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Memory Exercise Games are mind stimulating activities and brain exercise to help slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and other brain deterioration conditions in our elderly patients. Elderly patients need Brain Exercise and mind stimulating activities to stimulate memories, emotions and socializing. Successful activities must capture attention, motivate participation, stimulate conversation and build confidence.
Harry’s wife 87, living at home, works with Memory Jogging Puzzles and Memory Exercise Cards: gossips, MatchMate, What’s Mis ing?
Powerful images from The Saturday Evening Post Collection featuring Norman Rockwell and Sarah Stilwell Weber have jaw-dropping power. These fun memory improvement games must be played for individuals to enjoy and have a feeling of pride and success.
She noticed the date on one of the puzzles, pointing out, saying it was her fathers birthday and the date stimulated many memories. I developed these memory exercise games to be used as memory activities for elderly patients.

Memory Jogging Puzzles created memory exercise cards and fun memory games to be used for brain exercise, cognitive activities and memory exercise therapy in-home and care centers.
Putting together yesterday’s hobby with fun, familiar and family oriented images of Rockwell and Weber reminds me of a Oreo Cookie. Their timeless illustrations will capture attention, motivate participation and will not make them feel like a child. She was quite amazing, helped the others, who were much younger and was very detail oriented.
These memory match games will give you the power to engage with your loved one… in their world.
If your loved one does not want to play cards, talk about the great pictures triggering emotions and memories. They are just like we are; when something is too difficult sometimes we want to find something else to do. Paul Nussbaum, formulated Fitbrains brain games to expand memory and improve the speed and depth of concentration by training the brain to build new neural pathways.

Nussbaum calls “brain reserve.”  “Brain reserve” refers to the brain’s abilty to physically reorganize itself. The more neural pathways you create, the better you are able to resist the effects of aging and the mental deterioration it can bring with it. While there is an ongoing debate in the medical community about the best way to help prevent mental deterioration, reviews of the Fitbrains system are overwhelmingly positive:“I am absolutely hooked on the Fit Brains games. But we were disappointed that this great brain games site does not offer brain games for kids.
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Free iAwake Brainwave Meditation Having used these tracks for a long time now, I am extremely impressed with them.

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