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Secret Agent (Robin Gibb album), and check out Secret Agent (Robin Gibb album) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Secret Agent is the third solo album by the British singer-songwriter Robin Gibb, released in 1984. Robin and Maurice continued the Bee Gees tradition of "making it up" in the recording studio. COLlive presents an interview with Leibel Cohen, Director of the 'Agent Emes' films, who tells us how he came up with the idea for his wildly popular Jewish adventure series about a kid with a secret identity, and how he chose its newest star. I was not raised in an Orthodox home, and attended an exclusive New England prep school in North Andover, MA.
This is when I first fell in love with making movies, and also discovered I had a talent for it.
Realizing that once our frum children reach the age of five years old they have nothing to watch on video, I decided I would try to fill this very glaring gap in home entertainment for Jewish kids.
Last winter I held a nationwide search for a new star, and received a number of videotaped auditions from around the country.
My plan at the moment is to continue making three episodes a year for another five years, which will leave me with a catalogue of 20 episodes that, I hope, will continue entertaining kids for years to come.
Jews have always been storytellers, there being thousands upon thousands of stories told throughout the ages to illustrate theological ideas and concepts.
Still, one of my primary goals in making Agent Emes is to raise the “taste” bar, if you will, of Jewish entertainment. The series has become quite popular among Jewish audiences in general, but the first place we started becoming well-known was in the Chabad community. We are based in South London near Croydon and if preferred this item can be picked up by appointment. August 2012: While stocks last a free BFI Southbank The Genius of Hitchcock promo postcard. Splash art for both Elderwood Bard and Secret Agent Xin Zhao, two of our upcoming skins in patch 5.5, has been added! Three new summoner icons were added in today's update, including  a new icon featuring everyone's favorite spatula wielding manatee!

For more on our upcoming champion Bard, check out our comprehensive post for the 5.5 PBE cycle. Luden's Echo (formerly item 3285) has received a few updates in today's PBE patch, including a shiny new icon and it's own bouncing purple vfx for when it procs!
Pictured below: Currently using Maokai's Sapling assets for the plant, warning message when you try to put it in anywhere but brush, and range. Assistant engineer Richard Achor recalled the years when Robin and Maurice would come in with only ideas for songs.
In my senior year, a fellow student approached me with the idea of making a movie as a spring project. The one constant has been an old friend, Reuven Russell, who became a baal teshuva around the same time I did, and with whom I have maintained contact with throughout the years. He started the series when he was 10, but is now almost 16, and far too large to play a boy secret agent. In the end, I chose a Pittsburgh boy named Yissacher Shollar who I truly felt was strongest in that one area of acting that cannot be taught; naturalness in front of the camera. I strive to produce the best quality I can, given the obvious financial limitations, and from most accounts, the Jewish people recognize and appreciate this. I find it important to scan the back cover as it is hardly ever scanned elsewhere and usually provides all the info about the special features and what subtitles are on the Dvd - a question I get asked alot. I will then get back to you within 24 hours with methods of payment (paypal, cheque, which is preferred, po etc.). Today's late night update includes splash art for Elderwood Bard & Secret Agent Xin Zhao, a set of new summoner icons, updates for Luden's Echo, a duck, and more! These culturally rich songs give a taste of the music from different areas – the rhythms, the harmonies and melodies. Robin wrote lyrics with Maurice, and sometimes they set up drum and synthesizer grooves first, in which a song would work out from that.
We wrote, directed, and I edited, a 30 minute fictional silent film that we ended up charging admission for, which most of the school attended. They were honoring a gentleman that year who specifically wanted to star in a movie about himself, so I concocted a little spy adventure yarn about his time spent working with Refuseniks in Russia.

In fact, the only thing that didn’t make the cut in the final Agent Emes costume was an ugly scar, which we deemed a) to scary for little kids, and b) to difficult to re-apply during filming. Furthermore, his yeshiva schedule keeps him way too busy to commit to the time required to act in the series. I believe they are more likely to absorb a Torah lesson that they watch through a story, in an entertaining way. The Chabad community worldwide, and especially the Shluchim, have embraced our films as a great source of fun and educational entertainment for their kids.
If you’re still wanting to view the piano books below, please scroll down and click on the corresponding title.
After 9 got its name because it’s the magic time after kids are in bed, the house is cleaned up that adults get to finally sit and play some relaxing music at the piano. The album is heavily electronic, relying mostly on multi-layered keyboards with bass and drums played on synthesizers. Maurice played synthesizer and keyboard, but played relatively little on the finished tracks in favor of Rob Kilgore's expertise.
The video was a big hit at the dinner, but what surprised me the most was what happened later when the film was made available for purchase to the people in our community. Click on the cover to see the contents of the book – all the recordings and samples of sheet music.
Recording took place at Criteria Studios as Barry Gibb was occupying the Bee Gees' own Middle Ear studio at the time, recording his solo debut Now Voyager.
Robin had long been interested in the electronic sound and Maurice was a willing accomplice. I began to hear many stories about how their children were watching this little film over and over again, and really loved it.

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