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And if you’d like to do one similar to the above, try to turn the fish around with this match stick brain teaser.
Take away four matches in the center (in a cross formation), then take two away from one of the remaining corners.
Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving. Thanks for visiting and playing our unique collection of games that are good for your brain! 2015-12-252015-12-23Frogmind shared a linkWe are looking for an Game Artist to join our team working on a new game concept! Our first game, BADLAND, has won several prestigious prizes including the App Store iPad game of the year 2013.

You start by removing the marked button, and then mix up all the remaining coloured buttons. Metal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting.
Today we have B I G news for an indie studio: We are bringing BADLAND to eight new platforms! Badland has over 25M downloads across iOS, Android, WP, Blackberry, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U and Steam. This unique puzzle original idea is around since the beginning of the 20th century, however, the modern version was created in 1981 by NOB (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara), a talented Japanese puzzle designer and inventor.NOB had also designed several Cast puzzles for Hanayama (for example, the Cast News metal puzzle by Hanayama is based on the same solution mechanism as the Crazy X wooden puzzle). BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition will bring the game with improvements onto PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux (through Steam), Wii U, PS Vita and PS3.

Our goal is simple: to make games with best possible gaming experience and high production values.
Had something similar before so if was probably easier for me than it would be if I didn't see such solution before.
Currently BADLAND is available on all mobile platforms, and has been released as GOTY Edition for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U and Steam. Don't be tempted to think it is an easy job.A hint for the solution is in one of your physics lessons.

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