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A live-action, Mandarin-language adaptation of the popular 1958 children's book by author Zhang Tianyi, The Secret of the Magic Gourd follows the wondrous adventures of a young schoolboy named Wang Bao. One of China’s top grossing family films and Disney’s first Chinese language film, “The Secret of the Magic Gourd” will appeal to the world over with its heartwarming, fun-filled adventures and universal themes of perseverance and self-reliance.
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When Wang Bao discovers a magical gourd that can instantly grant his every wish, the awkward child suddenly becomes a hero amongst his curious classmates. On a solo fishing trip, Raymond reels in the mysterious Magic Gourd, who offers to make all his wishes come true. These are numbered by the company itself, and it's usually unknown if an upcoming movie will be a 'Masterpiece' or not until an announcement is made. When the gourd proves more of a burden than a blessing and the boy decides to get rid of it, he quickly discovers that's easier said than done.

The story line and the lesson that this movie teaches is something every kid (and adult) needs to learn. 8) Groovy character of The Secret of the Magic Gourd gonna make you feel good while watching the film.

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