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This past summer I took a continuing education studio figure drawing class.  It was a  3-hour pose class, without instruction. I hunted down my book slowly, savoring the walk more than the desire to read, and saw so many foreign language books. I felt that in-between, liminal energy all around me and was starting to get more than a little creeped out, with goosebumps down my arms.
I went back there today and took notes from the most recent book I finished – When the Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond. I updated the color scheme to something I’ve always wanted to try (I <3 sea green and black).
I’ve sort of fixed the monitor-lime-green issue without digging out my color-calibrator. Tonight was my first night attending belly dance class since the beginning of December and it kinda kicked my butt. Anyway, because of two hours of class, then driving in too much snow, then dinner, I barely had any time for art. Get 22 Stone Chakra Set Crystal Healing Natural Mineral Tumbled Gemstones for All 7 Chakras, Includes Quartz Point, Satin Bags, Information Cards with Symbols and Bonus Cd. We are now selling the fantastic 22 Stone Chakra Set Crystal Healing Natural Mineral Tumbled Gemstones for All 7 Chakras, Includes Quartz Point, Satin Bags, Information Cards with Symbols and Bonus Cd. Being that it is a personal project, other things keep grasping for my attention (mundane chores, belly dance, work). I’ve lost 50 pounds and am back at the weight I was as a freshman in college (woot!).
I was sitting in a Subway Restaurant, finishing a sandwich, listening to the pop music blaring from wall speakers,  and trying to read Maps to Ecstasy by Gabrielle Roth. I knew I was probably flirting with going over my lunch hour, so I couldn’t stay.  I started to head back to the stairwell, then turned around abruptly and walked further into the stacks, entering one of the tiny study carrels (very small study rooms set into the side walls with slim metal shelves, a desk, and barely enough room for a small wooden chair). I’ve found that marking up a book (that I own) in pencil and then taking notes later is the best way for me to retain things. Oh how wrong I was… So there may have been a tiny chance that a friendly comment got lost amid the spam clean out.
Plus, as mentioned last post, I had thought maybe I could move Keeping a Nature Journal to the top spot of the book project, since it seems like a more laid back book. I basically messed with the custom color settings through my monitor until it looked right, haha. Of course this development has only been in the past few days, so it’s a wait-and-see-how-it-goes type thing.
It is made up with 3 tumbled stones for each of the 7 Chakras plus one small Natural Clear Quartz Point (considered a Master Crystal).
But the actual art-making side of things must be more fluid and feel natural, otherwise the art will not be created.
With no luck for the first couple of books (at least having them in that library), I searched The Chalice and the Blade (not from the bibliography, but I’d been wanting to read it)  and hit a successful result.

Illiterate to both languages, I paged through it anyway, wondering about it’s content, recognizing names of Gods and Goddesses. I stood on my tiptoes to look out the small window, over the roof and towards Lake Mendota, just staring over the water I’ve watched so many times at lunch on the terrace. In the end, I decided it’s best to stick to my original planned course, so the bicycle will need to happen this week. I can’t seem to put the sensation into words properly, but I feel like it bodes well for the future (*knocks on wood*).
But I kept putting off dealing with it (I even have a color-calibration-thingy, so no real excuse, but it seems to work dubiously at best and I can’t find the CD that has the software to go with it).
I was using the sun from my sliding glass door as the light source, which made it tricky when the occasional cloud came along. Don't lose out - buy the 22 Stone Chakra Set Crystal Healing Natural Mineral Tumbled Gemstones for All 7 Chakras, Includes Quartz Point, Satin Bags, Information Cards with Symbols and Bonus Cd.
As shown in the images, it includes black satin bags and 2 sided information cards for each of the 7 Chakras. We have a general idea, but the specifics are missing, by using general meditation techniques you can clear your mind to the point where you can pinpoint what it is that want.
Rather than try to cancel the sounds out with my own music over headphones, I thought – this is silly, there is a huge library literally across the street from where I’m sitting. I climbed the stairs to the third floor and realized with pure delight it was an older building.
I went to the hall to a computer and searched shamanism, picking a book from the results to help get me to its general  section, several floors up. After putting it back reluctantly, I browsed it’s sister books and picked up ReMembering Osiris: Number, Gender, and the Word in Ancient Egyptian Representation Systems.
Of course I smiled to see I picked a study carrel where someone had lightly carved a pentacle into the metal behind the desk and written “beware of the werewolf” and someone else had drawn a little Deathly Hallows symbol.  I am thoroughly charmed by the dark, magical atmosphere of the stacks and plan to return again.
So that when you do spellwork your intentions are clear, you know what you want.Then you can use focused meditation to visualize the precise thing that you want and focus you Will in such a way as to make it seem real to your subconscious mind. When the connection is wrong, expected results are not achieved.This concept of the chakas as energy centers is based on the Hindu concept. Well kept, but old all the same – with small tiled corridors, low ceilings, old metal library stacks, plenty of old books, with a slightly musty smell, lit in a dim way that was enough to see by but created a liminal space of magic. I flipped through it and began reading a passage on the yearly flood of the Nile and translations of Egyptian literature. Identifying the stones will be easy as each Chakra is packaged separately with it's stones, satin bag and information card. They believe there are 7 main energy centers in the human body, with each spinning area ascending from the base of the spine.
So I finished my sandwich and decided to brave entering the building I’d passed by so many times.
Everywhere I walked my brown boots’ heels sent sharp echos through the halls and I found myself walking on tiptoe so I wouldn’t feel like an invader in the sanctuary.

NOTE: Depending upon market availability, individual stone types may vary occasionally from those shown in the images.
Perhaps because on the Friday afternoon before homecoming no one is worrying about studying? For instance, if you were told often as a child that you were stupid or ugly, useless, etc. This center stimulates the entire body and influences our temperature, total energy and the growth of children. It governs physiological harmony, as well as hormones and sexual energies, while conditioning our reserve of vital energy.
Mentally, it helps to maintain peace and confidence.In this center, we learn to become autonomous in the management of our vital energy, to live in peace with emotions, according to our true desires.
The Solar Chakra governs digestion, personal power, emotional expansiveness, and all areas of growth. Taking advice is fine, but you must decide for yourself what is right for you.Not only is every person different, but every meditation session is different, as well.
People who have lesions of the stomach, have a tendency to stoop, to wrap about themselves, about their plexus as to protect it from external aggressions. I personally couldn't remain in any of those positions for long, Finding a COMFORTABLE position is very important. I'm aware of, I, freedom, confidence and determination, willing and able (3rd level of consciousness)It allows viewing, directing vital energy through the body, as well as outside of it and it is also involved in temperature regulation, control of the digestion of food, such as our thoughts, and orchestrating the redistribution of energy to other centers, depending mental patterns implied beliefs of the moment.Balancing this center allows the installation of the faith itself.
The Heart Chakra governs circulation, unconditional love of self and others, passion and devotion.Located on the midline of the sternum, it is related to heart, chest, circulation, bronchi and alveoli, hands. It allows us to express  joy and it affects our ability to touch someone, for example, through speech. The Throat Chakra governs communication, independence, fluent thought and spirituality.It is located at the throat. This is our central control station, connected to the planetary body, which lights when we accept the free flow of energy through us. The center is attached to all our senses and the extra sensory perceptions: insights manifested by internal perceptions of our senses.
The Crown Chakra governs the release of karma, physical action with meditation, mental action with universal consciousness and unity, and emotional action with Beingness.It is centered at the top of the skull is one of the main energy inputs, because this is the point where the cosmic energy flows. The color is purple, but can also occur as Pure White or Golden.Transcendent action of all the other chakras, chakra coronal connects us with the cosmos, the universe, and it corresponds to the infinite spiritual body.

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