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Walking is good for you physically—it also reduces stress, improves the immune system and has extensive cognitive benefits.
So, there you are…five different ways to meditate, and am sure you can probably add to this list.
Standing meditation benefits us in more ways than is obvious! It is a tai chi technique that builds strength, concentration and power.
I recently got the chance to have 10 mindfulness stress based reduction classes for free.  As I am a student as well as shop owner, despite thinking of myself as easy going I have experienced my fair share of stress lately so was looking forward to the classes. Mindfulness is about living in the moment, being able to step away from the constant chatter of thoughts and of planning this and that, even if just for a little bit, but with the intention of hopefully living your life in a calmer and more thoughtful way.
Open your eyes and study the raisin, try holding it up to the light to see the different colours, and again observe and feel if you like all the surfaces of it – does it remind you of anything?
Now smell the raisin, take some deep sniffs.  and now its time to hear the raisin (!) put it by your ear and squish it a little bit. The raisin excercise shows us how experience can be transformed by bringing curiousity in what we do, and this is frequently drawn upon in mindfulness classes, where we are invited to be curious about sensations in the body and mind that we think we are super familiar with but are probably not – and this can bring new joys to our lives! I hope you enjoyed your raisin, I’ll be writing more about mindfulness in the future!
You can also experiment with channeling some energy into the fruit or if you know Reiki, run a little Reiki into it.
Since writing this I met a Reiki Master who always Reiki’s her food before eating it. Meditation may seem to some to be a mysterious process, although it doesn't have to be — just breathe! It does all sorts of good things for your body and soul–like, reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, create emotional balance, lower stress levels, is an anti-inflammatory, and meditation can even increase fertility!
This may be the opposite of meditating, but like meditation, it is a super way to relieve stress. The key here is in “your objective.” For instance, when washing dishes, keep your “mind focused” on the act of washing dishes and maintain this consciousness throughout.

Twenty to thirty minutes, a pair of sneakers and your “presence of mind” is all you need to turn your ordinary walk into a “walking meditation.” Again, “presence” is the key here. So, whether you go for the basic meditation or desire something a little more upbeat, it’s your choice. Here are some people who already found it from practicing Transcendental Meditation and are ready to show you the way! I have to tell you, it’s pretty charming to see a very well-dressed, anxious Jewish woman take a moment at her country club to say she needs to meditate. It is the one of best spiritual tools for understanding your self, the world and the occult. For those who want to spice it up, there are options you can try while still getting the benefits of meditation! Start laughing about nothing, and pretty soon you may find yourself cracking up about nothing. This same mindset can be used for all your chores–from vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, washing the car, etc. When in a meditative state the mind has less say so can see more clearly with a lot of elements. It can be simple: sit, breathe, and resist getting wrapped up in the drama of your ongoing thoughts.
Think of the child within you–be free, be silly, be wild, alone in your home or out on the town. In fact, Mantra Meditation uses the repetition of a mantra as a path to mindfulness and stress reduction. The best thing about meditation is it is a free way to communicate with the most important thing in the world, the inner you, the spiritual you.One technique of meditation that works well is reflective meditation.
The reality is that we are often too tired or too busy to take the steps to get anywhere near there. If you find yourself sitting there with nothing to focus on rather than your to-do list, try instead to focus on the way the air enters and exits through the nostrils.

And if you think you look like a fool…not to worry, because you never know who might join in! And, sometimes it can take more than deep breaths and conscious visualization to clear out the negative energy. Cleaning definitely offers endless repetition, and just think what you can accomplish with this mindful-meditation! In this way, the mind is clear and the process of practicing the physical postures of yoga can be more effective.
And if you happen to be on the street or in the market and your body feels like moving, just go for it.
It is amazing how many elements of life no matter how small may be weighing us down emotionally and physically. You will find that after developing a steady practice, your body will actually beg to be nourished. You might even find yourself reaching for a bag of baby carrots and hummus in the refrigerator rather than that carton of ice cream or, better yet, yes, I'm saying it — the hunk of animal protein sandwiched between an uberly-processed white flour bun. Yoga will help you understand how to feel your body while cleansing and detoxifying it from the inside out so that you can replenish your body with what it actually needs rather than what the mind "thinks" it needs. Step by… Clarity is one of those many aspects in life that gives complete and total focus.
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