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Have you ever watched the millionaire TV show game, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" This game duplicates that show, where you are asked a series of questions that get more difficult as you go along. If you enjoy this game, you might also like the other free memory games on this site, such as Wheel of Fortune, Mind Cards, and Trivial Pursuit. After the game loads, type your name in the ENTER NAME box, and then click the CONTINUE button.
For example, if you learn from this game that a certain movie won an actor's award, go to Wikipedia and look up that movie.
When you "call a friend," you see a conversation on screen just as if you phoned someone to ask for their help.
You can use them to learn new things not only by remembering the answers to the quiz questions, but actually consult the Internet or an encyclopedia whenever you learn a new fact from the quiz.
He or she will give you the answer and the percent of how sure they are that it is correct.

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