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I’ll quickly mention that your name is legally changed on the day of your wedding when your pastor or wedding officiant signs your marriage license.
In addition, the steps I’ve listed below include as much mailing and as little person-to-person interaction as possible. This step is optional, because you can always use your original marriage certificate, which you will receive in the mail a few weeks after your wedding.
The easiest way is to order it online here if you were born in New York City or here if you were born anywhere else in New York state. Here are the detailed instructions from the Social Security Administration but all you really need to do is fill out form SS-5 and mail it to your local Social Security office.
The form doesn’t specify where to mail in the application and supplement materials so you will need to find your local Social Security office via the Social Security office locator and mail it to that address. For step 4, unfortunately, you are required to appear in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles, known infamously as the DMV. To change your name on your Passport if it was issued MORE than one year ago, you will need to fill out form DS-82 and mail it to the National Passport Processing Center. To change your name on your Passport if it was issued LESS than one year ago, you will need to fill out form DS-5504 and mail it to the National Passport Processing Center. If you liked this article or found it useful, feel free to share it with a friend, like on Facebook, or follow via Twitter. Whether you decide to change your last name after marriage, or not, the decision is completely yours. You should obtain certified copies - not photocopies - either in person, or by mail, from the agency who issued your marriage license.
Begin at the social security office because they need your correct name and ID number for your payroll tax withholdings and retirement benefits. Getting an updated license or identification card should make changing your name with other institutions easier. You may be able to update voter registration as well as vehicle registration and title in the process.
Remember to go over insurance coverage and beneficiaries now that you have new family members.
Updating your personal information with your bank or credit union may require and in-store visit.
For a name change on your account, the bank will want to see a certified copy of your marriage license and your new driver's license. If you don't update your creditors with your name change, you won't have credit history under your new name, which can pose a problem during a credit check. Once notified, creditors will update their records and and report the new information to credit reporting agencies. After getting through all the important updates, it will be a matter of changing your name as you come across miscellaneous accounts and subscriptions. If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student), you must also contact the Human Resources Office regarding a name change.

If you have not requested a change of name with the Social Security Administration, please apply for a new social security card with the nearest Social Security Administration Office.
How to Apply for Legal, Social Security Name Change After DivorceDec 19, 2010Get free tips in getting information about the process of name change after divorce.
And while our experience is in regards to New York, these general instructions should be a good guideline regardless of what state you live in. If you’ve ever watched Parks and Recreation, you’ll know that government agencies are some of the most inefficiently run offices! Some people don’t want to lose the original marriage certificate in the mail or want to keep it in mint condition so they get a certified copy for changing their name. Some people don’t want to lose the original birth certificate in the mail or want to keep it in mint condition so they get a certified copy for changing their name.
The cost is $15 to get a copy of your birth certificate, but you will be charged an additional $8.30 for ordering it online.
Step 3 is when the previous steps come in handy, because you will need to include a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), actual proof of identification NOT a copy, and proof of U.S. In your mailing, you must also include your current Passport, a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), and a Passport eligible photo.
In your mailing, you must also include your current Passport, a certified copy of your marriage certificate (step 1), and a Passport eligible photo.
All of the ideas and writing are strictly the opinion of the author and do not reflect the position of the companies discussed.
Everybody you would notify of an address change should receive a certified marriage license to verify your name change. Once you receive your new Social Security Card, you can then begin changing your name with financial institutions and other contacts on your list. Address Change forms are available at the Office of Registration & Records, 1169 University Center, during regularly scheduled office hours or through this website. Your PIN is used as an electronic signature, allowing us to process the information that you are submitting.
My wife and I just successfully completed changing her name in New York so I’ll document the step-by-step process along with the cost to try and save you both time and hassle.
The general rule is a short certificate can only be used domestically while a long certificate can be used internationally as well. There is no additional charge for ordering a copy through the mail via this form, but you will need to include a photocopy of your ID and get the form notarized, which seems a bit annoying. I didn’t specify the waiting time for each of the steps since it will vary tremendously.
Prices described are not guaranteed to be accurate and may differ on a case-by-case basis or as time passes. You'll need to file Form SS-5 with your local  Social Security Office to obtain your new card. If you are planning to restore your former or birth name, you can request change name from the judge who is handling your divorce case.

So while you can substitute many of the mailing steps below with an in-person visit to your favorite government agency, I don’t know why you’d want to! Hopefully, the above guide will provide a one-stop source of information that makes the process easier. In addition, certain links may be affiliate links that provide the author a commission for the referral of business.
90% of married women you will change their last name, and must begin the name change process. Notifying the Social Security Administration will also update the Internal Revenue Service of your new name. It will sound a little funny at first, but as you start using your new last name, everyone else will catch on.
In case your divorce decree includes this order you may want to get certified copies as a proof of the name change. Even if you are the type to procrastinate, you should do step 1 as early as possible since it’s crucial for the rest of the process. I can't be too negative on this topic, because as a new bride, (thank you, thank you) I joined the majority of married women, deciding to take their husbands last name.
Once you have the copies of the order, you can use it to change your name in other identification and personal records. It was important to me, as we entered into our new life and partnership, we do so as a unified team. If you do not have a PIN or have forgotten it, please mail or fax the Printable Address Change Form.
Make sure that you have to inform the judge that you want to change your name during the divorce. Once you have the certified copy of the judgment or order, you can now contact the Social Security Administration, your employer, your bank, and others you want to notify about the name change.
You have to submit a copy of the court order with other identifications cards with your old name.5. If there are organizations and sectors that will not require you to send the court order, do not do so. Giving them clear information about the name change would be easier for them to adapt the new name.
Other people who knows you through your married name will may have difficulty in accepting the name change.

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