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The federal Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 will require textbook publishers and bookstores to reveal more information about the books they sell. Under the new rules, colleges and universities will have to post information on the required texts as students register for classes.
This will not only give them more time to shop around, but also give them an edge in selling their used textbooks. If professors do not submit their book orders before buy-back week, the bookstore is limited on the number of books it can buy back from students. Although the aim of the law is to provide more information so students have a variety of options, and more time to plan and comparison shop, some students believe knowing the textbook requirements and prices early will affect their registration decisions. Whether or not publishers will be allowed to bundle books and other media will depend on how strongly the material is integrated, according to Roth.
While the new regulation on book bundles is intended to save students money, some professors wonder if it will have the opposite effect. Another area of the HEOA mandates that college bookstores list the changes made to each new edition of textbooks.
Copyright information of the three previous editions must also be provided as well, so students have the opportunity to buy older, less expensive textbooks. For Olson’s Entrepreneurial Marketing class, she was allowed to opt for an older, cheaper edition.
However, Diane Vines, a nursing professor, allows the Nursing 424 students to use the edition they purchased a year earlier for Nursing 310. The HEOA also mandates that publishers include textbook prices when discussing textbooks with college faculty, which is currently a rare practice.
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We recently received Guide to Research in Federal Judicial History, a comprehensive guide to sources of judicial records, as part of the Federal Depository Library Program.
This resource describes the records of the federal courts themselves, as well as records of other branches of government that provide information about federal judicial history. Record types range from case files to images of federal courthouses to personal records of federal judges.
Topics covered in this book include damages, evidence and procedure, liabiilty, intoxication, negligence, settlements and releases and wrongful death.
This book joins Utah's modest collection of practice titles: Family Law in Utah, Mangrum & Benson on Utah Evidence, Trial Handbook for Utah Lawyers, Utah Civil Practice, Utah Probate System and Utah Real Property Law. We recently received the new book Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished & Persuasive Documents by Matthew Butterick, author of the companion site Typography for Lawyers. Butterick includes sample documents that include a court caption, a sample motion and resume so readers can compare how these documents typically look before and after the typography rules have been applied.
Many courts have rules about the typography in briefs and other court documents and some of those courts follow the same rules when issuing an opinion.
Topics covered in this book range from leash laws, dogs in vehicles, animal burial restrictions, barking dogs, assistance dogs, dog bites, dangerous dogs and animal cruelty. Credit Repair provides tips for assessing your debt situation, how to avoid overspending, how to handle your existing debts, how to clean up your credit report, and how to build and maintain good credit. We've received the newest edition of Nolo's The Foreclosure Survivial Guide by Stephen Elias. This second edition provides information on a variety of topics, including whether you can or should keep your house, negotiating a workout, and fighting foreclosure. The Utah State Law Library has recently received HIPAA for the General Practitioner, an American Bar Association publication by Melanie D. The book also contains sample forms, including Authorization for Release of Medical Records, Subpoena Duces Tecum to Produce Hospital Records and Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem. We've received the newest edition of Nolo's Your Rights in the Workplace: An Employee's Guide to Fair Treatment. As part of the Federal depository program, the Utah State Law Library recently received the new monograph Immigration Law: A Primer, published by the Federal Judicial Center.
The Utah State Law Library recently received the newest edition of Nolo's Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court. As in previous editions, the book provides tips to help you decide if you have a good case, how to sue different types of defendants, getting ready for court, and collecting your judgment.
As always, no book can take the place of a lawyer, nor is it intended to provide legal advice.
The Utah State Law Library recently added The Complete QDRO Handbook: Dividing ERISA, Military, and Civil Service Pensions and Collecting Child Support from Employee Benefit Plans to its collection.

We've added a three-volume treatise to our collection called Children & the Law: Rights and Obligations. The treatise also provides an overview of juvenile justice in the United States and a discussion about the judicial process, including voluntary and involuntary removal of children and the state foster system.
Issues related to military servicemembers continue to impact legal proceedings, from service and stays to child custody and temporary orders.
For a general overview of the protections and rights provided by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), check out the American Bar Association's publication, The Judge Advocate General's School Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. For a detailed examination of divorce-specific issues that arise when a servicemember is a party, check out Mark E. A legal dictionary can help you decipher confusing legal terms, which can often seem like a different language.
The oldest legal dictionary in our law library is A Dictionary of American and English law: with defintions of the technical terms of the canon and civil laws.
We've just received A Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments, which provides explanations, historical background, and case citations to the U.S. In addition to providing explanations for individual sections of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Amendments, Vile includes 50 leading U.S. This Nolo book covers topics including talking to the police, search and seizure, arrest, eyewitness identification, book and bail, criminal defense lawyers, criminal court, arraignments, discovery, fundamental trial rights, basic evidence rules, plea bargains, sentencing, appeals, juvenile courts and prisoners' rules.
Many public libraries carry Nolo titles - check your local library catalog to see if they have this or other books written for non-lawyers. This Nolo book covers topics including hiring, personnel practices, wages and hours, employee benefits, taxes, family and medical leave, health and safety, illegal discrimination, workers with disabilities, termination, employee privacy, independent contractors, and unions. This Nolo book provides an overview of living trusts, answers some common questions and discusses issues such as choosing what property to put in the trust, who to name as trustee, and how to choose beneficiaries. The American Bar Association has published a self-help book called "Legal Guide for Americans Over 50." The topics range in subject from grandparents' rights and estate planning to health benefits and elder abuse.
At the end of each chapter, you'll find additional resources about each topic, including links to websites. The law library has just purchased a book called Collect Your Judgment in 5 Easy Steps by Adrienne M. We have just received the four-volume 2008 edition of the Laws of Utah, a compilation of our state's session laws enacted during the 2008 legislative session published in chronological order. This substantial book (2.5" thick) covers a wide range of Utah family law topics including marriage, property rights, divorce, annulment, separate maintenance, alimony, child support, child custody, modification and adoption. This Nolo book covers common problems people have with their neighbors, including fences, trees and noise (as the subtitle suggests) as well as animal problems, vehicles, trash, drug dealers and outdoor lights. This Nolo publication is useful for anyone interested in the bankruptcy laws that were passed in 2005. This title and a variety of other Nolo books are located on the front counter of the library.
However, new editions of the book are issued frequently, and the classes are about a year apart. Sinai - Picture from The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments books collection published in 1885, Stuttgart-Germany. Butterick discusses best practices of typography in legal documents, including whether to use straight or curly quotation marks, when to use an exclamation or question mark, effective ways to emphasize statements and tackles the important question: one space or two after a punctuation mark? The book also has an appendix of state dog-bite laws and tips for researching state and local dog laws. You are welcome to look through it at our library; your public library may also have a copy you can check out.
See our February post about foreclosure prevention and our recent announcement about the new Debtor's Counseling Clinic.
This ninth edition covers the latest case law and legislation in all 50 states as well as federal legislation that includes changes to the Family Medical Leave Act. This book also has tips on where to begin your legal research, including a reminder that both federal and state statutes may apply to your case. It provides an overview of immigration law, including lawful immigrant categories, admission procedures and the grounds for deportation. This 13th edition has been updated to include the latest small claims procedures in each state and Washington, D.C. Even more helpful are the sample letters and court pleadings, which include a demand letter, appeals statement and request for payment. If you want to speak with a lawyer about your case, consider attending a free legal clinic.

This 2009 publication discusses how to draft Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), a list of common mistakes, and tips to avoid them. These volumes include information on termination of parental rights, adoption, the Indian Child Welfare Act, guardianship, delinquency, education, health care and an appendix of all 50 states' laws regarding the rights and obligations of children. Come to the law library to take a look or contact the law library for a document delivery request.
This excellent and brief guide includes analysis of general provisions, procedural protections, and specific explanations of taxation, voting rights and financial protections. Sullivan's The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families. Also, containing a full collection of Latin Maxims, and citations of upwards of forty thousand reported cases in which words and phrases have been judicially defined or construed by Stewart Rapalje and Robert L. Vile points out that while the Sixth Amendment provides for a speedy and public trial, the U.S.
Each of the 16 chapters provide general information about legal issues that may interest the 50+ population and provide scenarios and Q&As with elder law attorneys to illustrate the topics. For example, at the end of the grandparents' rights chapter, there are links to the Grandparent Information Center at the American Association of Retired Persons, Generations United's National Center on Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children, and the National Eldercare Locator. The author discusses how the new bankruptcy laws affect someone's eligibility to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and provides a number of sample forms and worksheets. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, have considered typography rules when publishing their opinions. This books provides a background and overview of the 1996 Act and discusses the most relevant sections for attorneys dealing with HIPAA, including privacy practices and patient consent forms.
As in previous editions, it covers workplace privacy, health insurance, sexual harassment, immigration issues, unemployment and more.
However, note that in the Utah section, the book incorrectly lists district court as the place where small claims cases must be filed.
This is a practical manual for attorneys, pension plan and child support agency administrators, as well as judges. It also includes analysis of the Act's specific provisions on evictions, leases, installment contracts, and mortgages.
This practical manual has a wealth of information on parent time, custody, and alimony issues that may arise during a military divorce. The book is not Utah-specific so not all procedures will be available to a Utah litigant, but it is written in plain language so you don't have be a lawyer to understand the information. This book can help you determine what assets you can keep even after you have filed for bankruptcy, and the steps and costs involved. Also, if you read the PDF versions of Utah appellate court opinions, you may have noticed the layout and font of theses opinions has changed. There is also a section on state-specific statutes that also provide patient privacy protections. For example, in the asylum and refugee law section, the author cites cases that define "persecution," and cases that provide examples of how and when a foreign nation's actions did or did not constitute "persecution." The book also includes a glossary and table of cases. It includes a sample letter to request disclosure of benefits information, a model document discovery request and model interrogatories and depositions. Also includes a sample motion for stay under SCRA and domicile checklist for servicemembers and spouses.
To learn more about where to file a small claims case, visit the Utah State Courts' page on Small Claims.
The authors also highlight terms that may be ambiguous, as certain terms have been interpreted in various ways in different jurisdictions. Wingo) Congress passed the Speedy Trial Act of 1974, providing for precise time frames for a "speedy trial" that the federal government must follow. If you're interested in the original text only, the appendix material includes the full text of the U.S.
Constitution, Amendments, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.

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