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15" x 14" graphite drawing on Bristol paper, sandwiched in between a piece of plexi glass and masonite. BLUE  FOREST TM is the creator of a number of Meditation CDs and Self Growth CDs, Relaxation DVDs and Self Growth Books all designed to help with relaxation, spiritual healing and mind and body healing.
Reaching out to all children and parents who feel a little lost in the big wide world, My Magical Garden is an enjoyable, interactive and easy-to-use self-help book.
Terri’s guided meditation will take you on a journey to your magical mystical garden were you can connect with spiritual friends and creatures. Place all 6 stones into your jug of water or water filter to help to heal and energize your entire body. This beautifully handcrafted necklace is made up of 12 beads that represent each of the 12-steps of AA and Al-Anon.
Everything on this necklace is symbolic of the journey taken by those in the 12-step programs. Your necklace comes with a laminated, color laser printed card showing you how to use it for a time of prayer and meditation and includes the legend of each gemstone.
Intended to be used with other meditation doses, Meditative Control tried to do just one thing really well: keep your session completely controlled and without drift.

Meditation is a practice which has been with us for thousands of years and its ability to promote peace, harmony and love is one of the many reasons meditation is so popular.
There are only a few items displayed on this website as many of the pieces she makes are one of a kind. A collection of illustrations and poems, this pioneering book has been written to help children, from the age of five, work through their emotions and express them in a safe and loving way. The high council members have the power to remove past life issues and modify our charts if requested. Beads made from real gemstones are combined to make this handcrafted necklace more than jewelry. Each of the 12 beads, Amethyst, Amber and Hematite, have been placed in this necklace for the spiritual properties they are said to contain. Meditative placement attempts to disconnect ego and place, while generating an intuitive feeling of compassion. A key to great, truly life-altering meditation is the ability to the mind centered when it really wants to roll in one direction or another.
You will be able to remove blocks and obstacles that are holding you back at this present day time.

They will learn how to heal, clear and protect their aura and by using the power of guided imagery it will help your child to become calmer and happier within themselves.
It also helps facing up to ones true self and brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release. This dose is a great starter dose to a session or when slipstreamed first with other meditation doses, and has uses even outside of meditation to remain centered and focused.
We also try to disconnect root mind away from the wanderings that lead to uncontrolled loss of state as the mind drifts away from the meditative path.
You may then start to notice the true-tale signs that you are maintaining state as potential realizations come forward.

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