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I’m delicately holding a raisin between my thumb and forefinger, turning it slowly while observing it carefully. The raisin is actually incidental; this is a preliminary exercise in mindfulness training, the on-trend medically backed self-help skill that reduces stress, anxiety and pain as well as mental health relapses. Group classes, backed up by daily home practice, are the norm for an eight-week course, but with a hectic schedule, I’m signed up for individual sessions.
The challenge now is to perform the 30- to 40-minute exercise six times a week to a recording of the instructor’s voice. Other exercises include overriding the body’s natural auto-pilot setting, whether for everyday tasks such as cleaning teeth and showering or more pleasurable ones such as a walk in the woods or savouring a type of chocolate you wouldn’t normally eat.
Based on Buddhist meditation and breathing exercises, the practice was founded in the 1970s by American scientist Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness remains within the medical domain and many universities in Belgium offer classes. Savels explains how mindfulness tackles the negative thought producing machine that is the mind. Learning to recognise and change thought patterns extends beyond stressful situations to relationships with other people, says Savels. The mindfulness institute, founded with two other practitioners also working in English, runs three classes a week.

Repressing the sense of ridicule, I follow instructions to inhale its scent before popping it in my mouth. An initial assessment includes an exercise for helping sleep, which involves tensing muscle groups in turn, accompanied by three deep breaths.
He was researching chronic pain relief and developed mindfulness-based cognitive therapy with Dr Mark Williams of Oxford University as a treatment for depression. The Belgian psychologist and life coach has been an enthusiastic advocate for the discipline since it transformed his own life.
Then I feel it with my tongue before gingerly taking it between my teeth, noting each sensation as the texture of the fruit changes and releases its juice. Over the past year, I’ve listened to friends, acquaintances and even my lawyer rave about its positive effects on their lives.
Mindfulness may be hard work and require a lot of practice, it may seem like a panacea for the stresses of modern living, but ultimately I think it’s worth giving it a go. To coincide with the second French edition of his best-seller Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness, he has recently given a sell-out lecture in Brussels. After 14 unhappy years working in HR, an eight-week mindfulness course gave him the necessary understanding to change his career. Savels believes the advantage of group sessions is seeing others struggling in a similar way.

He admits that he and his colleagues, German Beate Truck and Dutch national Jeroen Janss, are ambitious. Now I can chew and swallow it, once I’ve already imagined it travelling down into my stomach. The aim is to be able to gradually reduce the time spent on meditation, eventually achieving similar results in a couple of minutes. Mindfulness meditation helps you become aware of what you’re feeling and gives you a larger repertoire of things you can do.
Mindfulness taught me to deal with situations, and that really helped me through stressful times,” he says. We have a limited set of reaction patterns; for some people it’s anger, others it’s closing down.
We have an international mix of people: EU interns, company lawyers and everything in between. Isolating each body part, including toes, kneecaps and abdomen, I’m encouraged to engage and disengage with all the different sensations in my body.

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