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I am now offering Mindfulness Meditation training here in Cape Town, especially in the Southern Peninsula, South Africa. Mindfulness Meditation 1 hour – should you wish to learn more, longer sessions can be arranged. In a review of research into the benefits of mindfulness, the American Psychological Association found that many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress. About.MeCarol KnoxIn partnership with Avanoo, Carol has created a 30-day program, called Calming the Storm.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This full-day workshop is for anyone interested in exploring their personal meaning and purpose in life, while investigating the role of mindfulness in this process. This professional online platform allows us to conduct teaching of theoretical materials, practice exercises together, have lively group discussions, and all of that from the comfort of your own home. During the session we will have dedicated time for you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and get to know your fellow students.
Michael is a professor, speaker, author, and internationally recognized authority on the science of meaning and purpose in life.

Michael’s own purpose is to critically explore and share the essence of what is best about living. His keynotes and workshops convey his passionate belief that focusing on meaning and purpose can ignite our greatest potential in our lives, our relationships, and our work. He is convinced that if we befriend both psychology and spirituality, and succeed in introducing them into our lives, we will all become super-heroes, and gain super-strengths of awareness, courage, meaning, and compassion.
However, positive psychology is offering life-transforming theories, research and exercises to enable a productive journey on a path that feels authentic.
Blending cutting edge science, powerful stories, and practical insights with engaging humor, Michael shows why meaning is so vital… and so attainable. Carol has trained meditation techniques and practiced meditation for around fourteen years.
His talks enlighten, entertain, and inspire, and his workshops, coaching, and consulting teach how to transform meaning and purpose into elevated and sustained impact.
Studies show evidence that mindfulness increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions and anxiety. Life adventures have taken Carol on journeys to India, where she attended Buddhist teachings, and Thailand, where she had exposure to Vipassana meditation practices.

In this workshop, we will discuss some of these theories and relevant research in order to have a better understanding of how meaning, purpose and mindfulness facilitate a healthy self-exploration that provides us with vital answers.
Itai Ivtzan is a positive psychologist, a senior lecturer, and the program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London.
Farb et al., found that mindfulness shifts a person’s ability to use emotion regulation strategies, enabling them to experience emotion selectively.
In this workshop, you will also be offered practical exercises in order to deepen your own personal experience of meaning, purpose and mindfulness.
These exercises will take you through a journey, an invitation for personal transformation, where you move closer to understanding your role in life and how to perform it. Ivtzan is confident that mindfulness meditation has the power to change individuals – in fact, whole societies – for the better.

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