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The Mindfulness Institute (MI) of the Florida Community of Mindfulness is dedicated to helping individuals develop these capacities and to achieve greater balance, clarity, and fulfillment in their lives. Foundations of Mindfulness Series The Mindfulness Institute offers a Foundations of Mindfulness Series designed to help participants learn and integrate mindfulness for greater wellbeing in their lives. Additional classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to help integrate mindfulness into other areas of our lives, such as mindful consumption and sustainable living, financial wellbeing, and a mindful approach to health. The Mindfulness Institute offers Continuing Education Credits for Florida Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Psychologists, and Educators. The Mindfulness Institute benefits organizations by introducing simple, practical mindfulness practices to enhance effectiveness in working with pressure and in building and strengthening collaborative relationships. All Instructors of Mindfulness Institute programs have solid, grounded meditation and mindfulness practices and direct personal experience with the subject matter they are presenting, having used and practiced the methods in their own lives. The Mindfulness Institute is based at FCM’s Practice Center in Tampa and most classes and workshops take place on site.
Classes and workshops are offered on a fee basis, however arrangements for reduced fees are available. One example of our program in action is at Damascus High School where over 65 students, from a community plagued by student heroin and opiate addiction, participated in Yoga and Meditation classes provided by The Mindfulness Center to promote student empowerment and addiction prevention. Helping people in our community whose lives are touched by cancer and other health concerns is a top priority at The Mindfulness Center.
The Mindfulness Center has developed the Veteran Reintegration Program to provide instruction in Mindfulness based practices to veterans.
The Mindfulness Center is a non-profit organization which promotes health and self-healing, for individuals and the community, through charitable, educational and research programs in mind-body practices. The Mindfulness Center teaches evidence-based meditation, yoga and mind-body techniques that prevent disease and improve your quality of life, well-being and longevity.
Several years ago, New Mexico State University professor Eve Adams began feeling stressed and in need of something to improve her well-being.
NMSU student Peggy Lu Jane participates in a five-minute meditation session during an Introduction to Mindfulness undergraduate class in O’Donnell Hall. A group of NMSU students write in journals and participate in a discussion during Jeremy Rutherford’s Introduction to Mindfulness undergraduate class in O’Donnell Hall. Adams used her sabbatical leave to attend workshops on mindfulness, and a new idea for research on the subject was born.

Mindfulness is an approach many doctors, mental health professionals and researchers are focusing on to help people reduce stress and anxiety. Adams used her experiences with mindfulness to develop a mindfulness course and create a mindfulness research team based out of the Counseling & Educational Psychology Department at New Mexico State University’s College of Education. Mindfulness is a topic that many universities across the country are studying, but the NMSU mindfulness research team has focused on how mindfulness affects the Latino population as well as socially oppressed groups and those in the “helping” professions such as counselors. Virginia Longoria, an assistant professor in the Counseling & Educational Psychology Department and graduate of the doctoral Counseling Psychology program, collaborated with Adams on Longoria’s dissertation research on mindfulness-based therapies used with diverse groups of people.
In the qualitative study, teachers of mindfulness spoke of how mindfulness creates a path to freedom that doesn’t depend on how others view or treat you.
NMSU students have an opportunity to learn more about mindfulness by taking an undergraduate course, Introduction to Mindfulness.
Jeremy Rutherford, a third-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program, has taught the undergraduate mindfulness course for two semesters. In his two semesters teaching the mindfulness course, Rutherford said he’s noticed a change in students from the beginning of the semester to the end. Analysis finds the “overwhelming scale” of Earth’s problems comes from resource demands of continued population growth. When we are listening to a friend, we stop judging, comparing or fixing, and simply listen.
It offers a wide range of workshops and programs to help you apply mindfulness to daily life.
Instructors are familiar with current research and best practices relevant to the material they are presenting. CEs for mental health professionals and psychologists are available for many classes and workshops for an additional fee. The Mindfulness Center is reaching out to our community through our Helping Hands Program, to support individuals with chronic illnesses, buy providing free and reduced-rate health care services to those in need. Mindfulness meditation, yoga and other mind-body practices are foundational to physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing the opportunity to greatly improve quality of life for U.S. Sue Marcum was a professor of accounting at The American University from 1999 to 2010 where she was Director of the Master's in Accounting program.
NMSU professor Eve Adams is leading a group of faculty and student researchers in exploring mindfulness and its effects on students, minorities and socially oppressed populations.

The team consists of faculty members Adams and Tracie Hitter, and students Jeremy Rutherford, Ben Neeley, Liz Black, Gabriela Ramirez and Wiley Stem. In their sample of Latino students at NMSU, they found that the more people ruminate the less satisfied they are with their life. Longoria said the research explored the usefulness of these therapies with groups of minorities and people who are constrained by daily oppressive realities.
He said he was introduced to mindfulness by a professor in a master’s program who emphasized mindfulness and self-compassion as a tool for self-care and to work with clients. When cooking, we relax and enjoy chopping vegetables instead of thinking about our to do list. Guided by an experienced and diverse Advisory Council and Steering Committee, the Mindfulness Institute focuses on the skills and competencies needed for mindful living and offers teachings and practices that promote personal transformation, wellbeing and conscious living. MI Instructors have experience applying mindfulness practices in a wide range of organizational backgrounds, including law, finance, education, mental health, health care and non-profit management. Dozens of cancer patients found hope and improved quality of life through the Mind-Body for Cancer group.
This relationship between rumination and life satisfaction is even stronger with people who are lower in self-compassion.
Adams and Hitter are collecting data on how the class affects students’ well-being on a number of measures, and Adams also offers a weekly mindfulness workshop to faculty, staff and students. When participating in a meeting, we engage with a clear and creative mind, unclouded by opinions and past perceptions.
The Mindfulness Institute offers courses in mindful living skills that are helpful to all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or cultural background. Marcum believed in the importance of meditation as a pedagogical practice and as a practice for students to use to cope with the ever-increasing stressors of modern life.
However, when people have more self-compassion, the relationship between rumination and life satisfaction is minimized. And NMSU students can take advantage of mindfulness therapy groups offered by the NMSU Counseling Center.

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