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Gain insight into the biological basis of the brain and behavior and how recent scientific discoveries can help us to take better care of ourselves and our minds with this new series from UCSF's Osher Mini Medical School.
I've also heard similar things in church, like people praying, for example, against a spirit of discouragement, or a spirit of unforgiveness, etc. I agree that, in general, Science of Mind stuff seems like an opportunity for followers of Jesus to find common ground with spiritual seekers coming from very different starting points and go after something deeper together. Join outstanding speakers and researchers in the field of mental health and psychiatry for discussions about how to reduce stress, improve mood and decrease the risk of mental illness.
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That seems to be the core goal of the discipline, be in practicing Christ's presence, or practicing positive thinking. The key, I think, is to see it as a discipline - training one's mind to think in certain ways.
Some are hand drawn and some have been produced on Mind Mapping software.If you have a Mind Map that you would be happy to share you can send it to us and get it published on our website. Just let BrandCrowd or the designer know what you want changed by clicking the "Customize" button before you buy. Of course, I think the arguments to prefer the former over the latter are overwhelming for a Christian (or anybody).

Please find out more about Adding your Mind Maps to this library of examples here.Click on the image of your choice below to view a larger version.

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