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One of the biggest complaints aimed against Square Enix these days is how little it supports its older, lesser known franchises.
Secret of Mana, once a proud flagship title for the company, has been a hard act to follow up on.
The series’ future took a turn for the worse when Square Enix launched a revival campaign called World of Mana, and every game caught in its wake stunk of rotten sushi and effectively killed any further chance of it seeing the light of day. The shining beacon of hope that is pointing towards a quality release can be found in the track’s composer, Yoko Shimomura. A new Mana game would look quite nice next to Bravely Default and Dragon Quest VII on my Nintendo 3DS menu screen, wouldn’t it? Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last five years, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. Already established as the most innovative producer of RPGs in the gaming industry, Square Soft breaks new ground by combining some of the best role-playing elements of Final Fantasy with an action genre, including an all-new three-player option. Mana is the power of life, a sort of fantasy-world Force that controls and binds all that is good and evil. You start the game as the hero and play by yourself, but soon you'll meet two companions who'll join your party.
Mana's story is intricately crafted and, while not as complex as FF II's -- it features some great plot twists and characters. Mana bears the mark of an FF descendant, meaning the visual style is cartoony and cute, but well illustrated. The Secret of Mana is about the battle between the forces of good and evil for a young boy's soul.
Secret of Mana is a Japanese action role-playing game, RPG, developed and published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and released in 1993 by Square. Secret of Mana uses real-time battles, but has RPG elements and a unique Ring Command menu system. The game was a top-down perspective featuring three characters (a hero, a girl and a sprite).
Secret of Mana’s story takes place in a fictional world, but we do not know the exact period. The game’s soundtrack was composed by Hiroki Kikuta and is known for the tunes that use percussion and woodwind instruments. The game for SNES was popular back when released and scored high feedbacks on the IT sites. Secret of Mana is an action role-playing game , featuring real-time hack-and-slash type of a combat. It's so refreashing to play a RPG with out that some times anoying turn based fighting, Or though some have managed it well most screwed it up,!. Other tracks on the Christmas collection come from Saga Frontier II, Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday, Final Fantasy XI, IV, and III, and more, and it includes such composers like Yasonori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, and Naoshi Mizuta. After the 25th anniversary of SaGa came and went without the announcement of a new game, fans have been waiting for something tangible to result from all the fuss Square Enix had kicked up. Of course, the fact that Square Enix mobile will be spearheading these franchises is enough to make one worry about the plans.
Square Enix had stated before that it lost focus over the years on what its fans want, and I want to believe that it is aiming to start fresh. After all the excitement and hubbub about a possible new Seiken Densetsu game at Tokyo Game Show 2015, this is all that we have to show for it. Final Fantasy Adventure is still one of my favorite games in Square Enix’s long-running series, and the company will finally be announcing a proper follow-up this week at Tokyo Game Show 2015. After Star Ocean 5 was announced earlier this week, I was beginning to think that there was only one more classic Square Enix franchise that needed a modern day revival: Mana.
Many old timers are wondering and questioning how closely Square Enix is going to stick to its word about regaining a focus on the JRPG genre. As action rpgs started to gain in popularity during the 16-bit era, many game companies began cashing in on this new trend. Up until the time Secret of Mana was released, the majority of Square's rpgs featured turn-based style combat.
Although the storyline isn't quite as epic as Square's Final Fantasy series of games, it still offers a fairly long and engaging quest that should keep rpg fans busy for awhile.
Die Quelle allen Lebens, welches das Gleichgewicht zwischen Gut und Bose in der Waage halt - das Mana! Mit dabei ist der 76 Seiten-Spieleberater mit ausfuhrlichem Kartenmaterial, Informationen uber Gegenstande, Waffen, Taktiken und vielem mehr. Thus, the warrior must undertake a dangerous journey to find the seeds of the Mana tree which have been hidden for centuries. Das ist der eigentliche Trick des Spiels: Standig neue, tolle Umgebungen, neue schone Musikstucke, neue Wendungen in der Geschichte - dabei merkt man fast nicht, dass das eigentliche Gameplay ziemlich flach und eintonig ist.
Dennoch ist das Gesamtpaket von SoM aber so gut, dass ich es gerne und mit echtem Genuss spiele - auch heute noch. Ich habe mich jetzt doch dazu durchgerungen im Pinboard einen Thread zum Thema zu erstellen, wer mitdiskutieren will und auf der Webseite registriert ist, findet ihn hier.
Das liegt wohl auch mit daran, dass man zwischenzeitlich einfach die meisten Mechanismen hinter den Spielen durchschaut hat - das ging mir z.B. Wenn ich mit SoM fertig bin - hab mir aus Bequemlichkeit auch die deutsche Fassung geholt - werd ichs hier aber mal bewerten und nochmal nen abschlie?enden Kommentar posten.
Das ware eigentlich mal ein gutes Thema uber das sich im Pinboard diskutieren lassen wurde, aber will jetzt selbst keinen neuen Thread dort erstellen, da ich sonst wohl Gefahr laufe, dass es keinen interessiert.
Schade finde ich, dass so viele Spiele durch die deutsche Ubersetzung Schaden genommen haben - z.B.
Aber wie gesagt, mir geht es mit anderen Titeln, die ich erst jetzt so richtig gespielt habe, ahnlich wie dir. The label of a Square Enix Christmas compilation seems to suggest so, holding songs from a game using the series’ Japanese title, Seiken Densetsu Future Project.
Poor receptions of revivals could be the main culprit in these decisions, and nowhere does that stand clearer than in the Mana series. A few sequels such as Secret of Mana 2, never released outside of Japan, and Legend of Mana had some neat ideas and were fun games in their own right, but the universal praise of the SNES classic still hasn’t been matched. Interviews with series creator Kouichi Ishii also don’t show much enthusiasm on his part.

Hopefully the unannounced game might be something better like an original Nintendo 3DS adventure.
She has been behind many wonderful game scores and ranks fairly high on the all time great lists with titles like Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, and the Mario and Luigi games to her name. The result, while rough around the edges in the combat system and multi-player mode, is a completely satisfying trek though a lavish and expansive new 16-meg world. Ancient, evil creatures are threatening the peace and harmony by stealing the eight seeds of Mana. Like Final Fantasy II, Mana takes a lighthearted approach, with Japanese-style big-headed characters and lots of humor. A second and a third player can take command of the new characters simply by hitting Start.
You hack and slash with a variety of Weapons and Magic, but each time you swing you must wait for a power bar to recharge before swinging again.
Little details, such as the extra players being unwilling to follow you unless they know it can help them personally, add higher-than-usual richness to the plot.
The game's not too challenging, but the size guarantees over 50 hours for even ace players.
The overhead-view landscaping is impressive, and there's a good amount of eye candy, such as the Mode 7 world view. This game will provide a superb return on your RPG dollar and is one of the year's best SNES bets. Though the story was just OK, I really loved the dragon scenes, especially when the fortress is flying.
Containing some of the best music I've ever heard from a cartridge and a story that will keep you glued lo your seat, Secret of Mana really delivers a powerful punch. The boy has a sword that is both the key to restoring peace, and yet something of the darkest evil.
The game was followed by several re-releases, with the one for Wii’s Virtual Console being one of them (2008). This new type of menu allows the game to be paused and a variety of other actions which can be performed without needing to switch to other screens. The hero is a good fighter and masters weapons fast, although he is not accustomed to magic.
However, we know the setting is somewhere following a war between a civilization and a god-like beast.
The game was developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment. Not according to developer Square-Enix, who recently hinted at a brand new Secret of Mana project. Are you ready?Oh yeah, and I cleared a bunch of space on my schedule for a good slatheringI was ready in the closed beta, now I’m a master.
A huge party in Saga prefecture, the result of a lame joke, wasn’t exactly what everyone had in mind.
Square Enix Mobile Developer Takehiro Ando has been waving banners in an interview that might make the old guard either very happy or very nervous by teasing that he and his department have more planned for the games. However, actions speak louder than words, and Square Enix still has a lot to prove before fans welcome it with arms wide open again. Seiken Densetsu, better known as Mana in the States, is one of the company’s oldest and most cherished franchises, and it sadly has been without a new entry for the past decade. While Secret of Mana represented a new direction for Square, they pulled it off surprisingly well. From here you can quickly and easily select items, equip weapons, and even configure the game's setting to your liking all with one push of a button.
Their Final Fantasy titles set new standards for audio in role-playing games and that standard would continue on in Secret of Mana.
Secret of Mana manages to take the action-rpg stylings of Legend of Zelda, and add that trademark Square feel to it. Doch dieses Gleichgewicht gerat ins Wanken, denn irgend jemand bricht das Siegel der Mana-Samen. Er fuhrt Dich durch eine sagenhafte Welt, deren Ende nah ist, wenn Du und Deine Mitstreiter nicht eingreifen!Englisch:GOOD AND EVIL BATTLE FOR A YOUNG WARRIOR'S HEART. Fakt ist, Secret oft Mana ist grafisch und soundtechnisch so gut gemacht, dass fast jede Spielminute ein Genuss fur Augen und Ohren ist. Ging mir zumindest bei anderen Titeln so, dass man einfach nicht mehr die Begeisterung aufbringen kann, die man evtl. Die doch sehr kindliche Machart und besonders auch die deutsche Ubersetzung, die ich bei beiden Titeln oft wenig ansprechend finde, haben mich bislang davon abgehalten mehr als den Anfang beider Titel zu zocken. You must recover the seeds by wielding the Sword of Mana and cutting through all that is dark and terrible. Your buds can also bail out at any time, reverting control of the extra characters over to the computer. In fact, if you can't agree on which direction to go, you're going to be bumping elbows as the screen herks and jerks.
This adds a more realistic feel to the stat-driven fighting, but it also slows things down. Mana doesn't skimp on the role-playing at all, and it's as heavy on dialogue and due-gathering as a straight RPG.
This RPG tells a great story about a boy who accidentally pulls an ancient sword from a stone.
The best part of all is that you can have two friends along for the journey with a Multitap!
The player can choose which character to control and can change to another character at any time. Getting into the spirit of the season, Square decided to release a Christmas album featuring songs from its varied RPG library. She is currently working on both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, so it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that she is working on a new Secret of Mana title as well.
At the same time, a lot of fans aren’t happy seeing the popular Mana series given the freemium moble treatment either.
I’m quite certain that more freemium games is not in the best interest of those who played these series back in the 1990s.

The choices it makes with the SaGa and Mana franchises are going to set a tone for how seriously we take President Yosuke Matsuda’s words.
Enix had already created a hit with their action rpg Soul Blazer and it seemed only natural for the other big gun in the rpg world to follow suit. The game also sports a very unique multi-player function so two other players can get in on the action. Even though this is an action-rpg, it somehow manages to feel a little like a standard rpg due to the increased strategetic elements that are carefully injected into the game. Die Kraft des Manas schwindet und das Bose verbreitet sich wie ein dunkler Schatten uber das Land! Arglos zieht er das mystische Mana-Schwert aus einem Felsen heraus und nichts scheint mehr so, wie er es kannte. But a magic sword has tricked a young warrior into upsetting this balance, spreading evil throughout the land. Spielerisch ist es ebenfalls recht gut und storytechnisch zumindest interessant genug, da doch standig etwas Neues passiert. Zwar ein sehr interessanter Anfang mit den wahlbaren Charakteren und ihren verschiedenen Backgrounds, aber dann wirds immer flacher und flacher.
Und naturlich auch daran, dass man heute schon Dutzende vergleichbare, oft sogar auch noch bessere Spiele gespielt hat, sprich, dass einfach ein gewisser Abnutzungseffekt aufgetreten ist. Auch die Grafik hat und speziell einige Effekte haben mir ebenfalls sehr gut gefallen (z.B. Mal in meinem Leben) wieder mal ein SNES angeschafft habe will ich zumindest SoM im Original am TV durchspielen.
The game handles real-time combat very well by calculating Spells, super blows, and regular hits. They have an orchestral quality, so they're guaranteed to stick to your brain one way or another! Aside from these, the standout feature is the ability to play three players simultaneously. The game is a sequel to Final Fantasy Advance for Game Boy, and is the second game in the Mana series. The sprite’s magic is effective, but he is even weaker than the girl when we talk physical strength and power.
This was an almost unheard of feature for an rpg at the time and still remains one of Secret of Mana's most popular features among rpg fans.Visually Secret of Mana has a very unique look to it. There are tons of musical tracks strung throughout the game and not a bad song in the bunch. The action combat stylings of this game may take some gamers a little time to get used to, but in the end what you're left with is a great action-rpg that will leave you feeling quite satisfied when you've finished it. Mystic Quest (GB) war das erste Seiken Densetsu und ist bei uns damals schon langst auf den Markt gewesen.
Wobei ich jetzt naturlich nicht wei?, ob du SoM schon damals aufgrund der Aufmachung und der dt.
There are plenty of little minions, but the endless big, slavering boss monsters are the show-stoppers. Plus, since the Al of your comrades is pretty sharp, you rarely have problems with the characters going in the wrong directions. Characters increase their levels and gain improved stats after they collect enough experience points in battle. You upgrade your weapons and abilities and meet many different types of monsters, while roaming around the country and performing your quests. A combination of the epic square storylines coupled together with this suddenly popular action-style combat.
The game makes use of wildly vibrant color schemes throughout and the level of detail in the many various areas of the game are impressive, even by 16-bit standards. There is also a wide range between the different tunes that always seems to fit the current situation perfectly.
Hilf dem jungen Krieger und seinen Begleiterinnen, das unheimliche Geheimnis des Mana-Baums zu luften und ein gigantisches Abenteuer voller Mystik, Magie und Legenden zu bestehen! Auch wenn es an Spieltiefe mangelt hat ich mit dem Spiel damals so viel Spa?, damals habe ich das noch nicht bemerkt. Dennoch klingt der Satz so, als ob damals noch geplant war Seiken Densetsu 3 im Westen bzw. Unlike most role-players, this one has an option to let more than one player get in on the action. Squaresoft may take forever to come out with their games, but they're usually worth the wait!
They can change equipment, cast spells or check the status of the game form the Ring Commands.
The result was a stunningly original and action-packed role-playing title for the ages and a game that's become one of the most beloved action rpgs ever created. Of course as with many Super Nintendo games, there's plenty of Mode-7 special effects thrown in for good measure. Und auch 10,15 und 20 Jahre spater ist SoM ein Titel den ich immer wieder mal zusammen mit einem Kumpel er erneut eingelegt habe.
Europa auf den Markt zu bringen, sonst hatte man doch nicht erwahnt, dass es sich hier um den (angeblich) ersten Teil einer ganzen Serie handelt oder wollte NoE moglicherweise das spater erschienenen (und zu dem Zeitpunkt sicher schon in der Entwicklung befindliche) Secret of Evermore als Nachfolger von SoM bewerben?
The visual interface features rings of items in a layered system that's very easy to use, but it's more time-consuming than a straight- up menu layout. The characters and enemies in the game are all very well-animated and show a lot of detail given the type of game. Zeitloser Titel mit dem man immer wieder Spa? haben kann und mit dem ich viele schone Erfahrungen verbinde. Secret of Mana is easily one of the more visually impressive rpgs of the 16-bit era and still holds up quite well, even all these years later.
This strategy will especially come into play when you begin taking on some of the game's stronger enemies and bosses.

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