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We train with many traditions, including Buddhist lineages of Tibetan, American, Korean and Vietnamese Zen, and Shambhala, and continue to build our skill set by studying and learning from contemporary meditation masters such as Sharon Salzberg, Sakyong Mipham, Larry Rosenberg, Gina Sharpe, and Roshi Pat O'Hara.
Teaching meditation begins with personal experience of meditation and therefore this teacher training course emphasises personal practice alongside the teaching of theory and exercises.
As you gain knowledge about meditation, and learn the experience of meditation, you will realise how you could offer others a similar experience of expansion. Teaching others is based upon knowing on a personal level and therefore this third learning outcome will be applied when the first two have been covered. These three learning outcomes (and corresponding Modules), offer a process of transformation. It will create a shift from a mind that is constantly busy and scattered into experiencing a mind that is focused and connected to the moment. The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate teaches individuals and health professionals to become qualified instructors of meditation. The three Modules are structured as a gradual process where you progress from theoretical knowledge (Module 1), into personal (and practical) experience (Module 2), ending the journey with the skill of teaching others both theory and practice of meditation (Module 3). Providing you with the theoretical knowledge, origins, and context of meditation, while emphasising the benefits, for body and mind, of regular meditation practice.
Inviting you to demonstrate your ability to lead a meditation session and give a talk about the theory and benefits of meditation. The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Course has been approved and validated by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). Assessment of theoretical knowledge: Delivery of 10 minutes presentation of meditation’s theoretical background and benefits. Assessment of Practical Skills: Delivery of 10 minutes of meditation teaching using a minimum of two different meditation techniques.
Questions and answers: In all sessions on the three modules students are encouraged to ask questions which will reflect their level of understanding.
Group work: In these sessions students exchange knowledge, understanding, and practical tools. For the last 15 years Dr Ivtzan has been running meditation seminars, workshops, and retreats, in the UK and around the world. This professional online platform allows us to conduct teaching of theoretical materials, practice meditations together, have lively group discussions, and all of that from the comfort of your own home.
During the session we will have dedicated time for you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and get to know your fellow students.
Cost includes 3 days intensive tuition, handouts creating a workbook, and certificate on completion. If you are training in an academy in China, you will likely be training anything from 5-10 hours per day. How wonderful would it be to establish new healthy habits of taking care of your whole being?
Meditation Training Online is a 4 week online course that will deeply immerse you in the world of meditation. Sign up, learn new meditations and get guidance on how to incorporate meditation in your daily life. How can we clean our mind from the constant stream of advertisements, negative news, alarming stories, Facebook updates, and our own negative thought patterns?
How can we erase years of harmful self diminishing thoughts, emotional hurt and painful memories?
If I told you right now to sit still and think nothing, you would probably find it very hard. Mantra is very important for any meditation practice and I’ll teach few of my favorite mantras but you have to excuse my voice. Your mind can be your best companion or your worst enemy. If you want to live your purpose, live your happiness, follow your calling, you need to know your mind and how it functions, so that you know how to use it to your advantage and not get confused and distracted by it. You’ll receive one training video a week on Monday and supplemental materials at the end. In my practice I’ve had many incredible experiences and was able to manifest many of my dreams. As I slowly began developing my yoga business, I’ve spent time as stay at home mom which meant much less money for us as a family. All the meditations that I will teach you have specific purpose and when you practice them they make you vibrate certain frequency and think thoughts that might have been blocked from your mind before. I am incredibly passionate about these teachings, they made a huge difference in my life and I can guarantee they will do the same for you. Following are few testimonials of my students however they don’t directly describe this training.
You can always just give it a try and if this training doesn’t jive with you for any reason, I offer 14 days money back guaranteed as of March 24th, the date the training begins.

Enjoy a weekend or some substantial sessions of relaxing and nurturing meditation practice and inspiring dialogue? The Meditation and Relaxation home based weekend retreat is designed to help you relax, reconnect and deepen your relationship with yourself. A variety of techniques will be experienced and each participant is welcome to work at whatever level suits them, from beginners to advanced. The retreat is facilitated by Lisa Forde, director of the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies and author of the Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation.
Receive the nurturing and rest your mind, emotions and body deserve by attending this beautiful retreat with us.
You can choose to enjoy your retreat in small sections over a period of days, or you can choose to enjoy the retreat over a whole weekend. At a fraction of the cost of attending a weekend retreat, why wouldn’t you make this a regular part of your winter nurturing time? To attend this wonderful retreat you would have paid over $400, but here it is for you to access in the comfort and ease of your own home and time for only $179! We invite you to create this self loving time and enjoy the necessity of self care and peace. All you need to learn meditation is the guidance of a trained meditation teacher who can offer you simple, easily learned techniques you can do almost anywhere. It facilitates a deeper feeling of peace and calm while at the same time allowing you to engage with yourself at deeper levels.
A variety of meditation techniques will be taught to provide you with an intimate experience of different meditation-based exercises.
By engaging with the material on a theoretical level (learning outcom 1) and practical level (learning outcome 2) you will realise how to apply the tools you have learned so that you could teach others. This learning outcome will provide you with the theoretical and practical tools that would allow you to teach others; Module 3 reflects the topics covered as part this learning outcome.
As part of that transformation you will be able to gradually build higher levels of presence – being able to bring your awareness to the “Here and Now”. Finally, the course would enable you to share and teach this knowledge; there is great pleasure in inviting others to grow and transform. It is a highly practical course that has been designed to give you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation. If you have missed a session you will still have access to the recording and could therefore complete the course.
If you ever wondered about meditation but didn’t know where to start, this is a perfect training for you. We shower in the morning, we wash our hair, brush our teeth, dress clean, spray on a perfume, and put on make up. How can we clean our mind and its habitual patterns so that we can improve our memory and intelligence and feel vibrant and deeply happy? When you meditate you take control of your mind as opposed to your mind just wandering on its own from one thought to another. However this simple requirement to have 10 minutes of time and 5 square feet of space, is one of the hardest condition to satisfy. In this section we will also discuss how to tune in and prepare for meditation, what to do during meditation to stay focused and how to end it.
I know that everyone is really busy these days so I want to offer you enough time to watch and incorporate all that you’ll learn without creating stress that you might be running behind. I offer 10 days money back guaranteed as of March 24th, the date Meditation Training begins. This really illustrates how mental block can stop the flow of abundance, love, friends, clients, and so on. Why would you not want to open your mind to a wide range of possibilities, happiness, peace, prosperity and love? If you’ve been wondering how can you incorporate healthier habits to your lifestyle, meditation is the thing to start with.
Meditation provides a wonderful, supportive setting in which to experience soulful meditation that inspires and uplifts.
Meditation is a brilliant adjunct to any therapy as it acts as a vehicle for stilling the mind and calming the body.
In addition, meditation has been scientifically researched and the results are clearly indicating the important benefits of the practice.
This course would allow you to psychologically and spiritually grow while engaging with these meditation techniques. The course is ideal for individuals already practicing meditation or another yogic discipline, qualified yoga and pilates teachers, alternative therapists, life coaches, counsellors, and others who want to expand their practice or career to include meditation teaching, theory, and methods.
He is a positive psychologist, a senior lecturer, and the program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL).

When you overeat, the energy from the food is wasted, although you are still weighed down by the sheer bulk of the food, plus your body is still using energy to process the food. It also releases its energy relatively quickly so if you are having a two or three hour break, a lot of the energy will already have been released before you resume your training. We will go deep, discuss various forms of meditation like pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (chanting), mindfulness, guided meditation, walking meditation, and techniques like mudra, eye focus and posture. All the mantras we will use have very high vibrations and will bring out a lot of positive, clear feelings.
My parents blessed me with the beautiful name Zita and I have to say I’m most likely the only Zita Vasilisinova out there. The tragedy at Newtown has had deep impact on me and I realized there is a lot of hidden insanity and deep trouble in people. I always leave with a sense of peace and tranquility, with a clearer head for the afternoon! Expanding your meditation experience in this way opens you up to an expanded experience in your personal meditation practice as well. Research now validates the successfulness of mindfulness practices combined with therapy for a wide range of situations.
Research is showing that meditation increases psychological wellbeing factors such as acceptance, meaning, happiness, and compassion, while decreasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. This learning outcome will provide you with the subjective experience and practice of different meditation techniques; Module 2 reflects the topics covered as part of this learning outcome. This course will teach you an engagement with meditation that will allow that presence to penetrate whatever it is you do during the day. He published many books, journal papers, and book chapters and his main interests are mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, meaning, and self-actualisation. In my opinion, to get the most out of your training you should try to cut as much meat as possible from your diet and aim to eat far less than you usually do, while trying to eat as much raw food as possible. If any of you have ever had a lot of beers, eaten a bunch of food, and the next day, thrown up half of it, you know what I’m talking about. On top of that, meat these days has so much crap in it that you’re putting a lot of stuff you don’t know about, including antibiotics into your system.
At the end you will have all the tools you need to establish your daily meditation practice. There are many interesting meditations that use different breathing techniques like long deep breathing, breath of fire, segmented breathing and breath suspension. I knew right then I have to go and share the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to as many people as I can reach. This Learning Outcome will provide you with the knowledge and understanding surrounding meditation; Module 1 reflects the topics covered as part of this learning outcome. My qigong master stresses that cutting meat is a very positive step for improving your clarity of mind and qigong practice, which is an essential part of achieving very high levels of Shaolin Kung Fu.
From the day one my mental perspective changed from the notion of lack to the experience of abundance.
There are a lot of common misconceptions about meditation so it’s good to have a clear understanding and definition of what it is. I continued to do the meditation every single day and all of a sudden, I saw money making opportunities everywhere, but the most amazing opportunity appeared the other day.
For this purpose, meditation can be usefully defined as the art of cultivating stillness and attunement to the present moment.
When you get hungry, it is not your body telling you that you have to eat, but rather, your body’s addiction to food panging for its next hit.
In order to meditate you don’t need to adopt any special posture, sit for a certain length of time or take on any particular religious or philosophical beliefs.
Have you also noticed how after a meal, you often feel tired, feel like sitting down or having a nap? Of course you can investigate meditation further and can align yourself with a particular version of meditation if you choose, but this is entirely a matter of choice.Meditation is easy to adapt to your own needs. You can integrate it into the busiest of lifestyles and use it for all kinds of different purposes. In fact, medical research shows that meditation can help to relieve the effects of insomnia, hypertension, migraines, fatigue, pain, digestive problems and chronic illness.Yet meditation is much more than stress-relief.
People often discover a degree of tranquility and mental clarity that they never imagined possible.

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