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Top 5 Best Free Meditation Apps for iPhone & AndroidLearn how to relax and take some time for yourself during your busy day with these five free apps. However the problem is, most people either don’t know what exactly meditation is or how to start. Nevertheless there are few methods that work better for most people, especially if you are beginners.
Warning: Before we start, note that following apps are great way to develop a habit for meditation, but in no way a necessary medium.
Andy-the founder and also the person who speaks in the headspace app, really knows what to say and how to say. Other than good content and smoothing audio, the app also comes with helpful option like reminder, tracking progress. However unlike headspace, the free version also support beautiful background sounds of rain falling from the leaves, water flowing in rivers and many more.

To quickly release stress, you can always goto their website listen to calm music with beautiful animation.
Unlike above two apps, this one don’t have guided meditation from one single person but it lets you stream it from other online resources. Right ? So in the post we will understand the core concept of meditation and how to achieve it.
Most people while meditating close their eyes, take few deep breaths and then try to clear their minds. You can do that, when you are sitting alone, walking in public, listening to binaural music, feeling your breath, repeating a mantra etc. However, I suggest avoid this temptation, because we don’t want to get dependent on external source for meditation. But instead of rain raindrop or water flowing from course, in this app you can set the bells to ring after every minute.

The content is good, but some of the audio I listened, didn’t sound quite professionally in terms of audio quality.
When you get distracted and start thinking gently bring your focus back. So simply put when you meditate, you let go of all your thoughts. Though you can repeat the free program as long as you want, if you want content than you will have to pay for subscription.
Because in the free version, you get ads between your meditation session, which is a mood killer.

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