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I had doubts whether I would receive the Mind Machine from you and whether it would work for me. I would surely recommend it to students but only to those students who want to be better in their academic life as well as personal life and are really serious about it. First I was having doubt whether to buy the mind machine or not, but when I read about it then I felt I need it to improve my concentration and to improve my marks. By using mind [machine], my problems regarding concentration, studies were solved, my attitude also improved. It is very good instrument for students who are preparing mainly for competitive exam, it gives you an extra edge in exam.
Well, I ordered Mind power study technique book 6yrs back while preparing for joint entrance, I came to know about mind machines back then from the book but I could not afford it back then.
Ok, after buying I first gone through the user guide so that I can use it to fullest benefit. In fact, I had read a lot but was having copious doubts as to how a mind-machine as-it-is-said-to-be could do wonders and render a orientation to a jumbled brain. Before I first heard about this machine, I had been struggling hard for memory retention, concentration and focus. When I searched for it, I was not sure about its authentic distribution as whether I will get it after payment or it is fake website. Yes, I would definitely recommend this to youngsters and students who are appearing for some difficult exams and competitions. Initially I thought it a bit expensive, but after understanding about the positive effects and how it enables us to concentrate more. I was unable to concentrate properly, but after using mind machine, I am able to give focus on my work with better concentration.
I would definitely recommend it to others, mostly students who are preparing for competitive exams.
Using the stress buster I can really sleep well and I can manage to do all the work with confidence. One of the main issue that I had and which most people have nowadays is the stress and lack of relaxation.
So spending 30 minutes relaxing and focussing with the mind machine is the best meditation we can have. Mind machine helps to relax and reach a meditative state which we can call upon whenever we need to relax or develop our focus.
Second machine: this was purchased last year end and was really helpful in relaxation and stress relieving. Finally after long again I started my study for some competition exam but I found my self with no concentration and same time my eyes stopped on Mml advertisement money was no issue so immediately ordered it. Main problem I was facing was lack of concentration and forgetting the material which already prepared.
Though I was not able to use mind machine after receiving for 7 days because of so busyness in job but when I stared to use it first of all I used it for mind relaxing and really I forgot all the tension all around me. Definitely after satisfied experience I immediately shared my feeling with my co- workers as well as my relatives. Before mind machine, main problem: I use to change my routine, it is very difficult to fix it, and when I change it I usually face problems in getting sleep. After mind machine: Now I can sleep in fraction of minutes, Its good for people with insomnia.

Ordering mind machine was easy, as I was old customer for Raj Bapna's study techniques & other products. As a business person I have lots of responsibilities & job stress, as a result I had difficulties in coping up with them, mind machine helped me to overcome stress, & now its easy for me to handle stress & other responsibilities related to my business. Mind Machine helped me to overcome day to day stress in my business, as a result I am more effective & productive in my business.
I had purchased your book Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques last year and I found it very helpful during studies especially the Topper's Daily Routine.
I could not concentrate for a long time in my studies, I was not able to perform in the exams up to the mark etc. Mind machine is not a magic machine with the help of which a student can perform well in studies without any hard and smart work. After I got my stipends during internship, I started to make a plan for it & ultimately bought it 6 months back!! During my exhaustive schedule of internship, I used few of meditation programme along with ALEM 203-205 to have deep relaxation & good sleep. I could not pin my brain on an issue and my mind would stray discreetly and I was off-track. I would only say that this a wonderful supplement to one's arduous hardwork and worth-giving a chance. I have waited 2 or 3 days before order first I did all study going through mind machine website after watching review I ordered instantly.
Regular use of the machine also trains the brain to relax and focus on our command as it now know that we are in control of our thoughts now.
One really personal way this machine has helped me and my Mom was to help us grieve a sudden and tragic loss of my talented friend. This machine will help them improve their utilization of precious time they have when studying and when used along with the study and revision planning explained in the "study techniques " book it can be really powerful tool for a student. I waited for ordering it 8 year though I was reading about it in many competition books since I enrolled and I had first experience of mind machine when one of my senior bought it when its was come in cassettes and a small Walkman with lots of book. Then for reading now I am able to retain things long and as well as studying for long time with mind machine . How hard was it for you to order the mind machine and what doubts did you have : I didn't do well in my engineering.
Another thing was memory and ability to grasp much much information at once, I like to study more and more, But brain started to feel exhausted after some time. At first, money was really an issue but, later, I was able to convince my father to purchase it. The machine helped me a lot to achieve that.Now,I also use Alem 201 & 202 before starting my reading to achieve the learning state while preparing for post graduate medical entrance.
Time once lost cannot be replayed like reel-life and the opportunities gone-by cannot be invited back. Now he's been showing marked improvement in the problem area and performance in his academic activities. Although it may appear to be a bit over-priced for a student, I think its a worthy investment considering the benefits it can have on your career and life. This is also extremely useful for student who want a quick focus builder in between their revision break.
Also, this is not advertised but the machine usage can also help recovery from sad experiences as it has helped us recover from a loss of a friend.

I just want to say if u want it don't think more no need to think its a true discovery it will give u two or three things more than what u will expect. Having the mind machine is just like having a Lamborghini in a car race where others are using Tata Nano. Sideways I would also recommend highly to use Mind Power Study Technique book, as I got immense help during H.S & in medical school period. In the meanwhile, I could not find any convincing alternative to the mind-machine but now realize I made a wise decision. I feel much relieved now to see myself as well as my son understand the mind dynamics and the state of mind-relaxation is really a blissful one. In the busy life and high competition era when a person does not succeed than he gets frustrate. In addition I had exam fear so I try to make sure that I didn't leave out anything & even then I will not be satisfied.The difficulty of the syllabus made it worse & I then decided that I should buy the Mind machine. You may not believe it, but the chapter which I studied (Current Electricity) is still in my mind! Even during the long periods in the college, I was not able to concentrate properly at the end of the period.
I now have purchased two mind machines from this institute and my first one was purchased long time back when it required a cassette player.
That's why, I was getting low scores in exams and was performing worse than my competitors. Thus the machine can also help in stressful, sad, situations where one may slip into depression. I highly recommend this machine for students wishing to learn, professionals wishing to relax and focus, and anyone else who is living a stressful life. As my 1st term exams are going on now I use ALEM201 for studying & ALEM205 (Exam Preparation) when I go to sleep. The mind machine has improved my memory, reduced stress and tensions, increased mental clarity, creativity, problem solving skills, focus & concentration. Getting a low percentage in the graduation degree leads to various problems during the job interview as well as admission in the Master's degree. Under normal circumstances it is difficult to focus as the negative emotions will intrude in train of thoughts. I had decided to purchase mind machine but I was able to purchase it 7 years later i.e in the year 2014.
Finally, my inability to study by myself ad an upcoming exam expedited my decision to order. Mind machine will help me prepare for AISSCE 2016 Thank you for creating such a masterpiece!
I had to purchase and power adapter for my walk-man so that I can play these tapes for long time. I would plan the timing between my study sessions so that the relaxing programming would help memory to stabilise and also help in revision as per the revision plan recommended by Raj Bapna in the study technique book..

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