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7 February, 2014 by Gracie 4 Comments Something that I really want to make sure I always convey when I blog about health & fitness is the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. That’s when I was so excited when my friend April reached out and suggested a guest post on mindfulness. Whether it is working towards a career goal, working towards a physical health goal, or a relationship goal, there are always numerous things calling our attention. When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising are always the first changes we make, but incorporating mindful exercises can help to integrate that healthy lifestyle as a whole. Our bodies can tell us a lot about how we are feeling emotionally or if there is something we are avoiding. Think of something you do every day that you do quickly or usually without much thought; for some this may be cooking, laundry or showering.
This can be applied to movement for exercise such as focusing on muscles, posture and breath in order to properly execute workouts or focusing on simple movements such as walking.
Mindfulness is both a huge part of my personal life, and a significant part of the work I do as a therapist. Plus, there’s a TON of research about the benefits of mindfulness for all types of experiences… depression, anxiety, coping with stress, and so much more! The goal of mindfulness is to train your mind to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism.
This post (and the ones to follow) will primarily deliver fun and simple exercises you can practice with the family. Last updated: 31 Mar 2016Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed.
Not being present with our experiences, no matter what the experience is, means we are not fully living our lives.

Take some small stickers and place them in different areas around your home and workspace.  See them as a reminder to take three deep breaths. This creates conscious thoughts about moving your body rather than just going through the motions. So important, and I always lose sight of mindfulness when I’m so rushed and busy each day.
I think yoga practice has contributed to and expanded my mindfulness practice… to me, mindfulness is about allowing yourself to just be in this moment, experiencing it for what it is- no analyzing it, no categorizing it, not thinking 5 steps ahead.
In this, you can cut out habitual, negative thought patterns and prevent downward spirals of negativity.
One goal of these exercises is to train the mind to purposefully focus attention on a present experience. She also holds a masters in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
Mindfulness can be used in large and small capacities to make a difference in how we manage stress, acknowledge feelings both pleasant and unpleasant, or just slow down and enjoy the moment. And lets be serious, no matter how great our bodies feel, a relaxed, confident and compassionate mind can really give you that extra boost. First thing in the morning, take a look in the mirror and think something positive about yourself.
Pay attention to every detail of it.  Notice what it takes physically for you to cut up vegetables or shampoo your hair. Not only will it decrease risk of injury for physical health but create a more solid connection and awareness of what your body is capable of. So making small changes to your day-to-day routine can be the easiest way to practice that awareness.

It’s helping me live my life more fully… and with more compassion towards myself and others! You further carve a path to access expansive inner resources of peace, contentment, meaning, and well-being.
Essentially it is being present with your body and mind and not judging anything that you are aware of in that moment. When you get caught up in negative self-talk, say to yourself what you would say to a friend in the same situation. Maybe there is extra stress at work or you are avoiding talking to a friend about something. Learning how to keep the distractions of our worlds at bay can provide great insight, gratitude, and inspiration. Here at GML you can follow me as I share photos, stories, and a peek into life in New York City.
Her passion is taking research-based concepts and transforming them into fun and digestible learning modules. For some people that means daily meditation but for others, small changes to every day life are enough to practice awareness. Either way, being aware of any discomfort or comfort in your body brings you back to the moment of being in your own body. Most importantly it is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, the bringing together of the body and the mind.

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