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One of my favorite parts of a yoga class is when an instructor shares a reading or quote from one of their favorite teachers. In my classes at Sanctuary Yoga I have heard teachers share wisdom from a wide variety of spiritual leaders including Rumi, Marianne Williamson and even Buddha, among others.
I love that this wisdom is shared in class, because it always inspires introspection on the mat, and off the mat into the rest of the day.
Adding to my already full collection of spiritual books, I can tell Meditations from the Mat is going to be a book I’m going to reference over and over again.

Meditations from the Mat is a guide with 365 essays, one for each day of the year, meant to be read alone, leaving time for digestion. My favorite aspect of the book is that it follows Patajali’s yoga sutras and applies them to everyday life. Having the book is like having your own private yoga teacher and mentor guiding you through the meanings of the eight limb path of yoga. Understanding these eight limbs, and how we cycle through each of them throughout our lives, both on and off the mat, brings a deeper meaning to any yoga practice.

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