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You are able to specify an interval timer value with milliseconds, seconds, minutes and days. The algorithm of sub-process scheme separation improved for it to work properly with the different schemes.
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If you change the schema of the process, the processes that were created before the schema change, working under the old scheme.

The scheme of the process is automatically updated in the allowed statesThe engine supports the following types of versioning.
For example "1d 2h 4m 30s" - one day two hours four minutes thirty seconds or "5m 30s", "14d", "12h", "10m", "10s" etc.
Now you are able to use short type's names such as String, Guid, Int32 etc for primitive types.
Via them, you can access executed transition and activity during a transitional process. The focus of these solutions is the intersection of highly effective business operations and highly leveraged technology.

If the interval is specified as just a numeric value, it  is interpreted as the interval in milliseconds.

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