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On Saturday, I received a viocemail that made me laugh, scratch my head, and ultimately look up an English actress with a fabulous name. The truly amazing part, in my opinion, is that this actress’s name is Fenella Woolgar. No one has ever told me a look like a actress (or an actor, thank heavens), but strangers often tell me they though I was a friend of theirs–so I assume I resemble several different people, unless my doppelganger is extremely friendly!
I can definitely see you in Fenella, but more I can see Fenella as the lead character because my god, what a name for fiction!!

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Life coach Iyanla Vanzant travels to Los Angeles to work with Bonnie, a woman in crisis, whose weight has spiraled to a staggering 600 pounds, confining her to her home and bed for years. In this gripping episode, Iyanla helps Bonnie examine the emotional road that led to her health crisis, beginning with the death of her mother and the increasingly deteriorating relationship with her daughter and caretaker, Jamesha.
Through one-on-one therapy sessions with Bonnie and revealing joint sessions with Jamesha, Iyanla works to repair their relationship and lead Bonnie to a healthier lifestyle and a loving future with her daughter.

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