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Participants experience a nearly 40% reduction in depressive symptoms after only 8 weeks of training, researchers said.
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Researchers  say that the study is the first to provide evidence that mindfulness yoga may be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for pregnant women showing signs of depression. Women who showed signs of depression and who were between 12-26 weeks pregnant participated in 10-week 90-minute mindfulness yoga sessions that focused on poses for the pregnant body, as well as support in the awareness of how their bodies were changing to help their babies grow. During pregnancy, hormones rage and depression and anxiety have become a serious health concern. If the aforementioned symptoms are left untreated to, health risks, for both the mom and baby, can include poor weight gain, preeclampsia, premature labor and trouble bonding with the new baby.
Previous studies show that many pregnant women are reluctant to take antidepressants, although proven to effectively treat these mood disorders, out of concern for their infant's safety. Evidence suggests women are more comfortable with nontraditional treatments, including herbal medicine, relaxation techniques and mind-body work. Yoga continues to grow in popularity but in the United States, many classes concentrate on yoga as "exercise," omitting the practice of being fully present in the moment and aware, authors say. Meanwhile, mindfulness yoga - which combines meditative focus with physical poses - has proven to be a powerful method to fight stress and boost energy. Concussion And Playground Related Brain Injuries In Children On The Rise, Says CDCConcussion and playground related brain injuries in children are on the rise, reveals a recent report from the U.S.

How To Support Someone With DepressionJovanka.Ciares1 Jul 2015So how to support someone with depression? I promise you, they appreciate it, even though it feels like you’re repeating yourself over and over and nothing. What you need to remember:• It is not personal• This is not a game, it is serious• Ignoring it, won’t make it go away• You.
You can also try asking questions like • Did something happen that made you start feeling this way? Haal meer uit je leven: Een gerandomiseerde gecontroleerde studie naar de effectiviteit van een groepscursus gebaseerd op acceptance-based behavioral therapy (ABBT) voor de preventie van depressieve klachten bij studenten. Methods: A total of 30 college or university students that suffered from mild to moderate depressive and anxiety symptoms were randomly assigned to an experimental group or a wait-list control group. Results: The experimental group that followed the group course did not show a greater reduction in depressive symptoms on T1 compared to the wait-list control group.
Conclusion: This research supports the effectiveness of preventive interventions based on ACT and mindfulness in improving psychological flexibility and mindfulness of students with mild to moderate depressive symptoms. A variety of factors contribute to women experiencing persistent irritability, feelings of being overwhelmed and inability to cope with stress. There’s a lot being said about people who suffer from it and how to get help but I feel like not a lot is being said or expressed by those who have a loved one that suffers from depression. The group course consisted of four sessions of 3,5 hours and were guided by two GZ-psychologists.

In both experimental and wait-list control group there were significant reductions in terms of depressive symptoms between the pre- and post-test. Despite precautions and measures taken through the decade, the figures keep increasing almost every year.
It is hard for me to talk about this and I won’t go into details about my loved one ordeal. Although mental disorders are common among young adults, the reach of interventions that focus on reducing psychological (depressive) symptoms is minimal. The participants completed questionnaires prior to the course at baseline measurement (T0) and immediately after the course at post-measurement (T1), to measure depressive symptoms (CES-D), procrastination (GP), mental health (MHC-SF), psychological flexibility (AAQ-II) and mindfulness (FFMQ-SF). The experimental group showed a significant increase in psychological flexibility on the post-test compared to the wait-list control group. The ‘get more out of your life’ group scored significantly higher on mindfulness skills ‘conscious action’ compared to the wait-list control group. After attending the group course, the experimental group showed a significant increase in ‘conscious action’ and ‘non-judge.’ For positive mental health it was found that no significant improvement occurred.

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