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The basic idea is to imagine a garden inside your mind, and then revisit this garden on a weekly basis to see what signals your subconscious is communicating to you, as well as how to communicate back. You first need to build the suggestion and association that this garden reflects the state of your subconscious and different areas of your life.
Then you need to give your mind time to subconsciously let the garden grow before you go back to it and notice changes.
I then clipped the dead leaves off of the plant and watered them with a special fertilized water. Not everything is going to mean something important or significant, some of it is just your mind playing around with new possibilities.
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There is a picture of my oldest son when he was three years old, standing in a field of dandelions on a bright, summer day.
In his hand is a dandelion stem, and on his face a puzzled frown, for he had just blown away his first puff of white dandelion seeds. I think about this memory often in the spring time when the gentle breezes send varieties of seeds and weeds into my garden. Wendi Kelly is a coach who helps her clients transform their mindsets, strategies and habits so they can go from confusion to clarity and fill their lives with love, joy and productivity. What’s especially fun for me, is that every time I am out in my real garden, I can contemplate my mind garden as well.
Gardening in my mind is never complete, and I must stay committed to be conscious of what I grow, whether I remember planting it myself or not! Each stage reminded me of what I need to do to stay sane and grow spiritually; for example, find time to rest in the Lord, reject all the negative, only God can fill my cup, have self-control of my thoughts (positive vs. This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes! But before getting started collecting your ‘scraps’, be sure to source them from organic fruits and vegetables, because pesticide and herbicide-treated plants usually won’t grow a second generation. You can also grow potatoes, garlic that’s started to sprout, turmeric, pineapple, and red and white onions. Ignoring the potential threat of tampering with the genomes of crops we eat is a risk, but with the well established regulation methods and additional regulation steps that are being placed in the future the risk is minimized. I would like to point out that the major issue that has arisen from transgenic varieties (increased resistances) is a direct result of poor agronomic practices, a simple act of natural selection with increased selection pressure. I hate to critique your credentials, but please leave your un-backed speculations to yourself.
After you complete this, you’ll have to wait at least a week to revisit your mind garden before you notice any significant changes.
Imagine yourself in a huge grass field, with a patch of dirt in the center and trees bordering the outside of the field. Imagine yourself back at the grass field, in front of the dirt patch where you planted your seeds. The more you visit your garden and the more time that goes by, the more things change and the deeper your connection is with your subconscious mind. This was my positive signal to my subconscious that I was going to try harder in the future to improve those areas. This will give you tools to communicate back to your subconscious more powerfully, leaving a stronger effect on your subconscious.

They aren’t necessary, but they can make the exercise much more effective and insightful. I imagine other little children blowing their flowers and sending them innocently into the air, not realizing that I will be fighting those weeds with a vengeance in my garden.
It’s harder to keep track of all the seeds and weeds that are blowing into that garden.
Weeds with thorns of violence, weeds that breed bramble bushes of negativity, weeds of depression and inactivity are just a few that we are in constant battle with. Peaceful, positive, challenging, enlightening, artistic, inventive, or whatever interests you. While it takes effort and time to cultivate friendships and learning, it takes amazingly very little effort to cultivate weeds. A gardener must always be alert and on the look-out for stealth weeds that sneak in looking like flowers, promising to be a good thing in your life, only to end up taking over the whole garden.
There have been times, years, I have spent reworking the mental beds, clearing out the old and replanting for a new season.
And if you purchase GMO fruit or vegetables, they were likely bred from suicide seeds that won’t produce another generation of viable seed – besides, why would you want to eat that junk anyhow? You know the root ends you usually chop off of green onions before adding them to your favorite dish? Before throwing away the root base of your celery – another part of food we often dispose of – think again and save it. Stop buying baby carrots, which are really just smashed up carrots reformed into little bit-sized pieces, and purchase organic carrots with the ‘tops’ still on. The next time you buy fresh ginger, don’t fret if you don’t think you’ll use all of it before it goes to waste. If you love summer and spring salads, try re-growing new romaine lettuce leaves from the heart.
If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below. You can't selectively breed in a COMPLETELY NEW GENE that will make the plant need less water, kill insects, cause people to have all kinds of unknown side-effects like basically having their stomachs asplode and shit (see what I did there?). Even the most diligent mind-gardener, careful to prepare the soil with fertile compost and wholesome nutrients is constantly bombarded with weed after weed in our daily lives.
Keep in mind, that many nice flowers, if left to over-breed can become weeds in the wrong situation.
A beautiful garden will give back much more than you ever will have to put in to it, especially a beautiful mind-garden.
What goes into that garden is up to you one way or another, by choice of doing something, or by choice of doing nothing.
Wow, I just love thinking about seeding beautiful flowers and tending to my mind and soul as a gardner does! Some of the easiest and most inexpensive plants to grow are from things that might otherwise end up in the trash can, so instead, why not use them to make some delicious, healthful crops you can enjoy with your family and friends?
Instead of ditching them, soak the roots in a container of water, leaving a short shaft of green above the water line in about an inch of clean water, and place them in the sun.
Set the base in a glass of shallow water, and in about a week you will see new celery shoots growing out of the center of the stock. Use that green to re-grow some new carrots – well the greens, anyhow, which are actually very nutritious.

You must choose wisely with balance and determine what are the most important flowers to fill your mind with and in what proportions.
And there have been times in my admiring I have seen a small, strange leaf that was different from the rest.
I’ve started new celery in a kitchen window many times, and transplanted it to my garden once it starts to grow a few inches high. You can’t re-grow an actual carrot, since you are eating the root of the plant when you consume them, but you can re-grow the carrot green tops using a little water, some sunlight,  and a clear, shallow dish. Just plant the newest buds (they kind of look like little eyes forming on the stalk) of the ginger facing up in potting soil. Lettuce is a great food to have around, and you can save quite a bit re-growing your own, especially since organic prices are usually higher than conventionally grown for most produce.
Besides, even if that were the case, it takes CENTURIES if not longer for our bodies to get used to new foods. For example, I have a nice red chair in front of my garden that I like to sit in after I water my plants. Or they have been there for so long that we just haven’t paid any attention to them before.
With a closer look, I found it was choking vine growing secreting under all the beauty, about to choke everything off. The roots will grow longer too, and in a few weeks you can transplant them to your garden to grow a whole new batch of green onions for your next gourmet delicacy, as the green part usually utilized in cooking grows back! Find a nice rhizome from the store, use some to spice up a fresh juice or delicious dish, and then plant the remaining section.
They claim that they get a higher yield from one large ear than they do from 2 or 3 smaller ones.
And, actually, there's a chance you could see me in a Back to the Future reboot someday.
Take time and attention, carefully care for them and they will reward you with their beauty and fragrance. Celery likes cooler weather, so if it is too hot outside, you can transplant to a pot in your kitchen or by a sunny window in your home as well.
Once you have planned your garden design, there won’t be any more room for weeds that will take away from the plan you want.
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