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A detective dies at the police department Christmas party after drinking from a poisoned bottle of port that was delivered to Captain Stottlemeyer. This page about a Christmas special or an episode from a television series with a Christmas theme is a stub. I realize that this post is on Wednesday of what is for many the last week you have of school. Click on the picture above or {here} to download your own copy of the directions from Google Docs.
Another idea I want to share tonight is how the students actually receive their gifts from me.
As they sit in the circle, they pass their gifts (all wrapped the same) to the right, then the left… depending on what I say in the poem.

Monk and the Secret Santa" is the first Christmas episode of the USA Network original series Monk, starring Tony Shaloub as Adrian Monk, a neurotic detective with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The police begin to suspect an individual who tried to shoot Stottlemeyer the previous summer, but Monk quickly has doubts about his involvement in the murder. I have the whole class sit in a circle in the middle of the classroom and then I read the following poem. I googled it last Christmas and forget the source), click {here} to snag a copy from Google Docs. I usually give a book from our book club, but this year I am definitely going to give the math card games. For the headings I used Elephants in Cherry Trees (Kevin and Amanda’s free fonts) and for the directions I used doodle tipsy.

In years past, I have ordered a class set of $1 Scholastic books from the book orders, but this year, none of the titles jumped out at me. But, I bought a class set of those (with bonus points, of course) to actually use as a read aloud. They will be getting their own pack of playing cards, and an instruction book with directions for 6 different games.

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