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This "Reading the Mind" test was first published in the book, "The Essential Difference", by Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge. Its clinical use is in helping with the diagnosis of High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (which disproportionately affects programmers) but I think it's an interesting test for just about anyone to try.
The "Reading the Mind test" is a load of rubbish and so are Simon Baron Cohens air-brain ideas, just like his cousin Sacha Baron Cohen otherwise known as Borat!
Did anyone tell the people in the photographs what they were meant to be feeling so they acted?

There was a point in time about ten years ago where I experienced what I thought to be a very unusual occurrence. After reading an article about how many times people with Asperger can be misdiagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and then seeing this test as a test for asperger I am becoming aware that I may suffer from asperger rather then narcissistic personality disorder. 3."i CAN easily imagine what the characters look like, though, for me, some of the fun is letting a character's face be fuzzy, sometimes looking one way and sometimes another, as a loose aggregate of every face, behavior, and attitude I've ever known. I simply cannot answer the questions by saying "I definitely agree", "I slightly agree", "I slightly disagree", or "I definitely disagree." That's why I never finished the test.

It lets you see how well you can judge the feelings and thoughts of people by just looking at a photograph of their eyes. In the event of the former, it isn't reading the mind through the eyes if the part is being played out.

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