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Most people believe that as we get older our memory gets worse and that memory improvement is impossible. There are three factors on which mnemonics as one of the memory improvement techniques is so dependent upon.
With location as one mnemonic memory improvement techniques, you put together two or more different sets of memories.
Because many of the memory improvement games you can play online (dare I say most) by themselves aren’t going to improve your memory by any measurable amount.
For example, you play a memory improvement game where you are shown a screen with boxes on it like this. Could over time could you develop a system to beat this memory improvement game or start getting better at it?
But are you actually improving your memory or are you just getting better at the memory improvement game?
For example if you play this memory improvement game for 5 hours and make it to level 10 then the next day when you go to your business meeting do you think you will be able to memorize 25 names in the group? Because you didn’t learn a memory system you just got better at that specific memory improvement game.
If a baseball player ate healthy, exercised every day, did stretching exercises and lifted weight but never learned baseball techniques do you think he would be a good baseball player? If you played this for an hour you might get better at the memory improvement game but is it really a memory improvement game if you aren’t learning memory techniques with it?
But let’s say you learn a memory improvement technique first such as the Mind Palace (my favorite). So now you are playing this Simon memory improvement game and you have 30 locations in your Mind Palace (watch video above). Then as you play the memory game and it shows the color blue you imagine a Smurf character on your first piece of furniture. There are so many companies out there that are marketing memory improvement games and what they are marketing is the illusion of improvement not actual memory improvement. is the World's Leading Memory Trainer committed to improving your ability to remember and recall information. Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro provides unbeatable brain games and brain exercise for visual and aural short term memory.
The MindSparke memory training system guides you through a set of training exercises, adjusting automatically as you progress. At each stage of training you will be challenged and inspired to progress with novel new working memory tasks. At MindSparke you will see and feel your progress, gaining insight into the memory training benefits with a series of informative progress charts.
MindSparke's philosophy of afforable online memory training exercises coupled with its traditional brain training download and brain training for PC or Mac frees you from high fees and restricted use (brain training for PC or Mac comes with the SE online training subscription). Brain Fitness Pro SE includes complimentary access to MindSparke's memory training download (brain training for PC and Mac). Brain Fitness Pro SE has a library of brain entrainment audio files for your unlimited use.
Each of Mind Sparke's brain training exercises incorporate both visual and aural memory stimuli to produce intensive memory exercise for focus and working memory. Starting out with straightforward training tasks, visual and aural sequences that you must remember and repeat, the online brain training system works up to more complicated exercises. Stage 3 incorporates the renowned "Dual N Back" memory training exercise (described below).

And Stage 4 of the training guides you through a varied set of proprietary training exercises, evolutions of the dual nback exercise, to further strengthen your executive control of working memory. During the "dual n-back" brain training exercise (Stage 3) the program presents a series of white squares on a black background, three seconds apart.
As you begin to master the dual N back exercise, the program automatically adjusts the level of difficulty by increasing the distance between matches to three places and beyond. After reading The Brain that Changes Itself by Doidge it was clear that the brain can be exercised and improved. I am now 22 sessions into the program I get perfect scores in 4 and am practicing at level 6; I am thrilled at my progress!
In real life I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel self-assured.
Here's a list of free education, memory improvement, and other resources you may find useful.
If you enjoy sudoku, kakuro, mathduko, and other math logic puzzles, give this fun and challenging brain game a try.
Balance Quest has been described as a "jigsaw puzzle for numbers." It reminds me of a cross between sudoku and a magic square. The Checkerboards game is a printable math puzzle in the genre of Sudoku, Mathdoku, Kakuro, and KenKen. If you've ever tried to solve a sudoku board populated with woefully few entries, you know what I mean.
Sight words are vocabulary words that don't all follow the normal rules of English spelling. Research has shown that a good mood can strengthen working memory and complex decision making skills. Printable World Map (Free)World maps are a useful way to learn the political boundaries of the countries of the world.
Printable Sudoku Puzzles (Free)Sudoku is a challenging puzzle game that helps keep your brain sharp.
If you have any questions about the free stuff, send me a message through the Contact Me page.
With close to one thousand questions it’ll be a while before you have all the answers to these questions memorized. Most people aspire to have this but the problem of not having brain power is the failure to know and understand the different memory improvement techniques. Believing in the adage – “practice makes perfect”, daily mental exercise can deliver positive impact on your brain power. The brain will find it easier to digest, understand and remember when there is vivid imagination.
What this does is establish connection between the old data in the brain to new data that is supposed to be taken in by the brain.
The two ideas should be easily separated and should be more appealing to emotions to be easy to digest. With this technique, you just have to read the things to be memorized over and over before you sleep. Sure you may get better at that specific memory improvement game but it is highly unlikely that it will translate to anything that is meaningful to you in life. My guess is you are just getting better at the memory improvement game and you will see no actual and real memory improvement. Then the next day when you are studying for a test in school you are already great at using the Mind Palace because of the memory improvement game.

For them it is a way to make money (in my opinion) but they are not being of the best possible service to you. But if you are looking for actual memory improvement make sure you learn memory techniques and then practice and get better and faster at techniques with the games.
You will find great videos to improve your memory and tools to help you practice putting it to use! You can use this locally-installed memory training software to continue with your brain exercise even when you don't have an Internet connection. In this example (left) of a visual sequence the blocks in the first and third positions match. The program presents the visual and aural memory training sequences at the same time, as shown below. By challenging your brain with an evolving sequence of new stimuli you will achieve new heights of brain power and intellectual capacity.
Your job is to fill the gaps in the hierarchy of numbers to exactly "zero out" the left and right sides of the puzzle. These free sight words lists include the famous Dolch word lists for different grade levels.
Install this free background wallpaper to keep you in a positive mood as you work on your computer. These well-made maps have crisp easy-to-read boundaries.These free world maps go hand-in-hand with the free Map Making brain game. Before your next Yahtzee party, print out as many of these free Yahtzee score cards as you need. This connection will involve the different senses of smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch.
In whatever age you are, even being a senior, you can make use of these memory improvement techniques to attain a great brain power. Once you get good at the Mind Palace (because of the games) then I want to see you memorizing points from books, remembering info from classes or workshops, memorizing your favorite poem, verse or quotes. Your Brain Fitness Pro SE subscription includes access to MindSparke's own guided meditation recordings designed to increase the impact of the training. Play this game to learn the countries, then use the printouts to test your knowledge.Check out the world map options and print out your free copies here. It means that the techniques of mnemonics should be practiced on a daily and consistent basis. I have been dabbling in memory improvement for years and I know that most of my memory issues come from being in the moment and really focusing on what I’m doing or who I am talking to. Every day is a day for mental activities – be it formal reading or simply doing mental games like puzzles.
I have tried to improve my memory for names and found that it really is focusing on the person and repeating their name back to them simple as that. There are four sets: Addition 0-12, Subtraction 0-12, Multiplication 0-12, and Division 0-12.

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