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Well, if you want to feel better here are some funny and creative interview questions and answers.
After arriving for an early morning interview, a job seeker asked to use the hiring manager’s phone.
When the hiring manager called the candidate, she asked him to bring several copies of his resume and three references. When asked about her greatest job skill, the candidate said she was most proud of her computer illiteracy.
Creative Answer : It is not a problem, since you will never find a polar bear with one hand. Interviewer Question : I shall either ask you five easy questions or only one really difficult question.
If you still need to feel better click on That Was Funny and Creative Interview Questions for more laughs.
But this story can become confusing when you read in 1 Chronicles 3:5 that David had four children “by Bath-shua, the daughter of Ammiel.” So what gives? This question is not just simply an issue of missing the forest for the trees—although if you ask this question, please don’t neglect the larger issues of what God wants you to learn from David’s sin and how that ended up dividing the kingdom.
Hebrew as it was originally written didn’t have many of the pronunciation aides that English speakers take for granted (we call them vowels). There is the additional issue that sometimes the pronunciation of consonants themselves change over time. You see this even in the relatively short time span of the USA; while in office we have had Presidents Chet Arthur, Jack Kennedy, and Bill Clinton.

Love discussions on these kind of nuances, both for interpretive help as well as apologetic value.
When it was announced that The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco was dating professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, a lot of people assumed that it was just a rebound relationship, following Kaley's split from Man of Steel star Henry Cavill.
If you could rewind and do the interview over again I bet you can think of some things that you should have said and some things you probably should have left out. He called back an hour before the interview and asked to reschedule, saying his references couldn’t come with him to the interview. For example, in 2 Samuel 11:3, David looks from his window and sees a beautiful woman bathing in an adjacent house.
But if you spend any time reading Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, you will find loads of examples of this same problem. He changed his name for the purpose of his show, but there is no telling how (or if!) he will be known 100 years from now.
When there is variation, they usually have an entry for each one, and a sentence that explains thier take on the change. I put 500 years between Samuel and Chronciles, and 1000 years between Exodus and Chronicles.
I know the ayin in ancient Hebrew (similar to today’s Sephardic Hebrew, in contrast to Ashkenazi Hebrew) was very difficult to pronounce even for native speakers.
He inquires of her name, and finds out: “Is this not Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam?” And from there it becomes your typical king-meets-wife-of-deployed-soldier, affair-pregnancy-murder-cover-up kind of story, and ends up costing David his kingdom. In one sense, you could call Chet, Jack and Bill their Samuel names, and Chester, John, and William their Chronicles names—but only if you were ok making jokes only seminary students would understand.

The final b got swallowed over time, as the annunciation moved further down the word, and three syllables became two.
Over time it appears that the way his name was pronounced involved a lengthening of the first letter (an aleph became an ayin), and this caused the m and the l to swap places. My (Israeli) teacher once tried to pronounce how he felt it may have sounded — the deepest throaty guttural sound I have ever heard. Uzziah, Jehoahaz, and Jehoiachin were all kings, but when they ascended to the throne they took the names Azariah, Shallum, and Coniah (respectively). While it could have simply been a copy error (a scribe swapping two consonants), because the history of David and Bathsheba would have been so well known, that is very unlikely.
I've been in previous relationships with great people and I just never saw, though, that end and that marriage.
Meanwhile, Judges was probably 400 years long, which puts Exodus at 400 + 40 + 870, so around 1350 BC, or roughly 1k years before Chronicles. But I didn’t want to give dates in the post because that opens the door to competing theories about dating, exile, Red Sea crossing, and stuff about Pharaohs that I know not of. Ryan and I met and it was completely hearts in our eyes and I get emotional talking about it because he's the most wonderful person in the world.

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