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Merkaba Meditation is one of the most powerful mind conditioning systems available to the present generation. This unique form of meditation concentrates our attention and focuses our awareness to the invisible geometric energy fields that exist around our bodies.
By following the principles of Merkaba Meditation we can easily regain our lost health as well as enhance our well being to greater levels. When you choose to do Merkaba Meditation you must realize its lifelong benefits and this is so simple to do that you will be addicted to it easily. Manifestation MiracleMany people don't realize there is a great big hole in the law of attraction which might be sabotaging your manifestation efforts. The Unexplainable StoreChange the way you think, feel and behave through deep trance meditation techniques and crystal activation.
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Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. The Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. The Merkaba enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being. In modern esoteric teachings, it is taught that the MerKaBa is an interdimensional vehicle consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra of light with a common center, where one tetrahedron points up and the other down. The Merkaba meditation incorporates a 17-breath process along with mudras (hand positions) that are a key to the correct use of the Merkaba. Activating the Merkaba through the 17-breath meditation will result in deeper contact with your Higher Self and it will strengthen every aspect of your life. Merkaba meditation technique is a means of transcending three-dimensional existence and transforming the body to light. Society has somehow adopted a misunderstanding of precisely what Merkaba Meditation technique is. The bible states that Ezekiel ascended to heaven on a vehicle called Merkaba, the throne-Chariot of God.

Myself and other spiritual authors and teachers are currently bringing Merkaba meditation technique back into public consciousness. Mer-Ka-Ba, I am told by some of my metaphysics friends, is an “electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin”. The specific Merkaba geometry is extremely complex and is said to extend through all dimensions and universes. When a person’s Merkaba field is activated, via the meditation above, an electro-magnetic shift occurs, resulting in the excretion of a disc of energy that develops at the spine and extends 30 feet from the body.
This enhances our healing powers in many ways and gives a great feeling of wellness from within our minds. Over a period of time these energies which have been working with full force have slowed down due to a variety of reasons including the pollution of the body, spirit and the mind. The techniques used in this form of meditation are known to have great effects on our mind and bodies alike and make us feel alive again.
The deep long breaths you take in while doing this type of meditation helps you in focusing your entire mental energies on the energy’s new shapes and the spaces it has to fill around your bodies. In the beginning the meditation helps in realizing the strong feelings of love, and energy till other forms of energy fill your mind and body as you progress through various techniques prescribed under the meditation system.
Though the day to day tensions and daily responsibilities may distract you from the Merkaba techniques it is always better to stick on to a particular schedule and the best time to do it is in the morning time when your mind and body are fresh and relaxed. Please  'LIKE'  Energy Healing Secrets  on FACEBOOK to stay up to date with new posts and gain the INSIDES on Healing, Wisdom, Holistic Health  and Enlightenment! This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet.
When the Merkaba meditation is performed correctly, the Merkaba fluidly integrates our feminine (intuitive, receptive) and masculine (active, dynamic) aspects of our mind and spirit. This point symmetric form is called a stella octangula or stellated octahedron which can also be obtained by extending the faces of a regular octahedron until they intersect again.
You will be better able to relieve your stress, balance your mind and emotions, and heal yourself if the Merkaba is used often and consistently.
Today, it is believed that Merkaba meditation technique enables the individual to ascend or descend in terms of consciousness, and that at ultimate ascension the individual will be liberated from the three dimensional world, discovering the fourteenth dimension. For my own part, I am writing this purely for the sake of education, but there are many spiritual gurus out there who are attempting to reintroduce Merkaba meditation technique as a means of allowing people to ascend.
According to some very interesting friends of mine, ascension can best be thought of as a means of transforming the body into light and thus allowing us to escape this three-dimensional existence for a higher plane.

It is mainly found in microwave range and is geometric in nature, or more specifically it is of “Sacred Geometry”—geometric patterns found in all things of creation.
When this dormant power is discovered the individual undergoes a remarkable transformation.
The energy is perceivable by scientific means and is said to have been tested by various governmental institutions. These techniques are well tuned to elevate our mind to greater heights to tap the universal energy to flow through our body and by using these you can easily understand the wonders of the universe. Merkaba is said to take place when the energy fields around our body begin revolving at very high speeds and extend up to a distance of about 55 feet.
Most of those who do the meditation stop their practice when they begin realizing these new forms of energy and this is not good as this will make them lose the power they gained through the Merkaba meditation.
The unique feature of the Merkaba meditation is that you can meditate for your family, friends and others even to animals and see them get the new energy levels and energies through this wonderful medium of Merkaba Meditation. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of us they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use.
Most importantly, you will experience and remember your intimate connection with God in a safe and nurturing environment. The Hebrew version of the word Merkaba is “Merkavah” which means both “Chariot” and “Throne of God”.
The means of activation, according to Hebrew and Ancient Egyptian beliefs, is a specific meditation technique.
When you practice this type of meditation in the right way it will be possible to understand and re-establish the movement of the geometrical forces around you and this will enhance both your physical and mental energies many times. By reactivating this type of energy flow around our bodies you will be able to realize and see the world around you in a new way hitherto impossible for you.
As you progress in the meditation you understand the formation of the Merkaba shapes as they become clearer and the energy level also goes up. Due to this the healing power that is available to your body, mind and the spirit multiply many times filling your entire body and mind with positive live energy.

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