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A mindful meditation practice brings your mind to a deep silent, wide open and all knowing space. Practicing mindful meditation for the past ten years has completely changed my life in so many ways. Mindful meditation can be practiced anywhere, however, I have personally found that my environment to be a huge part of my ability to stay with the practice. Because the purpose of mindful meditation is to develop a clear mind, you want to ensure that the way you hold your body throughout the day also supports your clarity.
Focus requires eliminating all distractions and keeping your attention on only one task at a time.
During times like washing the dishes, taking a shower, or even going for a walk to the bathroom, I take this time to focus on my task and witness the thoughts that come up from my mind.
Aimee is a holistic therapist, meditation teacher, writer and the executive director of Indigo International. Aimee's bestselling Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped people heal from the inside out, all over the world. In the first of our thirty secrets to spiritual sex we looked at How mindfulness and meditation techniques help in finding love.  If we are to find something we need to look. Another mindfulness and meditation technique that leads to love is Inward Mindfulness or Insight. Just as we need to be mindful of everything that is happening outside of ourselves, we equally need to be mindful of everything that is going on inside ourselves.
Thankfully, when you practice mindfulness and meditation techniques you learn to let go of your own thoughts and be more open and aware.
Let’s revisit the story above, in which we were at the bar with a friend who thought that no one was interested in her. In the next two secrets we will look at how you can develop both your internal and external mindfulness, thereby being aware of all the times when people are attracted to you. As mindfulness enters the mainstream, there are new approaches to meditation coming online. But despite its growing popularity, the idea of combining meditation and exercise never really made much sense to me. As a hardcore meditator (read spiritual snob!), I always felt like people who talked about moving meditation must not be serious about real meditation.
As a disciplined meditator, I have always felt that what happens on the cushion during meditation is unique.
Looking back, it’s obvious to me now that sports and exercise were my primary outlet for blowing off steam before I learned how to meditate. Through brute exertion and pushing myself physically, I found refuge from the relentless momentum of my own restive mind. Now, many years later, and after a good deal of training, I am finding that there is a fluid and fruitful relationship between my meditation practice and mindful exercise. Here are my top five observations on why meditation and working out, among many mindfulness techniques, are such a good combination. Pushing through physical inertia activates and liberates inner resources—tenacity, intention, drive, focus, and will power. Meditating before the workout gives me an advantage, since I have already generated inner focus and resolve, and the workout builds upon and enhances those qualities. I know that sounds kind of weird, since we are connected to our bodies, but it’s amazing how few of us truly inhabit our physicality. When you start to experience these deeper dimensions in your daily workout, I’ve noticed that I don’t measure my workouts in the same way.
These days, I’m often more aware of the qualitative and contemplative aspects of the workout.
The more I harness my attention, merging my mind with the rhythm of my body and the music, the deeper I go and the more this inner space opens up.
It used to be that I could shift my attitude or the quality of my inner experience through the brute force of pushing myself through a physical wall. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox.
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Interested in learning mindfulness meditation techniques — These five simple steps to mindfulness meditation will give you a fast and solid start. Christie Matta, MA, wrote this wonderful little article on the five easy steps to start practicing mindfulness meditation techniques. Bring awareness to routine activities, such as waking up, shopping, washing dishes or answering email.  Pick one routine a week and try to be fully engaged in it when you do it every time. Bring your awareness to your body.  You can bring your attention to your body through yoga exercises or through a body scan, in which you slowly scan your attention through all the regions of your body, noticing any tensions, pain or other sensations.
Now that you’ve started a practice, make a decision about when, where and how long you want to practice on a regular basis.  Consider taking courses, reading or watching video’s about mindfulness to increase your knowledge and help you find ways to incorporate it into your life in a way that is helpful to you. I call it the soundscape meditation, and it’s a mindfulness technique you can put into practice instantly, at any moment and in any circumstance. One night in college, sitting on my front stoop in the fading Georgia twilight, I heard a sound. Many years later, on extended meditation retreats, I began exploring this experience more deeply. I started to pay attention to the effects of sound when I was in deep states of silent meditation. I found that while meditating, it was hard to tell if the sounds I heard were within me or outside of me.
While sitting in silence and stillness, I noticed how my attention seemed to travel outward and inward simultaneously. For me, these experiences pointed to something important and revealed the awesome simplicity of mindfulness. Next time you are sitting on a park bench or in your home with your windows open, put all of your attention on listening. As you do this, you’ll start to notice something interesting about the nature of awareness. This is one of the natural properties of awareness—it expands when we release it from the confines of thought.
In terms of mindfulness techniques, this is one that you can practice anywhere and anytime. And more than that, you’ll find that there is a sense of calm grounding that washes over you when you allow your attention to expand. The Pythagoreans held that when all the planets were aligned, the universe produced a tone of perfect harmony.
In this guest post, Sarah Thompson shares her inspiring story of how mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy saved her life. While I was suffering from depression, I happened to read Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

With mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy (which essentially is the same as most other techniques but just applied to therapy) you come to see your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts.
With mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy I haven’t just overcome depression, I’ve found true and lasting happiness, and I’ve used my knowledge of mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy to help my friends, explaining techniques to them, because I know that we all suffer and that spiritual techniques have the power to end that suffering.
A regular mindful meditation practice helps to balance the high stimuli coming from the outside world with the place of stillness and wisdom within your soul. My mind is clearer and more focused, I have a deeper awareness of my subconscious chatter and drives, and I find this deep pleasure that comes in the silence of my mind and infinite peace always present.
The reason why mindful meditation is ideal for individuals living busy lives is because to start, you really don’t need to add time into your day to practice. For me, the ideal way to practice mindful meditation is in an environment that supports clarity. Even if you are working on several projects at once, give your undivided attention to the tasks you are completing within your projects one at a time. This video is a real gem, it is from Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday and it is the full episode, so it is 2 hours long, but well worth every minute of those two hours. If we believe we are unattractive we will closed our eyes anytime someone shows interest in us. Firstly, you need to practice mindfulness so you are aware every time someone shows attraction to you. Every morning before I go to work I turn down the noise in my head on the meditation cushion and tune up my body at the gym. Martial artists and Indian yogis have been using their bodies to bridge the physical and the metaphysical for millennia.
I recently learned that I can access some of the same states of consciousness I experience in meditation through mindful exercise.
When I was younger, I played team sports through high school, and then I took up running, mountain biking, and yoga in my twenties.
Exercise was my channel for processing challenging emotions, contemplating deep questions, and generally letting go. And before meditation, exercise was the one place where I felt—just like Peter Pan—that I could fly.
I’m bringing my attention into my core through deep breathing, and then I move that awareness through my body as I perform the poses.
Your body and your senses are your vehicle for experiencing life, so it makes sense to explore what’s possible, and to keep your vehicle optimized and in pristine condition. It used to be that I’d measure my success based on the quantitative metrics of calories burned, distance climbed, and how high my heart rate peaked. And I have noticed, when my morning prayer or meditation practice is strong, that effects the quality and depth of my workout. Likewise, when I am disciplined with my attention in yoga, and I follow my breath inward, the results are powerful. The joy, contentment, and grounding that comes from different mindfulness techniques can’t be limited to meditation and exercise. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. You can continue to focus on your breathing or read books or listen to CD’s on the topic to get ideas for your mindfulness practice.  I will include a few resources at the bottom of this post. Suddenly your mind becomes still, free of the usual noise, and you can hear everything again? Tips to help you slow down and savor the present moment in all it’s rich and pulsing vibrancy. I could hear a bird song in the distance, or clanging bells on a goat grazing at dusk, and these sounds carried me beyond myself. The whole Cosmos would feel close, as if there was no distance, only a deep sense of union. Like water bursting from a dam, the act of consciously listening releases our attention from our minds, and it flows outward.
Whenever I practice this technique, I feel more aligned with the current of life and my own authentic sense of self.
In ancient Greece, the Pythagorean mystery schools along with classical schools of esoteric Christianity had this concept called the music of the spheres. And the esoteric Christians referred to it as a state of consciousness correlated with a heavenly realm. But  I do know that among mindfulness techniques, this is something anyone can do at any time.
Next time you’re listening with everything you’ve got, you might just notice the same thing that captured my attention all those years ago. If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation, you might like to read our complete guide to mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy first. That moment was when I realised that all those negative thoughts that were causing my depression were only in my mind. We all have some negative thoughts .It could be about our relationships, our weight, our health, our image, anything. I hope this has perhaps inspired you or has made you think that you too can overcome negative thoughts. It’s been magical, and I have been recording my practice and researching so much along the way ??  I am now teaching mindful meditation as part of all of my courses at Pleiadian Institute, a dream come true for me! Find regular moments throughout your day to connect with your body and become aware of your posture. If thoughts come up that elicit anger or fear, my practice is to witness the emotion and allow it to be. As you pay attention to each thought you think throughout the day, you begin the practice of allowing your mind to reside in a still place. There is a fascinating profile in the beginning of inmates practicing mindful meditation – so inspiring!! You’re going to be shocked because you’re going to realise that actually tons of people are attracted to you. And secondly, you need to practice insight so that you are of when your limiting self beliefs interfere with your perception.
Until recently, I never thought much about the relationship between these two practices, but now that’s changing.
That is, the notion that you can bring meditative awareness to your active life—mindfully walking, running, and even hitting the treadmill. Some might argue that most professional athletes and Olympians are, by definition, experts at mindfulness. How can you cultivate silence and solitude when you’re simultaneously engaged with the world of form and action? During sitting meditation, the idea is to be as still as possible, both inwardly and outwardly. Breaking through that physical inertia through exercise can help open your mind and awareness in ways that will surprise you.

As my body heats up and falls into rhythm with the music, an inner space begins to opens up.
Sometimes that results in a quiet mind and sometimes it doesn’t, but that isn’t really the point. It takes focus, but anyone can do it with practice, and you don’t have to be a yogi or an expert.
But also, similar to when I’m meditating, I’ve found that the most important thing when I’m at the gym is to bring my attention back to the workout and let go.
I find the deeper rewards and enriching experiences come through the more subtle art of paying attention. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly. Meditation is all about letting go and in this letting go process, a barrier drops between you and everything else.
When you pay attention and really listen, whether you realize it or not, you are letting go of your mind. Often, there is a lot happening all around us that we simply miss because so much of our attention is locked up in the mind. But I wonder, were they referring to the sound of silence we experience in these expanded states of awareness? It’s a simple and oft-overlooked practice that can tune you into the essence of meditation and help you be more awake to the world you’re already living in.
Mindful meditation is a simple daily practice that brings your focus on your inner awareness.
Today I have put together 7 tips that have helped me on my mindfulness journey ?? I hope these tips inspire you on your own mindfulness journey, what I know for sure is the rewards only deepen with practice.
When you are waking up in the morning, mindfully place your feet on the floor and feel your feet connecting with the ground. I cleared clutter like it was my job and allowed only meaningful items into my spaces to inspire me, calm me and make me feel good. And remember that as you work to bring your mind into focus, you also help all those around you to focus as well. Then as you watch your thoughts throughout the day notice how many of your thoughts are in alignment with these things. Thich Nhat Hahn just embodies all that mindful meditation is, his words and the way he describes his personal practice have deepened my own practice in magical ways. No doubt, they need to harness mind and body at levels of harmony and cooperation most of us can’t imagine.
And for me, this form of meditation has yielded extraordinary results in the form of spiritual breakthroughs, self-knowledge, lightness of being, clarity, bliss, and more.
Every time I exercise, I feel refreshed, energized, and filled with positivity and potential.
Questions or problems that I have been focused on for days or weeks will melt and the answer becomes clear in that space of focus and surrender.
When you approach your workout with a sense of reverence and inner quietude, you can bring your attention deeply into your body. If you are focused, you connect with your body in a way that is empowering, regenerative, and deeply healthy. This is true of meditation, but I appreciate that this is also what mindful exercise is really all about. Nevertheless, I encourage you to explore mindful exercise for yourself and see if you experience similar results.
And more than that, the experience of these sounds was delightful, promising, and deeply fulfilling all at once.
But it is also a reminder to me, a reminder of the power of meditation therapy and mindfulness therapy. But none of it worked, and I have always been against pill popping so depression medication wasn’t a solution for me (I always try to exhaust the natural therapies before taking pills).
The purpose of mindful meditation is to develop a calm state of inner contentment; the practice can help you to navigate through challenging times in your life and can bring clarity and balance to your everyday routines.
As you are walking to the bathroom, focus on clearing your mind and focus only on the steps you are taking. Clearing out all of my spaces was too much for me to handle all at once, so I started small. Imagine that there is a string pulling your spine straight up, feel your spine elongate, and then relax your shoulders. I listen and take note of the first response that emerges that feels good and right deep within. Even without saying a word, your energy will shift, and as your energy shifts it is inevitable that over time the energy of all those that you come into contact with will shift as well. As you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner, focus on every bite of food and feel the food move down into your body giving it energy. I would create sacred altars in the corner of a room or in my favorite spot in my backyard. Our thoughts emerge from deep within our unconscious mind and are only reflections of our perceptions of the world. When you are waiting in line or for your computer to load or in traffic, take time to bring your attention to your breath. However, make this sacred space somewhere that is convenient for you and somewhere that you already spend time.
Once I had complete control of my work and home environment, I created sacred spaces that are conducive to a meditative practice all day long. And remember, this is a lifelong practice, as you have compassion with your own thoughts, clarity and focus will naturally arise in greater and greater proportions in your life.
It isn’t reality, it’s just a construct of my own mind.” As soon as you realise that you can change the way you think.
For example, if you spend alot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, dedicate this time to be your meditation time. Bring sacred music or a sacred object into your car and use your travel time to mindfully meditate. Think of every single moment that is in your day as a gift and an opportunity to change your life and it will become easier and easier to integrate mindful meditation techniques into your daily routines. When you begin the regular practice of focusing on your breath you create the foundation for mindful living.

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