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Singles : see also the Home of Online Dating to see our choice of best dating sites and our Seduction Tips to learn how to attract women and men. When you find fun and interesting people you want to get to know better, you can communicate with them securely by using our instant messaging and webcam capabilities for spontaneous flirting or heart-to-heart conversation, or arrange to meet for a dating adventure.
Find Rencontre on Facebook to make the best of Canadian dating part of your personal social network or browse the database of single Canadians from our website. Abusive or inappropriate comments or comments that are specifically promotional in nature may be removed.
The leading French Canadian online Dating site, is now offering Anglophone Canadians the opportunity to meet their ideal partners with a touch of Gallic style.

In just a few minutes, you can be searching through our database of men and women to find the perfect match for long term love or a thrilling short term fling. Our sophisticated software helps you find the people you want to meet, putting a world of dating opportunities at your fingertips.
Why spend the night alone when in a few minutes you could be chatting with the person of your dreams?
For now, the site is focussed on the Vancouver market only, so it may be a good place to find a little sweet summer romance!
Whether you are seeking romance or physical passion, flirtation or love, or someone of the same or opposite gender, Rencontre lets you connect with over 200,000 registered members from BC to the Maritimes from the convenience of your own home.

Our advanced search capabilities mean that you can look for compatible Canadian singles in a safe and secure environment. Of course not everything is right for all sites but these are key issues to address.Raise several million at least.

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