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STEP 2 : We will mail you how your ad will look in the newspaper with proper advertisement content.
STEP 3 : Once you approve your advertisement, you will be directed to online payment gateway options.
Ans : Based On your Location & budget we will Offer the Best Combination as per your requirement. Ans : We Just require a Photocopy of either Deed Poll Affidavit or Gazette for Name Change ads. Ans : We also assist you in getting the right ad matter as per the Norms of Passport, For Major & Minor respectively.
Ans : For Change of Name one has publish the Advertisement in two Newspaper ( 1 Local & 1 National ). If your US passport has a visa for that country, you may be unable to apply for a new US passport until your visa is due for renewal.
If you hold a marriage certificate that was issued by an authority in the country where you reside you can simply present that to all local authorities and organizations to have your name changed in all the necessary places. As the SSA accepts foreign issued marriage certificates, you can file form SS-5 with social security to start the process while living abroad. US organizations have a range of name change procedures and can ask for whatever documents they choose as proof of name change.
Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit. Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome!
If you've divorced then you have all the documents needed to start changing names, you can get your paperwork sorted in just minutes. Your maiden name can be resumed at any time, you don't need to be divorced or even separated. If you to be known by a different name, change the spelling or order of your names then you'll need to lodge a legal name change application.
Each province and territory has their own policies and requirements for legal name change, which is centralized and managed and by local government. Canadian permanent residents can apply for a legal name change, however you should consider implications in your birth country.

We'll provide you with detailed and comprehensive information for every company where you need to change names, and put it all into a checklist just for you! Receive all your name change documents by mail; letters, faxes forms, personalized checklist and the Easy Name Change Guide. Some companies may need you to visit a branch, send a letter, a fax, call in or complete a form. Select from hundreds of organizations, including government agencies, banks, communications providers, loyalty clubs and more. Our site is packed full of information about name change after marriage, how to legally change names by province, name change for non-citizens, changing surnames, applying for your marriage certificate and more. The only document needed as proof of your new married name is your certified marriage license.
You’ll often be asked for proof of your new name, so order a certified copy of your marriage license from the county clerk in the county where you first filed. Most agencies will only allow you to change your name to what is currently recorded with the SSA. If your passport has much time remaining you can leave your passport in your maiden name and continue using it for travel even if you’ve changed names everywhere else. Get ready to send name change forms, letters and faxes for all the places where you need to change names; SSA, DMV, Passport, insurance, credit cards, banks, loyalty clubs and more. If you’d rather change names the hard way, download our free checklist here, ideal if you only have a few records to update. If you are married in Texas, you must include your name change on the license at the time of application.
And Need submit the newspapers cutting along with Deed Poll Affidavit or Government Gazette.
You should first understand the laws surrounding name change in the country where you currently reside.
For this reason it’s legal in most countries should you be known by your birth name in your US passport, yet use your married name on your records and identification as issued in a foreign country. Some places must be updated in person, we provide paperwork and procedures for all the others. Find out exactly what you need to do with each company, and receive any corresponding name change paprerwork.

The couple must appear in person at the clerk’s office with valid, government issued photo ID and proof of social security number. You’ll need to provide the signed Certificate of Title, and the lienholder must file for the name change.
Name change processes and paperwork are different for each company, so if you have 15 or more places to notify save yourself a whole lot of hassle with our personalized and ready to send kits that cover almost 1,000 organizations.
Speak to Vital Statistics, Births, Deaths and Marriages, the General Registry Office or a similar foreign agency abroad for more information. You should always travel with your marriage certificate should you need to prove your identity or explain why your identification documents don’t match. It’s your choice if you want to start changing names while abroad, or get your name changed with American agencies when you return to the USA. The quickest way to change names is to have Easy Name Change prepare all your paperwork, so you can just sign and send.
If your vehicle has no lien, take completed form U-130 (provided in your Easy Name Change kit) to your county tax collector’s office, along with your original certificate, original vehicle title, registration papers and the $33 fee.
Passports more than a year old should use form DS-82 and full renewal fees are payable (Passport books $110. You should also take a copy of your marriage certificate when travelling in case you need to prove your identity. Wait time is also eliminated for active military personnel, obtains a waiver from a judge or is an employee of the Department of Defense. Once you are married, the officiant will complete the license and return it to the county for filing. The couple can then order a certified copy of their marriage license from the clerk and use it to change names.

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