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Everyday you wake up to an endless stream of information all vying for your precious time and attention. Feel better in 20 minutes with this free binaural mindfulness meditation with original music score, ocean surf and rain sounds, designed to un-stress you in no time. It's the hottest topic in town, and everyone from politicians, top business leaders and athletes are using the techniques, touted as the cure for almost everything from depression, stress, anxiety and chronic pain.
The intention of mindfulness is not necessarily emptying or clearing the mind, but rather observing it and directing it.
In fact, focusing on the mental benefits of exercise can encourage a healthier approach to training that is not just about changing our bodies. Being ever present in what you do, and why you are doing it, is the essence of mindfulness. Get a better understanding of mindfulness with Sweaty Betty's Get Your Om Back challenge, with 30 days of yoga poses to focus your mind and incorporate a moment of zen into every day. Learn about brain entrainment technology that will take you from a Beta state, through Alpha and down to a deep Theta meditation state, that will increase your ability to focus and is ideal for learning and personal development.

But mindfulness is no longer the exclusive precinct of religious practice, or even yoga practice. The purpose is to become more aware of physical sensations in the body and subsequent responses we have to such sensations. Many studios now promise holistic wellbeing benefits with meditation and mindfulness built into their classes.
Sometimes just enjoying the physical act of doing something can be all the positive influence we need, and much more beneficial than striving for an unachievable state of perfection.
It should be, as the definition states, a non-judgemental focus on the thoughts and sensations occurring in the present. Is digital distraction, information overload, lack of focus and stress preventing your company or team from meeting long-term business goals? Every moment we are awake our brains are processing millions of different cognitive processes. Even the big names in high-intensity exercise, such as Psycle London and Soulcycle in the US, now incorporate beautiful interiors, low lighting and inspiring soundtracks with an aim to promote calm and empower visitors to achieve a more rewarding mind-body connection.

If going to the gym or running a specific distance is making you feel terrible, a change of pace or activity could prove more effective and make you more likely to stick to a new regime. So the next time you don’t quite manage to smash a personal best, or choose a long walk instead of a run, accept your decision as a mindful step towards your fitness goals and feel good for listening to your body. With a raft of modern distractions, from overflowing inboxes to endless smartphone notifications, it’s easy to procrastinate or jump unproductively between tasks.
Which is why mindfulness can enhance productivity, teaching us to notice distracting thoughts and compartmentalise them so we can get on with more urgent or important priorities.

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