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Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! I need to get my feelings out and stop keeping them held up inside, so welcome to my journal. Rather you are someone in the movie theater, a family member of someone who was, a friend or even a blog follower; or overall someone that got injured, or worst of all killed. When most people think of collections they think of rocks, makeup, notes or something like that well thats what i think of at least.
From the unwanted girl, who is just here to make everyone else’s day a living nightmare. I feel like if i was skinnier, prettier, nicer, wiser people would finally love me; like they do my sisters. That is where I start and finish, because Killy is always patient, I’ll promise her that I shall persevere, in spite of everything, and find my own way through it all, and swallow my tears. Estos no suelen ser probado por nosotros mismos (porque no hay tantos), asA¬≠ue por favor utilizarlos en su propio riesgo. Its a shame you cant go to the mall, theater, walk on the side of the road without having to worry about being in middle of a shooting, murder and the list goes on and on.
Like not water bottles that you buy at the store, but like say i go to a huge amusement park and get one of the huge costy drinks but they are durable and say the place on them, plus you get cheap re-fills along the day.

I only wish I could see the results already or occasionally receive encouragement from someone who loves me.
Then he like came crawling back to me saying he told her he liked me better, and all that stuff and was like begging for me back. I was like hestitant but ended up becoming friends but like distant, then all of the sudden he stopped talking to me and i talked to him like once in the hallway and asked him whats up and he like changed the subject. When hopefully my kids will be the ones venturing out into the world becoming their own person.
So His friend Brett was there and like he knew me somehow I dont know if becca (my friend) told him about me or Tyler.
Like the 2 most recent ones i have received is a metal cup from a 5K race, and a coffee cup from the hospital i volunteer at.
I just enjoy them even through I dont even drink Coffee and barley use them, but they are cute, and thought you would all enjoy them! But like the whole time all the girls just judged me; starring at me and talking to each other as I talked with Tyler and Brett.
I get it, im messed up and i seriously need mental help and im not afraid to admit it; but please just stop freakin telling me. So we stayed by the bonfire for a while then navigated inside, Then all the boys started talking to me.

They were the only ones that would, except the two girls I knew and that was occasional; well one girl said she liked my shirt.
None of my friends care about me anymore, and slowly am getting hated on more and more everyday.
Im sitting in a room at volunteering for crying out loud and they were making fun of the way i talk. But like we went back outside and I was seriously standing all by myself and brett was just like come here, so he moved all the boys so they were near me and he like kept waiting for me; it was seriously so sweet. Your kids should mean the world to you, and not just someone for you to yell at and make feel like complete shit everyday of their life. Well it was only 2 of the girls, but they made fun of me while i was sitting right there like i didnt notice. Its sad im in high school and just moved and dealing with loosing friends and gaining new ones, and all that jazz.
I think if i lost alot of weight, i would be prettier and fit in more, and maybe people will notice me and not my sisters; and maybe i will just start staying in my room and reading and maybe i will get smarter.

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