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Serenity Moments® is a new brand of scenic relaxation videos which are ideal for stress relief or or meditation and are produced by Real Art Studios. Other titles now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc include Glacier National Park, The Canadian Rockies and more. The Serenity Moments relaxation DVD and guided meditation video series was designed for stress relief, relieve PTSD symptoms as well as relaxation therapy for anxiety management.
The Serenity Moments relaxation videos feature spectacular scenery enabling you to escape to a virtual vacation in paradise as often as you like while lulling you into a state of deep relaxation. The Hawaiian Islands relaxation DVD also includes an optional guided meditation soundtrack. Our guided meditation script is based upon brain research and was developed with the cooperation and approval of clinical psychologists and is doctor recommended.
Plug in your stereo headphones to your computer and listen to the beautiful meditation music which includes Alpha waves and nature sounds. To learn how to meditate it is best to experiment and find what works best for you We have found that meditating with nature in a quiet place is one of the best methods for deep relaxation.
Continued use of our guided relaxation product may facilitate brain wave entrainment, or training your brain to remain in more relaxed state for extended periods of time. Brain researchers and neurophysiologists have discovered that with continued use the brain becomes entrained into remaining in this relaxed state. Our beautiful relaxation DVDs with nature sounds and soothing relaxation music make excellent ambient video for waiting rooms, lobbies, or dentist offices, hospitals, hotels spas or as a house party DVD. Meditating upon nature can provide deep relaxation and offer immediate anxiety stress relief. Because meditation can induce the "relaxation response" it can also be an excellent treatment tool to help those challenged with compromised immune systems. Another benefit of meditation that our relaxation videos facilitate is enabling one to enter into a deeply meditative state so you can achieve a calm mind and make better decisions. In addition to the benefits of guided imagery, our beautifully composed meditation music offers therapeutic qualities and provides the listener with a very peaceful, relaxing experience to aid in the recovery from the stress of surgery or illness.

If you practice meditation for relaxation or yoga our scenic relaxation DVDs will quickly transport you into peaceful frame of mind and help you relax. MEDITATION Brain Power: Mindfulness Techniques to Relieve Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and Live a Happy Life Focused!
Does meditation relieve stress? In a one word answer, yes. As Ia€™ve mentioned before I feel meditation is the cornerstone of any stress management course. Our relaxation DVDs are earth friendly – our Hawaiian Islands DVD artwork is printed on paper from well managed forests regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our tranquil and serene scenic relaxation DVDs include soothing relaxation music, ambient nature sounds and Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies—a clinically proven method of helping the brain to enter a deeply relaxed state via brain wave entrainment. If you'd like to learn how to meditate you might appreciate the optional guided meditation soundtrack offered in our relaxation videos.
This can result in recovery from the symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic stress and other anxiety related illnesses. When the brain is in Alpha or Theta wave states the brain increases the production of serotonin which is an extremely beneficial neurotransmitter that facilitates mental and physical relaxation. In fact, it has been clinically proven that tools that induce the relaxation response can boost the immune system and aid in healing. Our soothing relaxation music is also ideal for hospice or palliative care centers and is used by hospitals, clinics and therapists.
I was working for an airline in their head office and I had to commute through London in rush hour at the time. My journey would start in zone 4 in the north of London and go all the way to zone 5 in the south. This was my introduction to how powerful this stress relief technique is. Of course, the next day wasna€™t so blissful but I started to have more clarity over the coming weeks and months.
Our relaxation DVD has been hailed as a major medical intervention by a leading clinical psychologists in clinical trials and with continued use can be a useful brain entrainment tool and healing aid. Slower brainwave frequencies such as Alpha and Theta waves produce endorphins that make you feel better for a natural "high". To take advantage of the brain's natural frequency following response, just below the music we have incorporated Alpha, Theta and Delta wave frequencies that will encourage your brain to synchronize naturally into a more relaxed state.

The, a€?Oh, I dona€™t have to worry or get angry here,a€? moments became more common. This for me, is what meditation can do.
Brain research has indicated that relaxed brain wave frequencies can help strengthen the immune system and aid in healing from a variety of illnesses. It gives you space to think and time to breathe, and so you can see that when you ask does meditation relieve stress. You’re emotional and spiritual health is vital to your physical well being so be sure to nurture your mind with our scenic relaxation videos. There I was in Victoria station with a sea of people around me. Ia€™d got off my train and was headed to the underground. Our relaxation dvds are also used in hospital relaxation channels, by doctors, dentists, psychologists and massage therapists to help patients relax during treatment, recover from surgery, trauma or illness.
Meditation can also provide a comforting, spiritual experience and may help some feel closer to God and discover their innermost or "higher" self.
Non-believers can also reap the benefits of meditation to refresh and rejuvenate their mind and body.
The relaxation DVD is also used by cancer treatment clinics, dentists and hospitals to help patients relax during treatment and recover after surgery reduce stress techniques. The relaxation DVD is also used by cancer treatment clinics, dentists and hospitals to help patients relax during treatment and recover after surgery. Ia€™m too busy to stop, I would say to myself. And everyone else was walking past and ignoring her.
And after a while you should hear the sound of silence a€“ a soft ringing sound in your ears.
Our relaxation DVDs are also used by the healthcare industry in waiting rooms as ambient video.

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