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Here are some tools that to help you clear away negative energy and create a a€?shielda€? to maintain your personal energy and keep your psyche clear from the impact of other people and negative situations. It is common for people to be skeptical about the healing power of crystals, but one should just turn to science and technology to find proof that crystals are objects of measurable effect. Many crystals, especially darker colored ones such as black onyx, obsidian, amethyst, fluorite and tigers eye, repel negative energies and will cleanse your aura. The North American native tradition of smudging by burning white sage bundles has been used for generations to clear out stale and negative energy out of the body and spirit. Using the natural healing properties of essential oils has become more popularA as people realize the limitations and detrimental side effects of some modern healing modalities. When using essential oils it is important to inhale only the aroma of the oil, either directly or using and oil diffuser (which can be very useful when cleansing and protecting a larger space or several persons). Similar to sage smoke and diffused essential oils, incense is known for its purifying and cleansing properties. The physical action of taking a shower or bath, with the right intention set in your mind, can help wash away negative energy. KRIM (pronounced a€?kreema€?) a€“ Used to stimulate the lower chakras of the body and begin purifying the body. HUM (pronounced a€?hooma€?) a€“ Used to break down negativity and spread positivity and vitality through the body. LAM (pronounced a€?lama€?) a€“ Used to cleanse impurities that have collected in your body and clearing any energy blockages preventing your prana from flowing freely through all your energy channels.
You can also create your own mantra with phrases and words that resonate with you and help you shed all negativity. Similar to chanting mantras, sounds of chimes, bells and gongs have been used in practices such as yoga to dispel negative spirits. Amulets, trinkets and talismans, with the specific purpose of protecting the human spirit, are most common in religious traditions, including items such as the Christian cross and rosary and the Muslim hamsa.
I’ve applied many different oils, anointing oils and then there are some I know cause bad reactions to the skin, the tongue sounds strange but, can I ask is essential oil, the name of a special mixture of ingredients or how you describe all of oils? Actually, while most essential oils may need to be diluted, Lavender essential oil ( therapeutic grade) is fantastic applied neat on steam burns or scalds.
This is quite an interesting article, however as this is a website apparently interested in truth I’d like to add my bit.
If you find your friends and family alienating themselves from you because you are becoming too different for them, it is because the Holy Spirit is working to divide you. Evil will continue to confuse and make your life difficult, but do not fall for revenge and all the human failures and distractions which are designed to take you away from God. All of these have been passed around and around and around for years, decades, centuries and they can be good placebos (or just about anything else for that matter). What these people are simply unaware of is that the each of us is intimately connected to the collective experiences of humanity – across all generations and from whenever day one of humanity began. You are basically saying that if you have a problem you need figure out how to deal with it instead of thinking it will go away on it own? If you are to wear any of theses crystals on an everyday basis, I would suggest wearing it in conjunction with selenite, as part of selenite’s mission is to cleanse and charge other energetic fields and is linked closely with angelic realms.
Dieses Buch ist wie eine Leuchte in der Dunkelheit, wie das Lichten dichten Nebels, wie der Sonnen- aufgang an einem wunderschonen Morgen. Along with compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita) and equanimity (upeka), the Buddha encouraged everyone to perfect these.
This is opposed to an attitude of ill-will, or wishing that individuals, or groups of people or even entire nations suffer. We all have reactive mental patterns that cause us to respond to certain people, or in certain situations, with thoughts and even words and actions that express ill will, and that cause suffering to arise, both for ourselves and others.
It would be nice if we could simply resolve not to think or speak or act in unkind ways, but we all know that that isn’t enough, that we easily slip back into our old reactive patterns. Basically you are saying that you want this person to have optimal conditions for a good life in this world.
If you can’t have thoughts of loving kindness for yourself, a condition of almost epidemic proportions in our culture, how can you have those feelings for others.
On my first 10-day sit at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, where we did one 45-minute sitting period of metta every day, I literally couldn’t stand it, and would leave the mediation hall and do some yoga, something useful as I then saw it. As time went on, and I did more intense practice, and longer retreats, I learned to tolerate the practice, I wouldn’t leave the hall and would try my best to follow the instructions, but there was always a huge “yes but …” in my mind. Then one day Guy Armstrong, a teacher I have huge respect for, said two things that really stunned me.
This particular day he was speaking about metta, and he said “On a three month retreat I did nothing but metta.” I thought, “What, Mr. I decided that on my next month long retreat I’d do a month of metta, so I could figure it out. The next winter, with much trepidation and no real idea of what I was getting myself into, I started off, luckily under the guidance of Guy.
A few days after he retreat ended, back home in Boulder once again, something happened that taught me clearly how open the month of metta practice had made me.

Now if you’ve ever been in Whole Foods at that time of day you’ll know that the place is full of parents with their small children, so this happened not once, but over and over again. He will be teaching a daylong Metta retreat at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO on Saturday, June 16. I truly believe that unconditional love is the magical key to unlock unlimited goodness: freedom, happiness, peace, togetherness… And that love must start within ourselves. Once we are able to truly love and accept ourselves just as we are, we can then spread that love out into the world around us. In the eighth chapter of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Making Space, he speaks of metta meditation– metta meaning loving kindness.
In the beginning, we’re to say “may I be.” As our practice matures and we become able to love and care for ourselves, we can replace the I with he, she, or they.
One of my personal goals for this year has been to practice unconditional love, so this chapter really spoke to me. This post is part of our Book Club series, featuring Making Space: Creating A Home Meditation Practice by Thich Nhat Hanh.
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Crystals are used in many objects we use every day including silicon, which is used in all computers and mobile phones and LCD’s, and quartz, a silicate material used in watches and clocks to regulate time. The presence of crystals can also alleviate stress, boost creativity, and contribute to healing and raise levels of consciousness. With the right intent and respect, the smudging process can help you clean your energy field, even if you are unaware of any problems. Essential oils such as sandalwood, niaouli and myrrh all have very power cleansing properties, and smell great. Additionally, you can place a drop of oil in a few specific spots around the head, such as back of the neck, crown of the head and middle of the eyebrows.
Incense may not be the best option if you need to ward of psychic attacks when in public, but it is a great tool to use when gathering with others and to cleanse away negative and stale energies around your living spaces.
Similar to the white light meditation, image all of the negative energy lifting off each part of your body as you submerge into your bath or as shower water hits your skin. You can use some of the oils mentioned above, or other calming oils that benefit the skin such as lavender or ylang ylang.
When spoken out-loud, words and sounds can have an even more profound effect because they create vibrations that interact with your energetic body, helping it to fall into harmony or disharmony. Another option is practicing a spoken Metta loving kindness meditation which will release a wave of positivity that can be extremely healing. These types of symbols are believed to hold great power, but similar to crystals, they react o your intentions. Ita€™s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact. So stick a fork in an electrical outlet–get shocked–ELECTRICITY is bad, not the idiot who misused it?
Sorry, to ask but, curious because I have even bathed with a special mixture of oils and other ingredients to cleanse away negativity.
Negativity may stem from yourself, but this does not mean it is always your own negativity, it can be the energy that stemmed from anyone else, your explanation only really applies if you are the person generating the negative energy that your feeling. When you experience a true spiritual awakening, these things start to be unimportant, any answers we seek are being released on a day to day basis. I just want to add a few things, my intention is not be a d**k as i respect what you are saying. Besides the usual translation, “loving kindness,” metta might also be translated as “good will,” having an attitude of good will towards all beings. The Theravaden Buddhist tradition has a form of metta that one can take up as a meditation practice in conjunction with vipassana practice.
When you are repeating the phrases and your mind wanders, simply start over at the beginning. Just replace the “you” in the phrases with “I.” What we are doing with the practice is literally filling our minds with thoughts of loving kindness, temporarily replacing and thus weakening the old reactive patterns of ill-will. Every child reacted to me with happiness, and no parent seemed at all concerned about this weird guy playing with their child in the canned foods aisle.
Gillespie was introduced to formal meditation practice in 1978, through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram.
Metta meditation is a way to deepen our self-understanding; to observe the happiness and goodness within ourselves just as well as the anxiety and negativity.
I plan to practice the above meditation every day – multiple times a day, if I feel so inclined. When you consider all of these applications, the effect of crystals on outside energies is undeniable. It is important to remember that working with crystals has much to do with your intentions and your openness to allowing the crystal to work.

Smudging may help you clear residual feelings regarding a situation that has past, negative emotions such as anger and fear that linger after an event or interaction, tension and stress felt psychologically or physically, as well as the harmful energies of other people that have latched themselves to your psyche.
The olfactory sense is more closely linked to our emotional system than any of our other senses, and by using essential oils a link is created between healthy psychic states and the physical presence of the now.
Ensure you use natural essential oil incense, such as Nag ChampaA and Tibetan Incense Sticks, that does not have any toxic or artificial perfumes.
During such a meditation, close your eyes, calm the breath, and then image in the minda€™s eye a bright white light forming a protective shield all around your body and any other person or object that you want to safeguard. Baths also allow for the use of essential oils, Epsom salt, crystals and flower petals, for additional healing.
Mixing a few drops of essential oil into your favorite lotion or with fractionated coconut oil is also a nice option. The vibrations created by sounds of chimes and bells resonate through the air breaking up stagnant and negative energies. We don’t need guidance from anyone, but only God the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit is all you need to make you conscious, and give you the strength and wisdom you seek in this life. Your whole perspective changes and I didn’t have a clue what was truly happening to me.
When I confided in various teachers they all encouraged me to hang in, but I just didn’t get it, or so I thought. So there I was wandering around in the store, putting the 10 or so things I needed in my basket, when I came across a mother with a child in cart. After taking a combined Ashtanga and Vipassana retreat with Richard Freeman and Wendy Zerin in 1999 he began exploring Theravaden Buddhist practice, sitting many long retreats at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA and Spirit Rock in Woodacre, CA.
I am happy to meditate in order to counter them, but how does one get to the root of the issue?
It allows us to see the valuable nature of the former and the destructive nature of the latter. Soon enough, I have a feeling the words will come to me like second nature, and I’ll be filled with more peace, happiness, and light than I can even imagine.
Smudging is a relaxing way to regain composure and recenter your awareness after experiencing distress. It is up to you how long you keep your eyes closed and how bright your light will grow, and as you open your eyes continue with the meditation by trusting that your white light will continue to surround, protect and comfort you.
They also vibrate your energetic body and attune you to different frequencies, strengthening your psyche and spiritual power. All essential oils are beneficial; many can be applied directly in minute or diluted forms, depending on the original plant from which they were extracted. Be humble, be prepared to learn and remain modest in all things; everything else will follow.
It allows us to gain a clear understanding for our own thoughts and feelings, and cultivate a love for ourselves first, followed by a love for others. Thoughts, emotions and words of other people can have a profound impact on our psyche and physical well-being.
You can use all the pointers in the world to try and reduce negativity, but you are not being very brave in your search for the truth are you! Yes that caused many different problems for me, but I sought out help to change my negative thoughts because I was becoming ill. Just as spending time in nature or working in a garden can lessen stress and improve our mood, when youa€™re in a crowded place you will draw in the energies of the people around you, whether you feel it or not. The reason they simply show up for us is our training to always be negative, we are immersed in this lifetime and many lifetime before this. The mother tuned in to what was happening, we smiled at each other, and I went back to the child. I can give you a very good example of my point, if you’re interested or brave enough.
Yes Like attracts like in terms of vibrations and energy but depending on which energy is stronger the other submits when it comes to positive and negative and because we are comprised of so much water we can be affected by others vibrations fairly easily. On the other hand you can pretend to be all love and light and have no real idea what truth is. Essentially what your doing is telling everyone to be responsible for their own problems and discounting useful information that as you said has been around for a long time. This information has been used by some of the oldest known civilizations on earth, do you really think that this knowledge and practices from ancient civilizations and religions were un-aware of collective consciousness and the web of life? Alot of the time people need help and cant deal with it on their own so they seek help from others and subsequently offload it onto others or unconsciously project it into the space around them as they are vibrating at that vibration. Sure, sometimes you need to step back and ask yourself if it is you or not that’s generating the negativity but its pretty obvious when it is yourself.

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