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Help yourself to be washed and refreshed from daily cares and stresses, find your inward peace and beauty that comes from resting in the truth of knowing His love for you. Meditation Music Volume One is an album of profound music that you can afford to relax and meditate to.
By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Music therapy is nothing new under the sun and is from the Ancient of Days, Love Himself our Holy Creator and Father.

Using Brainwave-Sync's powerful meditation technology, each track will take you into a completely different experience. It is written in Biblical Scriptures that David as a Psalmist carried the ability of the Lord bringing King Saul peace as he played the anointed music on the harp changing the atmosphere from bad to good. Escape into a realm of beautiful serenity and enjoy sweet and fresh spontaneously composed music the way it should be… filled with LOVE. In addition to this Ambient sound and image are combined with user input to produce an individual musical experience.

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