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Okay, you all keep asking for information on Mind Readers book 3, so I'll tell you what I can about The Mind Games:- It will be out (hopefully) around Mid Sept.
Life of Alice Dahl before the kidnapping by the strange man with sewn mouth was hard and uninteresting. She knows that her only shot at happiness is to leave her job behind, but past fears are holding her back. She worked on boring job and only her husband Jack and her little daughter Maggie made her happy these days in Mind Snares: Alice's Journey PC Game.

Collector’s Editions use coupon code WEEKEND and standard versions use code SALE50 at checkout. And now she’s abducted and trapped into the abandoned hospital, where that creepy man planning to conduct some inhuman experiments on her. She wakes to find herself in what looks like a hospital, but turns out to be a strange shadow world.
But Alice's Journey only begins: soon she will uncover that kidnapper has strange unnatural power over her through her doll and his influence caused her to crash her car into the river.

And moreover, in Mind Snares: Alice's Journey full PC Game this is not usual abandoned hospital: Alice Dahl is trapped in the strange world, and to return home to Jack and Maggie she must defeat all her worst fears in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
Download Mind Snares Alice's Journey free game for PC and find a way to return to our dimension!

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