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London of the late 19th century is a haven for political exiles of all sorts - refugees, partisans, anarchists. Winnie: The police are there so as them as have nothing can't take nothing away from them as have a lot. Title Card: In the 1880's -unlike today- London was a haven for political refugees of all nationalities. Verloc has made his living spying for the Russian goverment, an agent provacateur of sorts, while simultaneously providing information to the London police, specifically Chief Inspector Heat. Unaware of his dad's dangerous, yet exciting, secret identity, Jeremy's world is utterly normal. When the new Russian ambassador demands he prove his worth or lose his salary, Verloc sets off a tragic chain of events that involves his pretty young wife Winnie, her retarded brother Stevie, and a figure called the Professor, whose fascination with explosives and destruction makes him the person to call on when Verloc needs a bomb. There's a time coming - and it's gonna be sooner rather than later - when this will be understood by governments and individuals: that there can be no progress and no solutions until you make a rational decision to exterminate the weak.

But all that changes when Ray returns from a mission, bringing with him a high-powered laser gun he stole from a treacherous female foreign guns dealer. Ray tells his son the gun is only a toy, but his secret comes out when the dealer sends her henchmen to capture Ray and retrieve the gun. After he learns how to use the laser gun, Jeremy gathers his friends, and together they hatch a clever plan to rescue Ray. Howard)Eddie Hart known as (unconfirmed)Barry Bernard known as Australian Officer – Chs. Naturally secret agents from both sides of the war descend uponthe island which is governed by self-proclaimed owner Lucky Kamber (CyKendall). Lynn Moore (JanWiley)an Australian agent (with an American accent) learns of the plan andinformsher superiors. A Frenchcouple,Hotel owners Papa (Ferdinand Munier) and Mama Pierre (Ann Codee) alsofigurein the plot.

Victoria Horne, made up to look Japanese, goes throughtheserial looking like she has her eyes closed. Veteran baddie Cy Kendall issuitably evil as he tries to play both sides against the other. This term pre-dates the actual United Nations byonly a few months.All in all this is an excellent WWII spy story.

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