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When the show is in its prime, it moves at a very good pace, but when it turns to the fluff, it begins to move at a glacial pace a la Les Miserables (BURN!). If the show stuck to its core of riveting cases for a topic that is new and different for a television drama, I would be praising this show a lot more. Prepare to have your eyes man-handled by the internet, at the mercy of it’s band of creative little visual terrorists. MOST VIEWED ARTICLESSYDNEY EATS We're more than understanding of different wants, tastes and needs…MELBOURNE EATS Food in Melbourne?

When I was planning out this strip I knew I wanted to have a lot of text come out of George in panel three… so much so that a normal three panel sized strip was going to be very crowded and I decided it needed the widescreen format. Figuring out how they will change people’s minds is super interesting and super cool. Made me like the characters more when they have flaws (and these guys have grand canyon sized flaws). Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and until next time…Have a Magical Day!

By that, I mean they use the power of influence to change people’s opinions and decisions on different topics in favor of their client.

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