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Robert Schwartz defined an entrepreneur as a “visualizer” and an “actualizer.” They can visualize something and, when visualized, they see exactly how to make it happen.
As a business owner, in the relatively new field of brain training, I find myself thrust into a typical entrepreneurial role.
Cognitive skills are those brain processes that are necessary to quickly and easily read, think, prioritize, understand, plan, remember, and solve problems. The ability to decide how you are going to solve a problem, make sure it gets done, check it for mistakes, and modify it if needed.
The ability to perform cognitive tasks quickly, which is an important skill for complex tasks or tasks that have many steps. Recent research states that stimulating the mind with mental exercise can cause brain cells – called neurons – to branch widely.
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The current catchword is “executive functioning.” The great news is that we can rewire the brain, making ineffective areas become effective; we can even change IQ by 15-20 points! This branching causes millions of additional connections, or synapses, between brain cells. Einstein didn’t have a bigger brain than the rest of us, but he did have a significantly greater number of active synaptic connections, which were the network that produced his amazing intellect. Whether it be in the NEW Fayesfitness studio, your home, work place or even the great outdoors. If you want to achieve real, long lasting results and change your perceptions and attitude towards exercise, fitness and health.
You will develop habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health and mental clarity.
But as I look back over my career with the knowledge of current research, I realize that is exactly what I did day in and day out.
In light of my expertise, I set out to determine if brain training could strengthen the entrepreneurial mind. Brain research has skyrocketed in the past few decades and is considered in a “cognitive revolution.” Researchers are set to understand the changes that can occur due to training basic cognitive processes. By strengthening deficient cognitive skills, one-on-one brain training can optimize executive functioning. These connections form pathways in our brain that process and retrieve information, analyze variables, and apply logic and reasoning – and they can be developed. Just as they take up venomous snakes to prove the strength ofA their faith, they intentionally subject themselves to deadly poisons for the same purpose.

I owe my success as a teacher to that entrepreneurial mindset I wasn’t even aware I possessed. To fulfill this assignment, they would be required to eat foods they had never seenA before. In fact, their journeys to pagan lands would no doubt necessitate that they eat foods they previouslyA considered to be dirty or unclean. If the disciples had rejected what their hosts had prepared for them, they could have greatly insulted or hurt them. When they discover they cana€™t have the same food, the same restaurants, the same blend ofA coffee, and so on, Ia€™ve seen them get very upset.
He provided us with supernatural protection from disasters, calamities, snakes, scorpions, andA all the works of the enemy. If God isA giving you an assignment that takes you to a foreign state, a distant country, or an unfamiliar culture,A just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and get going!
Jesus has provided supernatural protection from disasters, calamities, snakes, scorpions, and all theA works of the enemy.
How do you think people in other nations are affected when after preparing their best food for their guests, they watch the guests turn up their noses and act like the food is so disgusting that they cannot consume it?A A 2.

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