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Pharaoh's Treasure is a fun puzzle game that helps build perception and concentration.To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link above. To open the secret passage and grab the treasure, you have to accumulate a score of at least 1,000,000 points. Match the different tiles and accumulate points to open the secret passage to the hidden treasure of Pharaoh. I'll use a little poetic license and call this a hangman game, but Alphaquest is more like a Wheel of Fortune space shooter with a hint of hangman for good measure. As in Wheel of Fortune, your goal in this free brain game is to figure out the missing phrase. To top it off, while solving the missing phrase you need to shoot or avoid asteroids, comets, and even alien spaceships!
As you play Alphaquest, there's lots of letter and word evaluation and spaceship action taking place simultaneously.
That's why this game trains several brain skills at once including concentration, task switching, visual perception, and information processing. The missing phrase is often wise aphorism such as "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Unlike Wheel of Fortune, there are no categories.
Along the top of the Alphaquest screen are groupings of underlined spaces each separated by a gap. Poe realized that since certain letters of the alphabet appear more often than others (for example, you see a lot more "e" letters on the page of any book than "z"), it should be possible to rank them in order of frequency.
If you like this game, you might enjoy the other free online concentration games on this site, such as Bubble Trouble, Curveball, and Neon Rider.
Once your snake is 10, 20, or more segments in length, you'll really have to pay attention to avoid the walls and your tail. The snake moves the same speed for the entire game, but at higher levels (Worm and Python) that speed is faster. Because Slug is the easiest level, you might want to choose "Slug" if this is your first time to play Snake online. To play Snake online as a brain game, challenge yourself to get more pellets each time you play. If you really want to force your concentration into overdrive, play Snake at the Python level. This online version of Snake is a remake of the classic snake game found on older Nokia phones. All you Rubiks Cube experts out there, that means you can try to solve a cube that has more than just 3 x 3 on each face. If you like this game, you may also enjoy the other free mahjong tile games on this site, such as Looney Tunes Mahjong, Mahjongg Alchemy, and Multi-Level Mahjong.

However, each time you use the Hint feature your score drops by 100 points, so don't use it too often. The three dragon tiles (cardinal tiles) in the game match the three cardinal virtues preached by Confucius - benevolence, sincerity, and piety. If you like this game, you might enjoy the other free brain games on this site, such a Eye Tester, Idiot Test, and Memory Test. Note: I've noticed this Mind Cards game sometimes doesn't work on certain browsers or operating systems.
You can even program different keyboard keys in the Controls window to customize the game to your style of play. The default controls for two player mode are the Arrow Keys and Spacebar for Player 1, while Player 2 uses the X and C keys for movement on the left side of the keyboard and the W key to shoot arrows.
You'll get other items as well such as thorned arrows which do a better job of popping bubbles than regular arrows. My character got hit by bubbles on more than one occasion when I became too distracted by gathering treasure and forgot to watch out for the lethal bubbles bouncing nearby. You do need to act quickly, though, as the treasure disappears if you leave it sitting for more than a few seconds.
One final tip: I found that I did better at Bubble Trouble the larger I made the screen size.
You can get rid of a card if its value is *one more* or *one less* than either of the cards in the middle piles.
For example, suppose there is an 8 of Spades showing in one of the middle piles and you have a 9 of Clubs. Since your 9 of Clubs is one more than the 8 of Spades, you can move your 9 of Clubs card on top of the 8 of Spades card (by clicking on your card). Similarly, a 10 of Spades can be moved onto a 9 of Diamonds, as shown in the screen image at left.
This free concentration game really forces you to focus on the cards in your hand as well as the values of the cards in the middle. The object of Orbox B is to move your starting block through the maze of red-brick squares and other obstacles to the exit square. Look for a red-brick square or other obstacle that is in a line from your starting position.
For example, if you see that the only obstacle block in a straight line from your starting position is located to the right, press the Right Arrow key. If you send your block in a direction where there are no obstacles to stop it, your block will go off the screen and you will have to re-do the level. You also have to achieve a minimum amount of points each round to advance to the next level.

But Pharaoh has blocked the passage to the riches with a clever advanced coding method far ahead of it's time.To begin playing, left click on any 4 tiles of the same pattern to form squares as big as you can. To improve your chances, use the ETAOINSHRDLU trick Edgar Allan Poe taught me which helps you win at hangman and similar games. For example, if you were able to collect 12 food pellets on your first attempt on the Slug level, then aim to get 15 or 20 pellets the next time. On some browsers this cube is a bit unstable, but it is too neat not to include on this site. With this cube, you can have up to 6 x 6 (that's 36 squares) on a face, with up to 10 levels of difficulty! As long as the bubble touches any part of the string attached to the arrow (or if you hit it with the head of the arrow) it will pop. This means if you position your character carefully, bubbles will bounce over him harmlessly. Of course, going too slowly in this bubble pop game isn't a good strategy either, because on each level you are on a timer. Rather than playing in small-screen mode, you might want to resize the game window to make it as large as possible.
The phrases used in this game are common English expressions, similar to what you might see in Wheel of Fortune.
For example, if you fly your ship over a "Z" but the letter z is not part of the phrase you're solving, the Z appears in one of these blanks. To do so, click the Sound Effects or Soundtrack buttons in the upper left corner of the game's splash screen.
You'll have to control one character with your left hand while controlling the other character with your right, making that sure neither character is touched by the bubbles. However, if you shoot too many big bubbles without cleaning up the small ones, you'll reach a point where it is impossible to either shoot all the small bubbles heading toward you or avoid them. Thus you need to balance care and strategy with a conscious awareness of the time remaining.
This is fun if you've got a friend there to play with so you can team up against the bubbles. You're evaluating an incomplete phrase to decide whether various floating letters are good or bad choices to complete the phrase.

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