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Pressure where the leg meets the buttocks can cause compression of the Sciatic nerve which often results in numb legs during or after sitting.
Displaces meditators weight evenly to peripheral areas of the buttocks and upper legs and away from the tender muscles that lay directly under the pelvic Ischial bones (sit bones). Unique 3 part design firmly sets the pelvis at the correct pitch for upright sitting without tension in the legs, back and abdomen. All Moonleap cushions are made from heavy weight, non-slip fabrics sewn together with super strong upholstery grade thread. Authentic Tibetan prayer-flags of various deities, mantras, prayers for various different blessings. Our flags are printed in Nepal, they come in a range of sizes, horizontal & vertical prayer flags. Our collection covers all the major & minor deities of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon & is all iconographically correct! Woven wall-hangings of deities, deity-mantras & auspicious symbols, altar cloths, throne covers, text-covers, damaru-tails, shrine brocades, loose brocade fabric sold by the yard & much more! Tibetan Spirit has a long tradition of donating a portion of its earnings to the support of Tibetan Buddhism. This non-toxic sumi ink is made out of pure vegetable soot with no additives or preservatives.

Begin and end your meditation session with the beautiful tone of an authentic Japanese spun brass gong. Invoke the peaceful energy of Drala with fresh, powdered juniper incense, gathered and processed at the Milklake Shambhala Retreat Centre in Nova Scotia. Moonleap meditation cushions (zafus) are intelligently designed, ergonomic solutions to supporting our bodies in sitting meditation but can be used by anyone who enjoys sitting cross legged on the floor. Our Moonleap cushion is one step towards finding more intelligently designed, ergonomic solutions to supporting our bodies in this practice. For those who are exploring the benefits of crossed legged meditation postures but who's knees will not come all the way down to the ground, we are currently designing another innovative solution just for you. Like buckwheat husk, spelt husk conforms naturally under pressure, but is lighter and more breathable than buckwheat.
Since receiving it I've been able to sit for twice as long as usual without pain, which is an amazing difference. We source our thangkas from artisan painters in the Kathmandu Valley who often paint for monasteries & lamas. Tibetan Spirit is owned and operated by Urban Dharma NC, a Buddhist center and community-in-progress in western North Carolina. In the past, funding has gone to the education, housing, medical support, and general welfare of monks and nuns.

Harvey Rayner, designer of the Mooleap cushion, has estimated to have spent more than 20,000 hours sitting on 100s of different supports over 2 decades.
Much attention went into the design process to ensure that the cushions not only look beautiful, but will become a faithful support for your practice for many years to come. It is our mission to offer high-quality, yet affordable, Dharma supplies to practitioners and communities that do not have easy access to such items. We are very happy to announce that as of October 2011, with Urban Dharma NC’s ownership of Tibetan Spirit, we have taken the mission of Tibetan Spirit to a new and even more ambitious level–100% of the profits of Tibetan Spirit now go towards the support of Tibetan Buddhism and Dharma projects! We might say the design for this cushion has been born out of the wisdom of his very well qualified buttocks. Our cushions are shipped with an additional small quantity of husk that can be added after a few months of use after an initial stretch has occurred in the cushion fabric. Join us in exploring new ways of offering energy and support to all those engaged in the direct and peaceful practice of sitting meditation.

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