in a state similar to sleep. Practitioners of primordial sound meditation believe that deep within the mind is a tranquil and harmonious serenity. Many styles of meditation have been born through the ages and around the world, but they all share in common the ability to bring the mind to a place of peaceful rest. Followers of primordial sound meditation believe that deep within the mind is a tranquil and harmonious serenity. Deepak Chopra, a spiritual leader as well as a doctor, believes that the repetition of a personal mantra can allow a practitioner to find the pathways that are available between mental chatter, though often hidden by it. In the meditative state, the practitioner of primordial sound meditation continues to mentally or orally repeat the mantra over and over. Practitioners claim mediation has a wide range of health benefits, and medical research agrees.
What exactly is the difference between primordial sound meditation and mantra meditation which also uses mantras? Venue Meerhof at Hartbeespoort Dam, 45 minutes' drive west of Pretoria and north-west of Johannesburg.

Whether you have never meditated before or meditate everyday, come and enjoy the next Sound Meditation on Sunday 13 March 2016. The Hartbeespoort Dam area boasts numerous beautiful tourist attractions and restaurants - so why not make the most of it and turn it into an amazing-day-out, starting with relaxing meditation!! Delivering stunning, intense inner experience, The Procyon sets your mind alight in a dance of enlightening enjoyment. The Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is the next evolution in Brain State Training and meditation technology. Add your own CD-quality digital soundtrack from home stereos, computers, mp3 platers or smartphone and your have the perfect psychedlic symphony for a fantastical jounrey to the deepest reaches of your mind. The Procyon is packed with plenty of content to get you started and keep you going for years. Unleash your peak performance and event-related potential (evoked potential via human enhancement). With The Brain Entrainment Light Sound Mind Machine with binaural beats… It is now possible! We have been in continuous operation since 1990, with satisfied customers in over 100 countries.
As mind machines are not FDA approved, those with photo-epilepsy should not use strobe light goggles due to seizure risk. More about brain wave entrainment on Wikipedia. An imbalance in our personal vibration is the major culprit behind various disorders ranging from high blood pressure to skin disorders as well as psychological problems. Primordial sound meditation, which has its origins in the Indian Vedic meditation tradition, uses the repetition of a mantra to lead the mind inward beyond the cacophony of the universe. A practitioner’s personal mantra is created by using a mathematical formula that is part of the Vedic tradition. The mantra simultaneously blocks other, distracting sounds and clears the inner mind to allow the meditating individual to open to a state of utter awareness. While it is true that, following meditation, practitioners report a sense of fresh energy similar to that produced by sleep, the meditative state is nothing like a sleep state. Individuals who suffer from insomnia and anxiety report that, with daily meditation, they learn to eliminate these problems.
I do have a personalized mantra and that's the only mantra I use. Although I believe that repeating any sound will actually help someone clear the mind and focus, repeating the sound that was present in the universe during the individual's birth is more effective. So those who want a personal mantra that correlates with their time of birth will prefer to do primordial sound meditation.

After the workshop be sure to visit one or more of the following: French Toast koffiekafee, Pretville, Harties Cableway, Chameleon Village and more!!
More than just a mind machine, the Procyon uses the most advanced visual effects engine to deliver millions of jewl-like coloutrs to set your mind alight as mandalas and fractal like images flow by.
Or, use the highst fidelity wave synchronisation pulses available on any brainwave machine to generate isochronic tones and binaural beats in perfect sync. Fifty specially crafted sessions showcase the vast capabiliies of the system and build upon scientific studies to deliver tracks that entertain and sync. We understand brainwave technology and know how to help you get the best results using light and sound therapy using our personal and professional light sound machines and brainwave entrainment technology instruments. This formula incorporates universal vibrations that marked the precise moment and location of the practitioner’s birth. This state does not involve ego; it isn’t awareness of itself being aware of itself but a radiating understanding of the nature of illusion. People who suffer from chronic pain or who have long-term health issues also appear to be helped by meditation, which minimizes their health problems and makes them easier to control without medication. I meditate longer when I use my personalized mantra and I feel more peaceful and more in touch with myself than every before.
Your neural oscillations and induced activity, in conjunction with ongoing brain activity can be measured via electroencephalography biofeedback and eeg neurofeedback instruments. The Mind Alive DAVID Delight Pro and the Proteus from Mindplace are among the most popular devices on the Internet.
In fact, people who meditate regularly are less likely to fall ill to common sicknesses such as colds, and when they do, their recovery times are shorter. Wilna Dirkse van Schalkwyk presents her Sound Meditation workshop in Meerhof at Hartbeespoort Dam. She personally guides meditations and combines them with the relaxing sounds of Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, hand-held drum and voice to create a space for you to reach inner silence. Now you can experience altered states of consciousness, ganzeld effects and Hemi-Sync sensations for inner peace, personal wellness, accelerated learning, meditation, behavior modification and deep, restful sleep.

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